What it Takes

Territory First Light
Type Main Story Quest
How to Get Talk to Albert Riches
Requirements N/A
Reward Iron Life Staff
xp_experience_new_world_wiki_guide_25px 400
coins_gold_new_world_wiki_guide_25px 64.75
territory_standing_new_world_wiki_guide_25px 250
Enemies Howling Wolves
Snaggletooth Wolves
Bosses N/A

What it Takes is a Main Story Quest in New World. What it Takes takes place in First Light and it requires: N/A. What it Takes can be obtained as follows: Talk to Albert Riches. By completing this quest you will be able to claim the following rewards: Iron Life Staffxp_experience_new_world_wiki_guide_25px 400, coins_gold_new_world_wiki_guide_25px 64.75 and territory_standing_new_world_wiki_guide_25px 250. 


What it Takes Information

After claiming the rewards for completing the Man About Town quest, Albert Riches will give you this Quest.


How to Get What it Takes & Requirements

You can get this Quest as follows:


  • N/A


What it Takes Walkthrough

Make camp to set a respawn point in the wilds

You must go outside the Settlement, you can make your camp there. Choose where you are going to make your camp, it requires 5 Green Wood and 1 Flint.

Travel to Howling Falls

You can travel to Howling Falls by following the mark on your compass.

Defeat Howler Wolf

Find and defeat 5 Howler Wolves, you will find them around Howling Falls.

Travel to Fullmoon Den

You can reach Fullmoon Den by following the mark on your compass.

Defeat Snaggletooth Wolf to collect Sharp Wolf Fang

Once you reached Fullmoon Den you can find Snaggletooth Wolves roaming around, defeat 5 of them.

Talk to Albert Riches

Return to Albert Riches and claim your rewards.


What it Takes Rewards


What it Takes Enemies & Bosses

The may encounter some of the following enemies during this quest:

You must defeat the following Bosses to progress in the Quest:

  • N/A


What it Takes Notes and Tips

  • Notes & Tips go here


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