Core Attributes in New World are the main stats that govern a player's strengths and capabilities in combat and other aspects. These attributes allow the character to be more effective in using certain weapon types as well as providing bonuses to resources like Health and Mana

Characters are awarded Attribute Points every time they level up, and the player is free to invest these points however they see fit. Attribute Points can also be acquired from equipment and managing these points plays a key role in character progression. 


Core Attributes Overview

Core attributes in New World are comprised of Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Focus and Constitution. New characters start off with 5 points in each of these attributes and cannot go lower than this minimum. Leveling up grants the player a number of points, which they can assign freely to any of the 5 Core Attributes. Higher levels will grant less attribute points per level, and the maximum amount of points that can be gained from leveling is 190. However, attribute points can also be gained from equipment.

Each Core Attribute also has thresholds at every 50 points invested, with each threshold providing certain powerful bonuses that make the player even more effective in different aspects of the game. Each threshold bonus will provide a Combat Bonus and a Non-Combat Bonus.

Respeccing Attribute Points

If you've mistakenly allocated your points or wish to switch up your overall point allocation, you can respec your attribute points for a small fee. This fee increases as you increase in level. Respeccing attribute points can be done from the Attributes UI.

Respecs are free until level 20.

New World Core Attribute Guide


Strength is the core attribute that governs your power with melee weapons. Most weapons will scale their damage with your Strength attribute. Heavy weapons such as War Hammers scale on Strength exclusively while the lighter, one-handed weapons such as Swords will scale off both Strength and Dexterity.


Dexterity primarily governs your effectiveness with Ranged Weapons such as Bows and Muskets. Certain one-handed weapons will also scale off of Dexterity slightly, but not as much as they would with Strength.


Intelligence determines your effectiveness with Magical Weapons such as the Fire Staff, as well as Weapons with any magical Perks such as a sword with the Ignited Perk.



Focus is the attribute that governs Mana recovery rate as well as effectiveness with the Life Staff. Higher Focus will allow you to cast spells more frequently with less help from Consumables. Your ability to use the Life Staff is also improved.


Constitution provides a larger overall Health pool and allows players to sustain more damage before dying.


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      Its true that 1 hand weapons scale more off strength, but dont automatically dump stats into strength. At some level of str/dex you will gain more from dex than strength. When you have a couple points to invest try putting them into str and see how much the weapon damage increases then back it out and do the same with dex.

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