Core Attribute

Determines your effectiveness with Magical Weapons, as well as Weapons with any magical Perks such as a sword with the Ignited Perk.
Primary damage influence Fire Staves
Ice Gauntlets
Secondary damage influence Muskets

Intelligence is a Core Attribute in New WorldIntelligence determines your effectiveness with Magical Weapons such as the Fire Staff and Ice GauntletsCore Attributes have thresholds every 50 points that grant you different bonuses.


Intelligence Information

Intelligence rules directly over the effectiveness output of the following Weapon types: Fire Staves and Ice Gauntlets.

Fire Staves

  • Primary Damage Scaling: Intelligence 1.0x
  • No Secondary Damage Scaling.

Ice Gauntlets

  • Primary Damage Scaling: Intelligence 1.0x
  • No Secondary Damage Scaling.

Intelligence also influences the damage output of Muskets and Rapiers, although to a smaller degree.


  • Primary Damage Scaling: Dexterity 0.9x
  • Secondary Damage Scaling: Intelligence 0.65x


  • Primary Damage Scaling: Dexterity 0.9x
  • Secondary Damage Scaling: Intelligence 0.65x 


Intelligence Thresholds

Every 50 Points spent on Intelligence, players reach a threshold and two different Bonuses are unlocked. One is Combat-related, while the other one focuses on different Crafting or Gathering skills.


Combat Bonus

Non-Combat Bonus

50 +10% damage to light and heavy magic attacks +10% harvest speed
100 +10% critical hit damage 5% chance to gain 1 azoth when harvesting
150 +15% to elemental damage -10% decrease in weight of harvested items
200 +10 mana after a dodge +10% harvest speed
250 +30% duration to damage over time spells +10% yield increase when harvesting
300 +10% damage on first hit on full health target -10% reduction in Azoth travel cost

Intelligence Related Affixes

The following Affixes grant Intelligence to Equipment, wether as a Primary bigger bonus or as a secondary smaller one.


Primary Bonus

Secondary Bonus

Of the Assassin

Dexterity Intelligence

Of the Battlemage

Intelligence Strength

Of the Druid

Constitution Intelligence

Of the Mage

Intelligence Focus

Of the Occulist

Intelligence Constitution

Of the Priest

Focus Intelligence

Of the Scholar

Intelligence None

Of the Spellsword

Strength Intelligence
Of the Trickster Intelligence Dexterity



Foods that grant Intelligence

By consuming the following Foods, players can gain a timed bonus to Intelligence. You can use the tab below to perform a quick search.

Quick Search of All Foods 



Primary Bonus

Secondary Bonus

Braised Wolf Loin

IV +18 Intelligence +12 Dexterity

Calamari and Tomato Stew

IV +30 Intelligence None

Corned Beef and Cabbage

III +12 Intelligence +8 Strength

Filet in Mushroom Sauce

V +24 Intelligence +16 Dexterity

Fish Cakes

III +12 Intelligence +8 Focus

Glazed Bear with Sauteed Vegetables

V +24 Intelligence +16 Constitution


III +12 Intelligence +8 Constitution

Salted Ham with Apple Butter

IV +18 Intelligence +12 Focus

Squid Ink Pasta with Clams

V +24 Intelligence +16 Strength

Steamed Abaia Serpe

V +40 Intelligence None

Stuffed Pork Chop

III +20 Intelligence None

Stuffed Venison Tenderloin

V +24 Intelligence +16 Focus

Venison Tenderloin with Herb Butter

IV +18 Intelligence +12 Strength



Intelligence Notes and Tips

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