Bosses in New World, are the ultimate Enemy that can be found generally at the end of an Expedition or at the end of a chain of Quests. Defeating a Boss is generally much more difficult than defeating any other enemy, but their drops, the rewards and the XP given for defeating a Boss is also much more valuable. Mind that sometimes Bosses will be helped by minions that will join the fight and also attack you.


All Bosses in New World

  • Bosses are Elite Enemies found in the landscape
  • Bosses have a loot pool that drops Unique items, often Bind on Equip
  • Bosses have variable respawn timers and can be farmed successively
  • The Bosses Maps show you where to find the Elites in each region of New World
  • See Expeditions for dungeon bosses.


Click on Miniature to Enlarge. Click area title to see ALL BOSS LOOT in the area

Everfall Bosses


Unique Loot in Everfall

First Light Bosses


Unique Loot in First Light

  • More Coming Soon!


Ebonscale Reach Bosses


Unique Loot in Ebonscale






Special New World Bosses





[Boss Name]


[Boss Name]


[Boss Name]



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