Weapons in New World are pieces of equipment used to deal damage to enemies in battle. Weapons provide many different options and approaches to combat, allowing the player to deal damage in different ways. There are currently 11 types of Weapons that the player can use and master. Each Weapon has two Weapon Mastery trees, further diversifying their roles and use in combat. This page covers information on all Weapons in New World.


New World Weapons Overview

There is a wide variety of Weapons available in New World. Weapons can be obtained in a number of ways: Through Crafting, found as random loot in chests and containers, as random drops by Enemies and Bosses or as rewards for completing Quests.

Weapon Features

While exploring and fighting creatures, you can find and acquire Weapons that can be used immediately, provided you are at the appropriate level. Like Armor and other Equipment types, Weapons have a few features in common that determine how powerful the Weapon is: Gear Score, Perks and Gem Sockets.


Gear Score

An Item's Gear Score is an overall gauge of how powerful that item is. The higher the Gear Score, the better the offensive capabilities of a Weapon. An item's Gear Score can also influence the chance of the item dropping with Perks and/or Gem Sockets.

In the case of Crafted Weapons, the Weapon's Gear Score can be influenced during the creation process by the Crafter's skill level in Weaponsmithing, Engineering or Arcana. Each Weapon has a base Gear Score depending on the tier of the item. There is also a minimum and maximum Gear Score range which gets higher the more skilled the crafter is. For example, a beginner Weaponsmith will be able to craft Tier 2 Weapons such as the Iron Straight Sword, with a Gear Score ranging from 200 to 210 while a more advanced Weaponsmith can craft the same tier Weapons with Gear Scores of 250 and above, up to the maximum of 300 for this tier.


Weapons can drop with up to 3 Perks which are drawn from a pool of potential Perks. Similar kinds of items can function differently depending on the Perks they possess.

Perks also influence the Rarity (also known as Quality) of an item and this extends to Weapons as well:

  • No Perks - Common Quality
  • 1 Perk - Uncommon Quality
  • 2 Perks - Rare Quality
  • 3 Perks - Epic Quality

In the case of Crafted Weapons, each has a small chance of gaining one or more Perks during the crafting process. While these outcomes are random, players can use the special resource Azoth while crafting to improve the chances of getting Perks. Additionally, there are a large amount of special resources that can be gathered in the world that when used during the crafting process, can dictate what Perk is added to the piece of equipment. However, there are still no guarantees that a Perk will indeed be added to the piece of equipment but the chance increases as the Crafting skill level increases.

See the Perks page for a full list of potential Perks for Weapons.

Gem Sockets

Occasionally, Weapons will drop with an Empty Gem Socket which can be used to affix the Weapon with a Gemstone. These Gemstones provide a bonus to one or more of the player's Core Attributes and can be socketed into equipment by anyone. However, Gemstones can only be cut by players skilled in the Stonecutting skill line. Socketed Gemstones cannot be removed but can be replaced with a new one in most cases.

Similar to Perks, Crafted Weapons can also have a small chance of obtaining an Empty Gem Socket during the crafting process. This chance can be improved by raising the Crafter's skill level, as well as by using the special resource Azoth during the crafting process.


Weapon Types and Mastery

With there being no Class systems in New World, Weapons serve to distinguish a player's role in combat activities. Each of the 11 Weapon types are unique and while many serve as close-ranged melee weapons, some have abilities in their Mastery trees that allow them to be thrown from range. Some weapons also deal Magical damage and some require the use of Ammunition. 

Players can equip up to two sets of Weapons and switch between them freely, even during combat. This freedom gives players access to a wide variety of roles and abilities depending on what the situation requires. For example, a primarily ranged damage dealer wielding a bow can quickly fall back and switch to a Life Staff to cast healing spells on his injured teammates -- or a heavy attacker with a War Hammer who's been locked down by slowing effects can quickly switch to his Hatchet set, which he's specialized with throwing abilities in order to keep up with his enemies from a distance. There are plenty of possibilities with this flexible system.

Each Weapon type has two Weapon Mastery trees with a selection of active abilities, passive modifiers and bonuses that are exclusive to that weapon type. Each Weapon type can be leveled up by equipping and using the weapon to defeat opponents in battle. Each kill grants the weapon some experience points towards its Mastery. Once enough experience has been earned, the Weapon Mastery levels up and the player is granted an ability point which can then be spent on one of the abilities available in either of the weapon's Mastery trees. You are not locked into any one tree and can spend your points as you wish. However, Weapon Masteries have a cap of level 20 for each weapon type while each Mastery tree has 19 abilities available for a total of 38 abilities per weapon type. This means that you will not be able to unlock every ability for a weapon at any one time and will need to choose wisely which you'd like to obtain. Respecs are available for a price which increases incrementally per respec. Note that Weapon Mastery trees are shared between all weapons of the same type and there is no need to level every single weapon individually.


Legendary Weapons

The final tier of Item Rarity is the Legendary quality. Unlike regular Weapons, Legendary Weapons are uniquely named and have their own set of curated Perks and fixed Gear Scores. Legendary Weapons are often especially powerful compared to regular Weapons of the same level. While Legendary Weapons can prove difficult to acquire, they are not restricted to high-level content. There are plenty of Legendary items for players of any level to obtain but they often require the player to take on the toughest challenges such as Bosses and Expeditions among other activities. Some Legendary items can also be acquired by taking on special Legendary Quest chains.


All Weapons in New World


Swords are a type of Weapons in New World. Weapons are pieces of equipment used to deal damage to enemies in battle. Weapons provide many different options and approaches to combat, allowing the player to deal damage in different ways. Swords are melee weapons used in close combat, and are the only ones that can be paired with a Shield.


All Weapon Types in New World:


New World Swords Overview

Swords & Shields are unique in that they are both individual pieces of equipment. While the Sword can be used on its own, there is currently no dual-wielding ability in the game, and depriving oneself of the defensive capabilities the Shield offers is an inefficient use of the weapon pair. Thus, the Sword & Shield are paired together and share a Weapon Mastery tree. Offensively, the Sword offers quick and powerful melee strikes complemented by the solid tanking capabilities offered by the Shield. Some disadvantages of using a Sword & Shield are the lack of reach and long cooldowns.

The Sword's damage scales off of the player's Strength and Dexterity Attributes. Investing in these attributes will improve the player's effectiveness with all Sword weapons.

The Sword & Shield Mastery is made up of the Swordmaster and Defender trees.


Sword & Shield Mastery


Swordmaster Tree Abilities

Active Abilities

  • Reverse Stab - A stab attack that deals 175% weapon damage. Cooldown: 20 seconds.
    • Unstoppable Stab - Reverse Stab now has Grit, preventing you from being staggered.
    • Tactician - On successful hit with Reverse Stab, all sword cooldowns are reduced by 25%.
  • Whirling Blade - Deal 145% weapon damage to all foes within 2 meters. Cooldown: 15 seconds.
    • Opportunity - Whirling Blade causes 20% rend for 5 seconds (Rend reduces target's armor).
    • Tactical Strike - Whirling Blade reduces cooldown on the ability by 10% for each enemy hit.
  • Leaping Strike - Leap 4 meters and deal 125% weapon damage. Cooldown: 25 seconds.
    • Final Strike - If you hit a foe below 30% health, deal 50% more damage.
    • Cowardly Punishment - If Leaping Strike hits a target in the back: cause slow for 6 seconds. (Slow reduces target's movement speed).

Passive Abilities

  • Precision - Swords critical strike chance increased by 10%.
  • Mobility - Move 33% faster while blocking.
  • Opportunist - Deal 20% more damage to slowed foes.
  • Confidence - While health is full, deal 15% more damage.
  • Empowered Stab - Successful Heavy attack grants you 30% Empower for 5 seconds (Empower increases damage).
  • Freeing Justice - Successfully hitting with a heavy attack causes you to lose all debuffs.
  • Counter Attack - When you block an attack gain 10% increased damage for 20 seconds.
  • Critical Precision -  On critical, gain 20% haste for 5 seconds (Haste increases movement speed).
  • Achilles Heel - The final attack in your light attack chain causes a 20% Slow for 2 seconds (Slow reduces movement speed).
  • Leadership - While holding a sword all group members damage is increased by 10%.

Defender Tree Abilities

Active Abilities

  • Shield Bash - Deals 50% weapon damage and stuns foes in front of you for 2 seconds. Taunt Gem Compatible: If you have a Carnelian gem equipped in your sword, this ability causes a 6 second taunt to all enemies hit (Taunt causes monster to focus only on you). Cooldown: 25 seconds.
  • Shield Rush - Rush forward 5 meters knocking back foes and dealing 125% weapon damage. Cooldown: 20 seconds.
    • Improved Rush - On successful hit all enemies within 5 meters are inflicted with Weaken for 4 seconds (Weaken reduces damage by 10%).
    • Intimidating Rush - On successful hit all enemies within 5 meters are Slowed by 30% for 4 seconds (Slow reduces movement speed).
  • Final Stand - For 8 seconds, all damage taken is reduced by 30%. Taunt Gem Compatible: If you have a Carnelian gem equipped in your sword, this ability causes a 6-second taunt to all enemies hit (Taunt causes enemies to focus only on you) Cooldown: 45 seconds.
    • Final Count Down - If your health is above 50%, damage reduction is increased by 20%.
    • Restoration - Gain 15% of your max health when Final Stand ends.

Passive Abilities

  • Sturdy Shield - Shields provide 15% more armor.
  • Elemental Resistance - Reduce damage from all magical types by 10%.
  • One With The Shield - When you block with a shield, all shield cooldowns are reduced by 1%.
  • Final Blow - The 3rd attack in your light attack combo deals 30% more damage and generates more threat.
  • Sturdy Grip - Stamina damage is reduced by 25% when blocking a melee attack with a shield.
  • Defensive Training - When you block an attack gain 10% Fortify for 5 seconds.
  • Fortitude - While holding a Sword current and max health are increased by 10%.
  • Recuperation - All incoming healing and regeneration increased by 10%.
  • High Grip - Stamina damage is reduced by 25% when blocking a ranged attack with a shield.
  • Defensive Formation - While blocking reduce damage to all other allies within 2 meters by 30%.


All Swords & Shields in New World

Swords & Shields can be obtained in a number of ways: Through Crafting, found as random loot in chests and containers, as random drops by Enemies and Bosses or as rewards for completing Quests. The following tables lists all available Swords & Shields in New World, as well as their sources:


Weapon Name Base Damage Special Effects Tier Source
Iron Straight Sword 125 - 145 - T2 Crafted: Weaponsmithing
Steel Straight Sword 145 - 168 - T3 Crafted: Weaponsmithing
Starmetal Straight Sword 168 - 195 - T4 Crafted: Weaponsmithing
Orichalcum Straight Sword 195 - 226 - T5 Crafted: Weaponsmithing
Sample - - T2 Random Drop: Enemy / Boss / Expedition
Sample - - T3 Quest Reward: Quest name
Sample - - T4 Random Loot: Location name



Weapon Name Base Damage Special Effects Tier Source
Iron Round Shield 109 - 127 - T2 Crafted: Weaponsmithing
Steel Round Shield 127 - 147 - T3 Crafted: Weaponsmithing
Starmetal Round Shield 147 - 171 - T4 Crafted: Weaponsmithing
Orichalcum Round Shield 171 - 198 - T5 Crafted: Weaponsmithing
Steel Kite Shield 132 - 153 - T3 Crafted: Weaponsmithing
Starmetal Kite Shield 153 - 178 - T4 Crafted: Weaponsmithing
Orichalcum Kite Shield 178 - 206 - T5 Crafted: Weaponsmithing
Starmetal Buckler 160 - 185 - T4 Crafted: Weaponsmithing
Orichalcum Tower Shield 193 - 223 - T5 Crafted: Weaponsmithing
Sample - - T2 Random Drop: Enemy / Boss / Expedition
Sample - - T3 Quest Reward: Quest name
Sample - - T4 Random Loot: Location name

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