Recipes are a set of instructions to create different type of Equipment and Items in New World. Recipes can be used by any player who has obtained the proper ingredients and has reached the required profession level.  Additionally, each recipe may also require a certain Crafting Station level. 



In New World there are a total of 7 Professions players can level up in order to be able to craft gear or items. These Professions are known in game as Crafting Trade Skills:

Weaponsmithing ♦ Armoring ♦ Engineering ♦ Jewelcrafting  ♦ Arcana ♦ Cooking ♦ Furnishing




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Shield of Suppresion

Weapons x8 Glittering Ebony
x3 Runic Leather
x1 Platinum Ingot
x1 Crest of Fortitude
x4 Brightscale Hide
x2 Smolderhide

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