Armor in New World are pieces of equipment worn by the player for defense and protective benefits. Armor is divided into several categories depending on the slot they are worn in and each armor piece has a varying set of stats and parameters such as Physical and Elemental Defense. Each Armor piece can also provide bonuses to a player's Core Attributes, contain one or more Perks as well as an Empty Gem Socket. Armor also changes the appearance of a player for cosmetic purposes. You can find all armor pieces that are featured in New World in their respective categories and you can also find a list of all Legenadry Armor pieces below. This page covers information on all Armor in New World.


Basic New World Equipment information

There is a wide variety of Armor available in New World. Armor can be obtained in a number of ways: Through Crafting, found as random loot in chests and containers, as random drops by Enemies and Bosses or as rewards for completing Quests

Gear Score

An Item's Gear Score is an overall gauge of how powerful that item is. The higher the Gear Score, the better the protective capabilities of a piece of armor. An item's Gear Score can also influence the chance of the item dropping with Perks and/or Gem Sockets.

In the case of Crafted Armor, the Armor piece's Gear Score can be influenced during the creation process by the Crafter's skill level in Armoring. Each Armor piece has a base Gear Score depending on the tier of the item. There is also a minimum and maximum Gear Score range which gets higher the more skilled the crafter is. For example, a beginner Armorer will be able to craft Tier 2 Armor pieces with a Gear Score ranging from 200 to 210 while a more advanced Armorer can craft the same tier Armor pieces with Gear Scores of 250 and above, up to the maximum of 300 for this tier.


Armor pieces can drop with up to 3 Perks which are drawn from a pool of potential Perks. Similar kinds of items can function differently depending on the Perks they possess.

Perks also influence the Rarity (also known as Quality) of an item and this extends to Armor as well:

  • No Perks - Common Quality
  • 1 Perk - Uncommon Quality
  • 2 Perks - Rare Quality
  • 3 Perks - Epic Quality

In the case of Crafted Armor, each piece has a small chance of gaining one or more Perks during the crafting process. While these outcomes are random, players can use the special resource Azoth while crafting to improve the chances of getting Perks. Additionally, there are a large amount of special resources that can be gathered in the world that when used during the crafting process, can dictate what Perk is added to the piece of equipment. However, there are still no guarantees that a Perk will indeed be added to the piece of equipment but the chance increases as the Crafting skill level increases.

See the Perks page for a full list of potential Perks for Armor.

Gem Sockets

Occasionally, Armor pieces will drop with an Empty Gem Socket which can be used to affix the armor piece with a Gemstone. These Gemstones provide a bonus to one or more of the player's Core Attributes and can be socketed into equipment by anyone. However, Gemstones can only be cut by players skilled in the Stonecutting skill line. Socketed Gemstones cannot be removed but can be replaced with a new one in most cases.

Similar to Perks, Crafted Armor can also have a small chance of obtaining an Empty Gem Socket during the crafting process. This chance can be improved by raising the Crafter's skill level, as well as by using the special resource Azoth during the crafting process.



Most Equipment in New World may have certain Affixes, these are special perks that enhance one or two of the Core Attributes. They can be important towards improving certain stats for Builds or to meet some thresholds that grant some important passives.


Equipment in New World has a certain amount of Durability, that acts as the items "health". Once the total amount of Durability, is depleted, that item is rendered useless until it is repaired.


Weight is an important mechanic in New World, closely related to Armor, it can affect your preferred playstyle. Your your mobility, DPS output, resistance, and dodge may be limited by the Armor Weight your are carrying.


All Armor in New World




Legendary Head Armor
Legendary Chest Armor
Legendary Hands Armor
Legendary Legs Armor
Legendary Feet Armor


All Legendary Head Armor














All Legendary Chest Armor

















All Legendary Hands Armor
















All Legendary Legs Armor













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