Durability in New World is a numeric value that represents an item's "health". Using Equipment, such as Weapons and Armor, wears them down lowering their Durability the longer it is used. Once an item's Durability reaches 0, that item will be broken, thus rendering it useless until it is repaired. Immediately after reparing an item, it will be usable again, and regain all its attributes and abilities to a full extent.


Durability & Repair Guide for New World

How do I repair an Item in New World?

In New World, you don't need to return back to town to repair your Equipment nor your need to interact with a special Npc. In ordetr to repair your Equipment, you only need to access your inventory, hover over the item you wish to repair with your cursor, and press R + a left click of your mouse. This will restore that item to 100% Durability once again. Note that you can't repair an item partially.


What do I need to use the repair function?

Repairing an item is incredibly simple as stated before, but it is not free. To restore your equipment to optimal level, you will need two things: Gold and Repair Parts. As the amount of Durability of the item you want to repair gets lower, the more expensive the repair cost  will be.


Where do I obtain Repair Parts?

Repair Parts can be easily obtained by salvaging gear. Ideally you will salvage gear you don't need, or don't want to keep. Note that when you salvage an item, it will disappear completely from your inventory, leaving you with no way to get it back if you regret this decision. To salvage an item, you just have to hover with your mouse over it, press S and a left click with your mouse. 

Where can I see the amount ot Repair Parts I'm carrying?

You can see the amount ot Repair Parts you are carrying by opening your inventory. Between the Gold and Azoth you are carrying, you will see a small icon that represents the total amount of Repairt Parts you currently have. Note that you have a cap of 2,000 Repair Parts. If you already hold that much, and try to salvage more items to increase that number, the excess will be lost. It is also important to note that Repair parts  don't occupy any inventory slot nor increase the amount ot weight you currently have. 

Traveling Tip

As you travel through the world of Aeternum, it is advised to carry a few pieces of unnecesary gear just to be able to salvage it and repair your Equipment in case of emergency.

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