Gathering Tools in New World are a type of Equipment used by the Gathering trade skill to collect and harvest resources used in various applications. There are a large amount of resources available on Aeternum and each requires a specific Gathering skill and tool to collect. This page covers information on all Gathering Tools, including bonuses and how to craft them.


Gathering Tool Categories in New World



A 2-handed tool used by players skilled in Mining to gather ore, gemstones and other precious minerals.



Skinning Knife

A 1-Handed Tool that is used by players skilled in Tracking & Skinning to collect hides, meat and other parts from dead animals and creatures.



Fishing Pole

A 2-Handed Tool that is used by players skilled in Fishing to catch fish.




Logging Axe

A 2-Handed Tool that is used by players skilled in Logging to chop down trees and collect wood.


Harvesting Sickle

A 1-Handed Tool that is used by players skilled in Harvesting to gather plants and other resources.


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