Controls for New World covers information on input methods supported by the game and used to control the player character as well as navigate menus and user interfaces. This page provides info on keybindings and other control settings, as well as information on controller support for the game.


New World Controls

PC Key Bindings

The following are the default key bindings for the standard Keyboard + Mouse controls. Note that all these functions can be bound to other keys at the player's discretion depending on what is most comfortable. These key bind settings can be found under Settings > Key Bindings.


Zoom In: Mouse Wheel Up

Zoom Out: Mouse Wheel Down

Camera Zoom Modifier: N/A

Free Look: Alt

Hide UI: Left Alt + H


Ranged Combat

Shoot: Left Mouse Button

Aim: Right Mouse Button (Hold)

Reload: R


Melee Combat

Light Attack: Left Mouse Button

Heavy Attack: Hold left mouse button

Block: Right Mouse Button

Roll/Dodge: LShift

Sheathe: x



Move Forward: W

Move Backwards: S

Move Left: A

Move Right: D

Sprint/Step Up: Shift

Auto-Run: =

Crouch Toggle: 'C

Prone Toggle: Z

Walk: Left CTRL (Hold)

Jump: Space

Mantle: Space + W


User Interface

Inventory: TAB

Map: M

Character: K

Journal: J

Company UI: G

Social: O

Scoreboard: N

Make Camp: Y



Cycle Weapon Up: Mouse Wheel Up

Cycle Weapon Down: Mouse Wheel Down

Cycle Weapon Modifier: LEFT Alt

Weapon #1: 1

Weapon #2: 2

Weapon #3: 3

Consumable #1: 4

Consumable #2: 5

Consumable #3: 6

Consumable #4: 7

Weapon Ability 1: End

Weapon Ability 2: Page Down

Weapon Ability 3: Insert

Interact: Home

Secondary Interact: T

Give Up: Home



Chat: Enter

Chat Command: /

Push-to-Talk: V (Hold)


 New World Keyboard and Mouse Control Options



PC Controller Support

Controller support has been confirmed for the launch of New World on PC. However, there is currently no information on default controller settings. This section will be updated when more information becomes available.

Xbox controller:

  • RT - Attack
  • LT - No clue
  • LB - Block
  • RB - No clue
  • Y - Hide/show weapon
  • X - No clue
  • B - No clue
  • A - Dodge

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      Why does my camera point itself automatically down when I'm fighting? Is there no turning left or right? There's walking left and walking right, but no turning? I paid $50 for this to be issues that shouldn't exist. I have to lift my mouse up to get the view to be normal. What am I not doing correctly?

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