Factions in New World are several groups of like-minded individuals united under one organization and name, each with their own motives and schemes for the future of Aeternum. Players can join one of the available Factions and their choice will determine who they fight with and against in PvP scenarios. Joining a Faction can also provide benefits to the player if their Faction controls Settlements and Territories. This page lists all Factions available and details information regarding each, including NPCs, quests and special rewards available.


New World Factions Guide

  1. Your character can only be in one faction
  2. You can only have 1 character per server
  3. You can only swap factions once every 120 days
  4. You can only join companies of your same faction
  5. Your Faction determines who you PVP with, but you can do PvE and Expedition content with everyone.
  6. Fextralife plays on the COVENANT faction on the HADES (EU) Server


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New World Factions Overview


There are three Factions that players can join in New World: the militaristic Marauders, the secretive Syndicate and the religious Covenant. Each Faction has a set of principles and a unique motivation for wanting control of Aeternum. These three Factions form the basis for Territorial Control and ties heavily into many of the game's mechanics, especially open-world PvP (Player versus Player) combat.


Early on in their adventure in Aeternum, players will take on a series of Quests that will lead up to joining one of these Factions. Each player is required to choose a side in the ever-evolving conflict and stake their claim on the island. Factions create clear sides and motivations for conflict while providing a sense of safety and community for all players, even if they are not interested in the PvP aspects of the game at all. 

After selecting a Faction, players can accept Faction Missions from their Faction representative in any Settlement and complete them in exchange for rewards. Faction Missions provide a way for players to contribute to their Faction's influence within a Territory. Factions offer specialized equipment, act as a source of income, and are the group you work with to wage War on other Territories to expand your Faction’s control of Aeternum.


marauders_icon_factions_new_world_wiki_guide The Marauders

Living examples of the credo "might makes right," the Marauders are a ruthless military force bent on establishing a free nation where anyone with the strength and determination to stake a claim can do so.


syndicate_icon_factions_new_world_wiki_guide The Syndicate

Working in the shadows and dealing with secrets, members of the Syndicate use their boundless guile and intellect in pursuit of forbidden knowledge.


covenant_icon_factions_new_world_wiki_guide The Covenant

Divine champions who are driven by conviction and their faith in the light of the Spark, the Covenant fights with righteousness and justice for the struggling souls of all living things.



New World Faction Guide

What do Factions do?

Factions in New World mostly affect the social and PvP aspects of the game. At the core of New World's gameplay is a robust Territorial conquest system and Factions serve to facilitate the taking over of Aeternum's vast territories and zones. Without a Faction, you will not be able to hold territory or take part in certain activities and you will be severely limiting your ability to progress in the game.

Territorial control comes with a plethora of benefits for all players of a given Faction. Having control of a Territory means having control of its Settlement. This in turn allows the controlling Faction to build up and expand the settlement, providing a local community for all Faction members. Within Settlements, players can enjoy access to various facilities such as Trade Skill stations for crafting and player Housing. Joining a Faction will also confer various buffs and quality of life improvements that have been unlocked for its settlements as long as you are within the controlled Territories. This includes bonuses to Gathering and Crafting skills, combat bonuses and fast-travel options. See the Settlements page for details on settlement features.

Tied to settlement development are Faction Missions which are special quests and objectives that members of a Faction can collectively take on and complete in order to gain standing and contribute to various settlement upgrades. Factions will also provide special gear and equipment in exchange for Tokens obtained by completing these missions.


Why Join A Faction?

Engage in special Faction Missions

  • Complete Missions for XP, Coin, and Faction Tokens
  • Earn influence to determine Territory Conttrol
  • Compete strategically against enemy Factions in PvP Missions

Gain access to Elite Faction Gear

  • Spend Faction Tokens on special Weapons, Armor, and Consumables
  • Earn Ranks to unlock Advanced Tiers and Crafting Components

Enjoy the benefits of Territory Control

  • Reduced cost for Workshops and Fast Travel
  • Complete Town Projects to upgrade the Settlement

On top of being able to engage in various activities that come with joining a Faction, players are also given a sense of community which will play a large role in player progression. While you are free to play the game solo if you so choose, New World is a highly social game at its core. Player interaction is both prominent and highly beneficial and Factions help bring like-minded players together to tackle similar goals.


Joining A Faction

In order to join a Faction in New World, you must complete a series of quests, which are the main questline of the game. When you first wash up on the shores of Aeternum, you will be met with a series of introductory quests that serve as a tutorial, teaching you the basics of the game. Shortly after, you will be directed to the nearest town. Depending on your spawn point, this will be either the Everfall, Windsward, First Light or Monarch's Bluffs settlements.

Continue along the questline and you will eventually be introduced to one of the Faction leaders who will charge you with completing a quest for one of the Factions in order to get a brief idea of their cause, ideals and methods. Complete the introductory quest for each of the three Factions and you will then be given a choice for which one you'd wish to join. You should be between Levels 8-10 if you didn't do anything else during this time, but you could be higher if you wandered off the beaten path a bit.

Choose Faction

It should be noted that choosing one Faction puts you in conflict with the other two and this is an important decision to make, especially if you have friends you wish to play with. 


Which Faction should I join?

Factions in New World are fundamentally similar in design. While there are unique lore and cosmetic differences, there are no direct benefits to joining one or the other. However, there are certain factors to consider when joining a Faction such as the current state of the server you're playing in.

Joining a dominant Faction on a server can mean more territories immediately under your control, which can make exploration and PvE activities easier as the dominant Faction is likely to have more settlement upgrades unlocked. In contrast, if you are looking forward to declaring Wars and wresting control of territory from opposing Factions, you may have more of a chance to do so if you join the smaller Factions. There is an 'underdog' mechanic in place that grant certain favors to the least successful Faction, ensuring the weakest always have a fighting chance of gaining the top spot and no Faction is deemed too powerful at any given time.

As of the July 2021 Closed Beta Test, the most popular Faction is the Syndicate. However, this is not indicative of a Faction being more or less favorable. In the end, Faction choice will boil down to personal preferences as well as which Factions your friends join. 


Switching Factions

It is possible to switch to a different Faction after you've already chosen one although there are certain limitations in place to prevent creating an imbalance. First off, each player can only switch Factions once every 120 days. It is also not possible to switch to the most dominant Faction currently in the server. If a Faction holds the majority of territories in Aeternum, they are not eligible to switch to. Lastly, upon switching Factions, players lose their Faction Rank and Tokens and will have to start from scratch. These measures ensure the system isn't abused to skew favor towards one Faction or the other.

In order to change Factions, simply open the Character Screen and click on the Bio tab. At the bottom left of the screen is the Change Factions button which will lead to another menu that shows which of the two other Factions you can switch to. Once you finalize your decision, your character will enter the 120-day lockout. There are no costs associated with switching Factions. However, the limitations are quite hefty and it is highly advised that you choose your Faction correctly in the first place.



Within Factions, players can create or join Companies, which are player-run organizations akin to guilds or clans in other games. Companies act as proxies for their Factions, taking charge of the day-to-day operations within a Territory and its Settlement while building up the Faction's influence. A Company's ultimate goal is to enable its Faction to control as much of Aeternum as possible. This is achieved by conquering and retaining control of Territories by declaring War against opposing Factions. With Aeternum being in a constant state of conflict, Territorial control is ever-shifting and the success of a Faction hinges on acquiring and maintaining control. Defending territories is just as important as claiming them. Players regularly take part in War in order to claim and defend territories and these activities are a Company and Faction-wide effort.

Companies are tied directly to a Faction -- You cannot join a Syndicate company while you are with the Marauders for example. For the most part, you also cannot play co-operatively with players from opposing Factions and Companies although there are certain, very specific exceptions.

Companies are led by a Governor which is essentially the player who created the company. The Governor has a lot of responsibilities pertaining to their Company's success, and by proxy, their Faction's. The Governor is in charge of the following duties:

  • Setting taxes for Settlements and ensuring the weekly upkeep is paid
  • Starting Town Projects which result in Settlement upgrades
  • War declarations and choosing of participants

A Governor can assign any number of Consuls to act as their proxy. Consuls are granted almost all the same powers and permission as a Governor and can take on the same responsibilities in the Governor's absence. Assigning a good number of Consuls ensures there is always a person in charge despite each player's differing playtimes.


War and Territory Control

War is the biggest mechanic that ties into Factions, consisting of large 50 vs 50 player battles for control of a Territory's Fort. If your Company or Faction wants to conquer a Territory occupied by an opposing Faction, it must first declare War on that Territory. Before being able to declare War, a Territory must first be made vulnerable. A Faction's Territory will be vulnerable to a War declaration once their influence has been sufficiently undermined. Similarly, in order to retain control of a Territory, the controlling Faction has to actively reinforce their influence in that Territory. Undermining and reinforcing influence can be accomplished by taking on Faction Missions within the Territory. Faction Missions are divided into PvE and PvP types.

PvE Faction Missions focus on defending the Territory against creatures, gathering resources for the Settlement, as well as crafting and feeding into the economy. PvE Missions can help to reinforce a Faction's control and they also provide Faction Tokens which can be traded in for special rewards such as unique equipment. Players can also take on Invasions, which are large scale PvE sieges in which the goal is to defend the fort from encroaching waves of Corrupted forces.

PvP Faction Missions task players with things like recovering tactical information, delivering critical messages or items to another Territory, or patrolling an area for opposing Factions members. PvP Missions can be undertaken in defense of a controlled Territory or in an attempt to control an opposing Faction's Territory. Generating influence and its effects will differ depending on the circumstance of the mission undertaken. Generating influence in an enemy-controlled Territory will serve to undermine that Faction's influence, while generating influence in a home Territory will serve to reinforce your Faction's control. Accepting a PvP Faction mission will auto-flag you for PvP. Unflagging yourself will automatically abandon the mission. Dying during your PvP mission will cause you to fail it and you’ll have to go back and accept another. 

Territory Control

Territory Influence

  • Territory Influence is a measure of a Faction's control of a Territory
  • Complete Faction PvP Missions to retain control of a Territory
  • The Factions that do not control that Territory must complete PvP Faction Missions to enable a Declaration of War

Reinforce or Undermine a Faction's Territorial Influence

  • Controlling Factions reinforce control by completing PvP Faction Missions
  • Undermine the opposing Faction's Territories by completing PvP Faction Missions within their Territories
  • Prevent other Factions from completing PvP Faction Missions by flagging for PvP and patrolling the Territory
  • Prevent the controlling Faction from completing PvP Faction Missions by flagging for PvP and patrolling those Territories

Flagging for PvP

Flagging for PvP is a mechanic which determines whether or not a player can engage or be engaged in combat with a player from an opposing Faction. This system is in place to facilitate fair play, ensuring only players who choose to flag themselves can risk being attacked in PvP combat whilst venturing about on Aeternum. Players who have their flag enabled can attack players from the opposing factions who also have their flags enabled. Disabling the PvP flag prevents all combat interactions with players who have their flags enabled. This includes attacking and casting debuffs on hostile players and healing or buffing friendly players.

While enabling your PvP Flag presents an increased risk while adventuring, there are several benefits to flagging yourself for PvP. Players will need to be Flagged for PvP in order to participate in PvP Faction Missions and contribute to Faction Influence in general. Additionally, Flagged players receive additional XP from all sources, making it a great way to gain levels quickly.

  • Players can flag themselves for PvP from any Settlement or Outpost (default key U). 
  • Upon leaving the Settlement or Outpost, you receive a 30 second timer before becoming flagged. Once the timer expires, you are free to engage flagged members of the opposing Factions.
  • Contribute to the Influence War to help your Faction take control of each Territory by completing PvP Faction Missions. Keep an eye out for enemy players who are flagged, and stop them from earning Influence for their Faction by cutting them down.

See each Faction's individual pages or the Faction Missions page for details on mission types available, as well as their rewards.

War Declaration

When a Faction has earned enough Influence in an opposing Faction's territory, they can challenge for control through a Declaration of War.  Once a War declaration has been made, the attacking Faction will need to gather up enough players to participate in the battle. Battles come in the form of 50 vs 50 player Sieges. After declaring War, the attacking Faction will tally up each participating company's contributions during the undermining process. A company that has contributed at least 10% of the influence required to contest a territory will have a chance of getting selected through a lottery system to become the Vanguard. The selection of the Vanguard is completely random in order to facilitate fair play. This selection process allows even small Companies to take and control Territories.

The battle will then take place at a time of the defending Company's choosing, at their Territory Fort. The victory conditions for the attacking side will be to successfully breach the Gates and take their claim while the defending side will have to fight off enemy forces until the timer expires.

See the War page for detailed information on the battle and its mechanics.


Faction Rewards

Each Faction will offer a set of unique rewards such as gear, equipment and consumables for completing Faction Missions and exchanging Faction Tokens. Between the three Factions, equipment are largely identical and simply offer a cosmetic difference. There is a clear motif and color scheme attached to each of the three Factions:

  • Marauders are represented by the Green on their armor and equipment. Moreover, with the Marauders being a militaristic Faction, their armor pieces are often heavyset and imposing.
  • The Syndicate are represented by the color Purple. Being a secretive, mystical organization, Syndicate gear often employ concealing garbs and accessories that supplement the overall look of their armor pieces.
  • The Covenant are represented by Orange hues on their gear. A religious and fanatical group, Covenant armor present with religious emblems and designs akin to the Knights Templar.

These features make it clearly visible which Faction you are representing while out on the battlefield or exploring the world of Aeternum. Aside from the aesthetic features, each Faction provides more powerful rewards the higher your Rank gets. There are five ranks attainable for each Faction, with each unlocking new gear and their crafting recipes, as well as consumables. Each set of gear also has 3 different variants, catering to different builds.


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