War in New World is a Player-versus-Player (PvP) component of the game that ties into Territorial Control. War is declared and waged between opposing Factions and Companies vying for control of Aeternum's various Territories. Each side has differing objectives and tasks that will lead them to success in a War campaign. This page covers information on the War mechanic, all the systems it ties into as well as tips on waging a successful campaign.


New World War Overview

War is the driving aspect of Territorial Control in New World. Each player belongs to one of the three Factions: The Marauders, The Syndicate and The Covenant. These three factions are locked in a constant struggle with each vying for control of Aeternum, its Territories and resources, each with their own motives and schemes for the future of the island. Early in the game, players will be able to take on a Quest line that leads to joining one of these factions, setting them up for future endeavors.

Within Factions, players can create or join Companies, which are player-run organizations akin to guilds or clans in other games. Companies can lay claim to a Territory and its Settlement for their faction. At the game's launch, when all territories are unclaimed, claiming a territory is done by simply paying a claim fee at a Territory's Fort. Claiming a fort will give control of the entire territory to the Company and by proxy, the Faction they belong to. Once all Territories and Settlements have been claimed, however, the only way to wrest control from an opposing faction is to declare and engage in a War campaign against them.


New World War Mechanics

Declaring War

In order for a Company to capture a Territory, it must first declare war against the governing company and their faction. This can only be accomplished once a territory is thrown into conflict by undermining the controlling company's influence over the territory. Undermining a company's influence involves taking on PvP-oriented Faction Missions and other objectives within the territory. This raises influence in the territory for the attacking company while weakening the hold of the controlling company. Once each side's influence has reached a certain threshold, the territory becomes contested and the attacking company can then declare war.

Preparing For Battle


Once a War declaration has been made, the attacking faction will need to gather up enough players to participate in the battle. Battles come in the form of 50 vs 50 player Sieges. After a declaring War, the attacking faction will tally up each participating company's contributions during the undermining process. A company that has contributed at least 10% of the influence required to contest a territory will have a chance of getting selected through a lottery system to become the Vanguard. The selection of the Vanguard is completely random in order to facilitate fair play. This selection process allows even small Companies to take and control Territories.


The Vanguard

The Vanguard is the company that will lead the charge during the siege. A perk of being chosen as the Vanguard is your company's Governor being able to choose who can participate in the battle. The Governor can choose directly from within the company if there are enough members to fill the ranks. Otherwise, they can pick from anyone within the Faction. They can also enlist the aid of volunteers from the third faction. For example, if a Company from the Syndicate has declared War on a Territory owned by the Marauders but don't have enough members joining the battle, they can enlist help from players in the Covenant. Players from the third Faction who would like to volunteer for the battle must travel to the Territory where the war will be fought and sign up on the War Boards in the Settlements or outside the territory's Fort.

Time of Battle

The battle will take place during a one-hour window chosen by the defending Company. Being able to set the time for War activities allows for better coordination of participants and fair play by removing the potential of Companies taking over territories and settlements during inconvenient hours or while the majority of the controlling company and faction are offline.

Players chosen to participate in a War will receive a notification shortly before the battle commences and they simply need to make sure they are logged in and prepared. When the time comes for battle, participating players will be teleported straight to the battlefield automatically.


The Siege

The battle will take place in and around the defending Company's Fort. The attacking army will have a limited time to take the enemy's Fort and take over the Territory while the defenders attempt to thwart their siege as best as they can. Each side will have differing conditions for victory and will also have access to unique Siege Weapons which they can utilize to gain the upper hand in the skirmish.


Attacker Objectives

The main objective for the attacking Company/Faction is to attack and breach the enemy Fort's gates. Before any Fort gates can be damaged and breached, the attackers must first capture the three Rally Points in front of the Fort. Rally Points are important areas that serve as respawn locations and access points to the Armory. The Armory will allow the attacking army to deploy Siege Platforms with which to gain a significant advantage in the battle. Once a Rally Point has been captured, the defending company cannot retake them and the siege is pushed forward in favor of the attackers.

After all three Rally Points have been successfully captured, the attacking army can focus their attention on breaching the gates. The defending Company will be shoehorned into taking a final stand at the Gates. The Gates have an integrity level which will determine how much damage it can take before being beached. This integrity level will depend on the defending Company's upgrades made via the Town Projects system. A successful breach will end the War with victory for the attacking Faction.

Defender Objectives

The Company/Faction in control of the Territory must defend the Fort at all costs. Allowing the gates to be breached will end the War in defeat for the defenders, forfeiting not only the Fort, but the entire Territory and Settlement. 

The most important task for defenders is to guard the three Rally Points outside the Fort and repel the invaders. Losing a Rally Point is a major disadvantage for the defending army as the attackers will gain access to a respawn point which progressively gets closer to the Fort with every Rally Point taken. Furthermore, Rally Points serve as access points to the Armory which the attackers can use deploy Siege Platforms, allowing them to gain an upper hand in the battle. 

Losing a Rally Point will force the defenders to retreat to the next point until they are forced back to the Gates for the last stand. The victory condition for the defending team is to hold off enemy attack until the timer expires. A defensive victory allows the Company to retain control of the Fort and will strengthen their hold on the Territory.


Siege Equipment

Siege Equipment add an extra layer of strategy and tactics to the equation when engaging in a War campaign. Both the attacking and defending armies will have access to an arsenal of special heavy weaponry that can help turn the tide of battle.

After capturing a Rally Point, attackers can spend their Battle Tokens at the Armory to deploy Siege Platforms to bombard the enemy and Fort with. Battle Tokens are earned by contributions to battle such as killing enemy players and destroying fortifications and defensive Siege Weapons. Each Siege Platform has a varying cost to deploy.

Defenders on the other hand, will be able to set up Siege Weapons along the Fort's walls and other key locations. Defenders can place these defenses for free but their strengths and combat efficiency will depend on their upgrade levels gained by completing Town Projects.


Attacker Siege Platforms

Cannon Platform


The Cannon provides destructive power with a moderate rate of fire and excels in taking down structures and slow-moving targets. In a group, several cannons deploying focused fire can quickly destroy any defensive structure.


Fire Launcher Platform


The Fire Launcher is an excellent weapon for denying enemies access to certain areas or for quickly dispersing groups of soldiers. The launcher rains flaming projectiles onto the battlefield which burst on impact, covering the ground in fire. Another effective use or the Fire Launcher is to cover the Fort's ramparts in fire, denying archers the advantage of higher grounds.


Repeater Platform


The Repeater is an effective weapon to counter small, fast-moving targets that other weapons have difficulty with. The Repeater fires several bolts at great speed. Individually, these bolts do not deal too much damage but sustained, focused fire can be devastating to enemies caught unaware. Conversely, these weapons are not the best for destroying defensive structures due to their low damage output.

Defender Siege Weapons



The Ballista is the Defenders' version of the Attackers' Cannon, boasting similarly powerful shots with a moderate rate of fire. It serves the same role as an anti-structure weapon that also excels in taking out large, slow-moving targets.


Explosive Cannon


The Explosive Cannon is an excellent crowd-control weapon that fires explosive shots which can stagger and knock enemies back. It's a great weapon for area denial and dispersing groups of enemies as the explosion has a large radius. Its main weakness is its very slow fire rate and it is not ideal for taking out fast-moving targets.


Repeater Turret


The Defender's version of the Repeater is largely the same as the Attackers', boasting impressive rate of fire but lower damage output. The Repeater is ideal for taking out fast-moving targets and sustained bursts of focused fire.


Burning Oil Vat


The Burning Oil Vat is a defensive weapon mounted on the walls and ramparts of the Fort, pouring burning oil to enemies below. What the Burning Oil Vat lacks in range, it makes up for with high damage over time effects against a large group of enemies. These weapons often function as a last ditch effort to prevent the Gates from being breached.


Horn of Resilience


The Horn of Resilience is used to bolster allied forces, providing a powerful healing and defensive buff in the area. The horn has a lengthy cooldown but careful, strategic use can turn the tide of battle.


Traps are supplementary siege weapons that can be used by both Attackers and Defenders. These weapons can be placed at strategic locations to get the most benefits.

Inferno Mines


The Inferno Mine is a proximity explosive device that when triggered, covers an area in fire, dealing heavy damage over time to all enemies caught within. The mine has a large explosion radius and is excellent at area denial, particularly in choke points and important locations such as Rally Points.

Powder Keg


The Powder Keg is a simple but highly destructive tool that boasts the highest damage among any siege weaponry. It is highly effective at taking out structures, especially Fort Gates. However, its fuse must be lit manually and has a lengthy ignition duration before it explodes. Moreover, the Powder Keg will not detonate if destroyed, requiring players to defend it until it explodes.



When the battle comes to its conclusion, all players will be teleported off the battlefield back to where they originally were to continue their adventure. 

If the attacking army prevails, they will now have control over the Territory and everything within it. The defeated party will have lost their Settlement and Fort, as well as all their Territorial Bonuses. These can be earned back through another War declaration but the Company would have to first regroup in another company's settlement within one of their Faction's controlled territories. Note that residents of a Settlement that has been taken over will still have access to their House but will not be able to make use of other settlement facilities and will not be able to partake of their bonuses as the settlement now belongs to an opposing faction.

Thus, the cycle of War continues on Aeternum.


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