Builds for New World covers an arrangement of character statistics such as skills, feats, specializations, and gear such as weapons and armor that defines a player's specific set of playstyle. This page covers a list of recommended builds that can be used by various players to test out different playstyles.


Best Builds of New World

  1. PvP Builds for War
  2. PvP Builds for Small Scale / Overland
  3. PvE Corruption-fighting Builds
  4. PvE Expedition Builds
  5. Crafting and Fishing Builds


New World Builds

The Best Builds for New World are usually those that are optimized for specific tasks, but also fit the player's style of play. When creating your character, you should consider that you have many weapons to pick from, and many weapon masteries associated to each of them. You can re-spec your character at any time, but your time invested into one weapon won't necessarily translate to another, so you should begin by doing research into the type of character you want to play: Are you looking for a PvP build or a PvE build? Ranged or Melee? Do you want an Ice caster or Fire Caster, or are you more insterested in dealing with corruption or exploring the many status effects of the game?

Whatever your Build for New World, the MMO has plenty of variety and opportunity, so read on and make your choices!


The Musketeer Build Guide


The Musketeer Build Guide: This Musket and Rapier Build focuses on using the Musket at range to pick off both enemies and players, only using the rapier when enemies get close. This is a PvE and PvP Build that is good both on the landscape while Questing, and also when fighting other players. If you’ve been looking for a good Musket and Rapier Build, then this Guide is for you.

Whirlwind Build Guide


The Whirlwind Build Guide: This Great Axe and War Hammer Build focuses on dealing insane AoE damage, while also crowd controlling and containing enemies and players alike. This is a PvE and PvP Build that is not only good for Questing, and PvP, but also for Expeditions, and does some of the highest AoE DPS in New World. If you’ve been looking for a good Great Axe and War Hammer Build, then this Guide is for you


The Hunter Build Guide


The Hunter Build Guide: This Hunter Cyclone Bow and Spear Build that focuses on dealing damage over time, as well as significant AoE damage to destroy enemies quickly, while also knocking them down, preventing you and your teammates from taking damage. This is a PvE Build designed specifically with Expeditions in mind, but can also be used for PvE in general, and can be adapted to PvP should you be so inclined. If you’ve been looking for a good Bow and Spear Build, then this Guide is for you.

Defiant Shockwave Tank Build Guide


Defiant Shockwave Tank Build Guide: This Sword and Shield Tank Build Guide focuses on Tanking in both Dungeons, as well as in groups out on the landscape in Elite questing areas. It has excellent surviveability due to the Shield passives, and ability to Block a large amount of attacks. But more importantly, it has threat generation, forcing enemies to attack you, protecting your party members. If you’ve been looking for a good Tank Build, then this Guide is for you.


Life Embrace Healer Build Guide


Life Embrace Healer Build Guide: This Life Staff Healer Build Guide focuses healing Expeditions, and supporting your group with some AoE damage via the Ice Gauntlets. This is a PvE Build that is mainly used for Expeditions, but can also be used for more challenging PvE areas, like those with Elites, and can be adapted for PvP as well. If you’ve been looking for a good Life Staff healing Build, then this Guide is for you.

Berserker Hatchets Build Guide


The Berserker Hatches Build Guide. . This Hatchet Build Guide focuses on surviveability and damage, and is excellent for the solo player who may be having a hard time. This Build is also fantastic in Expeditions, group play, and in PvP, making it one of the best all around Builds in New World. If you’ve been looking for a great Hatchet Build, then this Guide is for you.


Pick a Build by Weapon


Sword & Shield Builds

Sword & Shield Mastery - These weapons scale off Strength and Dexterity, and provide offensive and defensive benefits to the player


Great Axe Builds

Great Axe Mastery - This is a Strength scaling weapon with capacity to deal focused or aoe damage after charging into or grabbing enemies


War Hammer Builds

War Hammer Mastery - This is a Strength scaling weapon that focuses on strong-hitting melee damage



Hatchet Builds

Hatchet Mastery - These melee weapons can also be thrown, providing a versatile approach to battle. They scale with Strength primarily and Dexterity secondarily.


Rapier Builds

Rapier Mastery - A primarily Dexterity weapon that also scales with Intelligence, provides a unique thrusting moveset that, if mastered, provides advantages in PvP


Spear Builds

Spear Mastery - This Strength / Dexterity weapon features a thrusting moveset with remarkable reach, making it a great choice for beginners



Musket Builds

Musket Mastery - These Dexterity / Intelligence weapons feature optimal range and devastating single target damage, making them a good option for PvE encounters


Bow Builds

Bow Mastery - This Dexterity based weapon fires Arrows from mid-range, dealing elemental damage based on your chosen projectiles. Relatively fast reloads make it great for PvP & PvE


Fire Staff Builds

Fire Staff Mastery - This Intelligence weapon deals fire damage on light and heavy attacks as well as skills, setting enemies aflame to dominate the battlefield



Ice Gauntlet Builds

Ice Gauntlet Mastery - A short / mid ranged weapon that scales off Intelligence and deals cold and ice damage in AoE effects. Debuffs and Crowd Control builds will enjoy this weapon.


Life Staff Builds

Life Staff Mastery - The only weapon to scale with Focus and provide healing for you and your party. The Life Staff is a good secondary weapon for any build, as it will help you stay alive in battle.


More Builds Coming Soon!

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