Builds for New World covers an arrangement of character statistics such as skills, feats, specializations, and gear such as weapons and armor that defines a player's specific set of playstyle. This page covers a list of recommended builds that can be used by various players to test out different playstyles, with frequent updates for New World Build content and ideas for all weapons and roles: PvP builds, PvE builds, Tank Builds, Healer Builds, and more!


Top 5 New World Builds. This New World Build Guide focuses on identifying the Best Builds in New World after the most recent update and Patch 1.1. We’ll focus on showing you the Melee DPS, Mage, and Healer Builds, to name a few. If you’re looking for a comprehensive Guide that explains the primary and secondary Weapons to take, Weapon Skills to prioritize, and Core Attributes to invest in, then this Guide is for you! Make sure to check out our Best Endgame Weapons List, Crafting Tips, and Gold Farming Guide as well!

Top 5 New World Builds (December 2021)

New World has several activities that you’ll want to consider when coming up with your builds. For some, choosing the pure PvE route when leveling up is the best option, however, encounters, especially involving Expeditions and Corrupted Breaches at higher levels, can be demanding. Oftentimes, you’ll need the help of your team to wipe out bosses and powerful groups of enemies. The best builds that I’ll be discussing can be used in both PvE and PvP. Whether you’re new or you’ve been playing since the game’s launch, you’ll definitely want to check out the Top 5 Builds in New World!

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Best New World Builds

  1. Berserker Hatchets Build Guide, Hatchet & Great Axe: a powerful DPS build for any activity
  2. Musketeer Build Guide, Musket & Rapier: a skillful and fun DPS build for any activity
  3. Whirlwind Build Guide, Hammer & Great Axe: a DPS PVP and Expedition build for the fearless
  4. Absolver Build Guide, Life Staff & Ice Gauntlet: an Expeditions-focused PVE buff healer build
  5. Shockwave Build Guide, Hammer & Sword and Shield: a fantastic Tank build with AoE damage
  6. Elementalist Build Guide, Fire Staff & Ice Gauntlet: a PvE Build with lots of AoE and Damage Over Time, Fire & Ice.
  7. The Hunter Build Guide, Bow & Spear: a PvE, Expedition-ready DoT build with AoE

New World Build Types

You are probably looking for the "Best PvP build in New World" or the elusive "Best PvE build in New World". Since the game works without classes, you should instead focus on your Weapon Type and keeping up with the meta, that is constantly changing due to game patches, nerfes and fixes. The Best healer and support builds are usually more stable than the Best DPS ones for this reason.

Make sure you read through the Patch Notes to understand the changes made to the game.

  1. PvP Builds for War
  2. PvP Builds for Small Scale / Overland
  3. PvE Corruption-fighting Builds
  4. PvE Expedition Builds
  5. Beginner Builds
  6. Leveling, Crafting and Fishing Builds




New World Builds

The Best Builds for New World are usually those that are optimized for specific tasks, but also fit the player's style of play. When creating your character, you should consider that you have many weapons to pick from, and many weapon masteries associated to each of them. You can re-spec your character at any time, but your time invested into one weapon won't necessarily translate to another, so you should begin by doing research into the type of character you want to play: Are you looking for a PvP build or a PvE build? Ranged or Melee? Do you want an Ice caster or Fire Caster, or are you more interested in dealing with corruption or exploring the many status effects of the game?

Whatever your Build for New World, the MMO has plenty of variety and opportunity, so read on and make your choices!

Best Melee DPS Build

If you want to employ crowd control techniques in addition to dealing huge AoE and single-target damage up close, then the Melee DPS Build is for you. The best Weapons for the job are the Great Axe and War Hammer since they inflict one of the deadliest damage combinations in New World. However, you should remember that their speed animations are fairly slow so you’ll need to adjust your playstyle accordingly to effectively hit targets.

Best Melee DPS Build in Combat Top 5 Builds In New World 640x360

What’s good about the Great Axe is it allows you to chase enemies down because of its reach. For this Weapon’s Skills, you’ll want to obtain Charge, Gravity Well, and Reap or Maelstrom. Charge allows you to rush towards targets who are farther away from you while dealing damage and protecting you from getting staggered due to incoming attacks. It’s very useful in instances where you’ve been knocked back by enemies since you can easily get back on your feet to retaliate against them.

Next is Gravity Well, which is an exceptional crowd control skill for PvP and PvE because you’re able to create a vortex as a means of clumping enemies together and harming them in the process. Alternatively, you can opt for Reap since you’re able to extend your reach in order to pull them towards you. Coupled with the Hunger Passive, you have the ability to heal yourself as well.

Gravity Well Skill for the Great Axe Top 5 Builds In New World 640x328

Now if you’re having trouble aiming, the Maelstrom would be a decent skill for you. Not only would you deal great damage, but you’ll also further extend your pull range, allowing you to make an AoE that’s about twice as large.

For the War Hammer, which is another excellent Weapon for crowd control so you can knock down and stagger enemies, you’ll want to take Clear Out, Shockwave, and Path of Destiny. Clear Out knocks back your targets while dealing damage. It’s a good skill to use if you intend to single out stronger or weaker enemies in order for your teammates to eliminate them quite easily. With Clean and Refreshed and Swing Away Passives, Clear Out’s cooldown is reduced while your movement speed is boosted, respectively, letting you use it over and over again in shorter intervals.

Clear Out Skill for the War Hammer Top 5 Builds In New World 640x328

Shockwave is a great multi-functional Skill because it not only deals damage to affected enemies, but it also stuns them, giving you space to breathe or to finish them off. What makes it more powerful is Frailty since their damage will be less effective for 10 seconds.

Last but not the least is Path of Destiny that lets you deal damage against those who are out of reach thanks to its wave of energy. Since you have limited range, you’ll want to obtain this Skill to weaken targets right before reaching them.

For Attributes, it’s best to focus on Strength first to deal the most amount of damage possible, followed by Constitution to survive in combat because you’ll be susceptible to a lot of damage in the melee range. As a benchmark, you’ll want to adapt the 2:1 Strength-Constitution ratio to balance your damage and survivability rates.

Great Axe War Hammer Attributes for the Best Melee DPS Build Top 5 Builds In New World 640x339

In terms of Equipment, it’s important to search for Great Axe and War Hammer perks that enhance Strength and grants additional critical stats together with Light and Heavy Attack damage. If you have a gem slot, then consider applying the Cut Pristine Emerald so you can quickly eliminate enemies with low HP. For Armor, Heavy Armor is your best bet because it provides you with decent protection especially since you’re susceptible to taking damage up close.

Best Ranged DPS Build

If you’re the type of player who thrives in dealing damage from afar while punishing those who close the distance between the two of you, then you may want to consider a Ranged DPS Build. For this, the Weapons you ought to master are the Bow and Spear. The Bow is faster to use and it inflicts good AoE and single-target damage at range but the drawback is you need to loot or craft arrows. On the other hand, the Spear is excellent at crowd control but its hitboxes are not as optimal, especially in PvP, thereby requiring practice.

Best Ranged DPS Build in Combat Top 5 Builds In New World 640x360

For Bow Skills, Rain of Arrows, Poison Shot, and Penetrating Shot are the ones you ought to prioritize. Rain of Arrows is ideal as an opener to deal AoE Damage. Coupled with Barbed Arrows and Hooked Arrows, you’ll inflict bleeding and slow to weaken enemies.

Next is Poison Shot, which creates a cloud of poison and is best suited for choke points to trap targets in while poisoning them in the process. This is paired well with Barbed Arrows to stack up on Damage over Time (DoT).

Poison Shot Skill for the Bow Top 5 Builds In New World

Lastly, Penetrating Shot is a rapid ability in that it’s best suited to be fired right after using Rain of Arrows or Poison Shot in order to deal massive burst damage against numerous enemies who are lined up. If you intend to keep using this at farther distances, then you should also get Deep Strike so you can inflict more damage.

For the Spear, you’ll want to take Sweep, Javelin and Vault Kick to provide you with decent crowd control. As you’re gearing up to deal damage in the melee range, you want to prepare to use Sweep to not only inflict AoE damage but to also knock them down. Thanks to the new patch, the Coup de Grace Passive has been buffed such that you deal 150% damage while triggering other heavy attack-related skills. As such, you can use it with Refreshing Reach to reduce all of the Spears’ ability cooldowns as well as Deadly Consistency to further boost and stack the damage you deal with heavy attacks.

Sweep Skill for the Spear Top 5 Builds In New World

Next is Javelin so you’re able to hit enemies from a distance. Although you’ll need to stay in place momentarily to do so, this is an effective way to stagger them first. You can then choose between Vault Kick or Cyclone depending on the activities you wish to participate in, that is, if it’s more geared towards PvP or PvE, respectively. With Vault Kick, you’re able to thrust forward to stun your opponent. However, with Cyclone, you can take out multiple enemies at once while inflicting slow.

Unlike the Melee DPS Build, you’ll want to invest in Dexterity and Strength since the Bow scales off of Dexterity while the Spear utilizes both, followed by Constitution to increase your health and to survive most encounters.

When it comes to equipment, you’ll similarly want perks that allow you to take advantage of frequent critical hits while boosting Dexterity, together with a bit of Strength and Constitution to increase your health. If you have a gem socket, then consider adding the Cut Pristine Malachite to deal extra damage against enemies under the influence of status effects.

Cut Pristine Malachite Top 5 Builds In New World

For Armor, you’ll want to aim for the medium weight category as it provides you with a balance between inflicting damage and receiving adequate protection. Due to the range with which you perform a lot of your abilities as well as having a lot of crowd control techniques at your disposal, you won’t get hit as often compared to your melee build counterpart. However, if you wish to dodge more frequently, then consider switching to Light Armor pieces instead.


Best Mage DPS Build

If you want to become an effective mage where you not only inflict massive damage with a staff, but you’re also to efficiently manage your mana then the Mage DPS Build is for you. Its best Weapons are the Fire Staff and Ice Gauntlet, even if both of them have received a few nerfs here and there. The Fire Staff continues to be a potent Weapon at dealing AoE damage with good range while the Ice Gauntlet has a ton of crowd control and mana regeneration options.

Best Mage DPS Build in Combat Top 5 Builds In New World 640x360

For the Fire Staff, the Skills you should invest in are Pillar of Fire, Fireball, and Burn Out. Pillar of Fire is a ranged AoE ability that inflicts burst damage. But if you also acquire First Strike, you’re able to deal extra damage to those who still have full health so you ought to definitely lead with Pillar of Fire first. Furthermore, you’ll want to take Arson’s Advantage, which capitalizes on restoring a portion of your mana depending on the number of enemies you hit.

Meanwhile, Fireball lets you deal DoT due to the fire trail that it leaves behind. You can then combine this with a heavy attack for additional burst damage, allowing you to kill your target. With Scorched Earth, you’re able to extend Fireball’s burning field.

Burn Out lets you dash through enemies to once again deal burst damage and DoT due to the burn status effect you leave behind. It’s ideal to use in situations where you need to create space between you and your enemies to recuperate. By default, you won’t be able to control the direction you’re headed in unless you unlock Heat it Up! You should also get All In in order to reduce your Fire Staff’s cooldown rates.

Burn Out Skill for the Ice Gauntlet Top 5 Builds In New World 494x640

For the Ice Gauntlet, Ice Storm, Ice Shower, and Entombed are still pretty good skills to obtain. Ice Storm lets you conjure a frosted area to damage enemies while slowing them down. Although the damage intervals have been increased from 0.25 to 0.33s as per the last patch, it continues to effectively inflict enough ranged AoE damage. With Heavy Freeze, you hold targets in place while they’re affected by Ice Storm, making them vulnerable to added damage.

Ice Shower is a great crowd control skill that also roots enemies in place while greatly slowing their movement by 50%. As such, you should use this in cases when they’re attempting to flee from or to dash towards you. Enduring Shower lengthens Ice Shower’s duration so you should definitely invest in it.

Ice Shower Skill for the Ice Gauntlet Top 5 Builds In New World 640x440

Last but not the least is Entombed, which is a great way to quickly regain mana while making you invulnerable from attacks while you’re isolated from the crowd. But remember to cast this when you’re not in the middle of combat since the ice that encapsulates you can be destroyed.

The main Attributes you should invest in for this Mage DPS Build are Intelligence to raise your damage and Constitution, especially if you engage in PvP activities, to improve your defenses.

Fire Staff Ice Gauntlet Attributes for the Best Mage DPS Build Top 5 Builds In New World 640x339

In terms of equipment, you ought to search for Fire Staff and Ice Gauntlet perks that enhance Intelligence, Light and Heavy Attack damage, and healing. If you have a spare gem socket, then the Cut Pristine Onyx works well with the Fire Staff because you’re able to deal extra damage when you’re leading with Pillar of Fire. Since the Ice Gauntlet also has crowd control skills like the Spear, you’ll want to apply the Cut Pristine Malachite to further harm affected enemies. For Armor, you should aim to wear Light Armor since you’ll be moving around quite often. Not only does it improve mobility, but it also grants more damage.

Best Tank Build

If you want to fill in the role of a traditional tank, which lets you absorb a ton of damage while being able to inflict a decent amount yourself, then you ought to check out this Tank Build. The best Weapon combo you ought to master is the Sword and Shield and War Hammer. The Sword and Shield grants powerful defensive options but it’s not as effective in terms of dealing great damage. This is better paired with the War Hammer as it provides you with abilities to utilize crowd control techniques.

Best Tank Build in Combat Top 5 Builds In New World 640x360

For the Sword and Shield, it’s good to take Shield Rush, Shield Bash, and Defiant Stance. Shield Rush allows you to charge towards enemies with the intention of knocking them back and inflicting enough damage. It’s an effective gap closer considering that this Tank Build is also melee-based.

Next is Shield Bash to primarily stuns enemies. What makes this skill truly shine is it rewards you for adding a Carnelian Gem for taunting purposes that’s essential for tanks so you can redirect the targets’ attention from your allies to you. With the Intimidating Bash Passive, you’re able to significantly boost the damage you deal.

Shield Bash for the Sword and Shield Top 5 Builds In New World 640x436

Defiant Stance is an incredible way to reduce the amount of damage you take to stay in the battlefield for longer periods of time. You ought to also gain access to Restoration to regenerate a good portion of your health once Defiant Stance’s duration ends.

For the War Hammer, you’ll be using similar skills to the Melee DPS Build like Shockwave and Path of Destiny, together with Armor Breaker. Shockwave is another ability that lets you taunt enemies while stunning them. In order to affect as many of them as possible, you should unlock Meteoric Crater to effectively widen the range of this AoE skill.

Path of Destiny allows you to inflict damage and aggro those whom you can’t reach as long as they’re positioned in front of you. With Seismic Wave, you’re able to stagger them as well.

For this Tank Build, you’ll need Armor Breaker to quickly pierce a portion of your target’s Armor to deal massive damage. It even has a lower cooldown rate compared to the two skills we’ve talked about so you can use this more often. With the Epitome Of Bonk! Passive, you’re able to enhance armor penetration.

Armor Breaker for the War Hammer Top 5 Builds In New World 640x327

The Attributes you should consider for this Tank Build are Strength since both of your Weapons scale off of it, as well as Constitution. Don’t be afraid to improve Constitution as much as possible because it will depend on how confident or well-adjusted you are in tanking.

For the Weapons, you’ll want to search for perks that improve Strength and Constitution together with Block Stability in order to block attacks as often as possible. For the gem socket, it’s good to apply the Cut Pristine Malachite to take advantage of enemies who have active status effects. In terms of Armor, you should wear Heavy Armor since you’ll need to boost your defenses for greater survivability. You ought to also wear Jewelry to grant additional Stamina for blocking purposes.

Jewelry for the Best Tank Build Top 5 Builds In New World 640x523


Best Healer Build

If you intend to support your party by healing them and removing debuffs, then this Healer Build should be for you. For Weapons, Life Staff continues to grant the best heals out there while the newly released Void Gauntlet restores health and offers decent offensive options.

Best Healer Build in Combat Top 5 Builds In New World 640x360

For the Life Staff, Sacred Ground, Light’s Embrace, and Beacon ought to be your top skills. Despite heal, stamina and mana recovery nerfs, Sacred Ground is still a potent AoE skill. You further enhance it by taking Holy Ground to quickly regenerate stamina and mana and Blessed to boost healing.

Light’s Embrace is effective targeted healing and is made better thanks to Inspire and Connection. Inspire allows you to replenish your ally’s stamina while Connection lets you gain back a portion of your mana, which is essential since you won’t be using Ice Gauntlets in this build.

Lights Embrace for the Life Staff Top 5 Builds In New World

And finally, you have Beacon, which is a versatile AoE skill that deals damage while simultaneously healing nearby allies over time. It works well against mobs of enemies especially in dungeons. To make the corresponding AoE larger, you ought to gain access to Infused Light.

For the Void Gauntlet, you’ll want to acquire Oblivion, Orb of Decay, and Essence Rupture. Oblivion deals DoT while empowering allies by increasing their damage ratings. This becomes more effective when you obtain Withering Oblivion so you can weaken enemies on top of Invigorating Oblivion to boost stamina regeneration.

Next is Orb of Decay that passes through enemies to deal burst damage and DoT with Disintegrate and travels back to you and your allies for healing. This is best coupled with Draining Orb and Detonating Orb. Draining Orb restores a portion of your mana based on the targets you hit while Detonating Orb turns it into a bomb to either deals additional damage or heals the party.

Draining Orb Passive for the Void Gauntlet Top 5 Builds In New World

Lastly, you have Essence Rupture, which is another decent way to support the party by providing extra healing capabilities although it does require good aim.

For the Healer’s Attributes, you should invest in Focus to improve healing together with some Intelligence to decently deal damage with your Void Gauntlets. You can also put a couple of points into Constitution for better durability.

For Life Staff and Void Gauntlet, you ought to look for perks that improve Focus and Intelligence, as well as damage. If you have an available gem socket, it’s good to add the Amber Gem so you can convert the Void Gauntlet’s damage into Nature damage, which is less resisted and can scale off of Focus.

When it comes to Armor, you can wear either Light or Medium Armor depending on your playstyle. If you wish to improve healing, then Light Armor is better, but if you value additional protection, then going with Medium Armor should be your priority.



Life Embrace Healer Build Guide


Life Embrace Healer Build Guide: This Life Staff Healer Build Guide focuses healing Expeditions, and supporting your group with some AoE damage via the Ice Gauntlets. This is a PvE Build that is mainly used for Expeditions, but can also be used for more challenging PvE areas, like those with Elites, and can be adapted for PvP as well. If you’ve been looking for a good Life Staff healing Build, then this Guide is for you.

Berserker Hatchets Build Guide


The Berserker Hatches Build Guide. . This Hatchet Build Guide focuses on surviveability and damage, and is excellent for the solo player who may be having a hard time. This Build is also fantastic in Expeditions, group play, and in PvP, making it one of the best all around Builds in New World. If you’ve been looking for a great Hatchet Build, then this Guide is for you.


The Musketeer Build Guide


The Musketeer Build Guide: This Musket and Rapier Build focuses on using the Musket at range to pick off both enemies and players, only using the rapier when enemies get close. This is a PvE and PvP Build that is good both on the landscape while Questing, and also when fighting other players. If you’ve been looking for a good Musket and Rapier Build, then this Guide is for you.

Whirlwind Build Guide


The Whirlwind Build Guide: This Great Axe and War Hammer Build focuses on dealing insane AoE damage, while also crowd controlling and containing enemies and players alike. This is a PvE and PvP Build that is not only good for Questing, and PvP, but also for Expeditions, and does some of the highest AoE DPS in New World. If you’ve been looking for a good Great Axe and War Hammer Build, then this Guide is for you


The Hunter Build Guide


The Hunter Build Guide: This Hunter Cyclone Bow and Spear Build that focuses on dealing damage over time, as well as significant AoE damage to destroy enemies quickly, while also knocking them down, preventing you and your teammates from taking damage. This is a PvE Build designed specifically with Expeditions in mind, but can also be used for PvE in general, and can be adapted to PvP should you be so inclined. If you’ve been looking for a good Bow and Spear Build, then this Guide is for you.

Defiant Shockwave Tank Build Guide


Defiant Shockwave Tank Build Guide: This Sword and Shield Tank Build Guide focuses on Tanking in both Dungeons, as well as in groups out on the landscape in Elite questing areas. It has excellent surviveability due to the Shield passives, and ability to Block a large amount of attacks. But more importantly, it has threat generation, forcing enemies to attack you, protecting your party members. If you’ve been looking for a good Tank Build, then this Guide is for you.


Elementalist Fire & Ice Build Guide


Elementalist Fire & Ice Build Guide: This Fire Staff & Ice Gauntlet Build Guide focuses on good AoE damage, and is a nuker setup for running Expeditions, as well as killing large groups of enemies on the landscape. And while it is primarily used in PvE, you can adapt it for PvP as well, by changing a Fire Staff Skill. If you’ve been looking for a solid Mage Build, then this Guide is for you.

More Builds Coming Soon!

More Builds Coming Soon!

We are working on more New World Builds! We'll be focusing on Endgame Builds and creating content for optimizing your characters


Pick a Build by Weapon


Sword & Shield Builds

Sword & Shield Mastery - These weapons scale off Strength and Dexterity, and provide offensive and defensive benefits to the player


Great Axe Builds

Great Axe Mastery - This is a Strength scaling weapon with capacity to deal focused or aoe damage after charging into or grabbing enemies


War Hammer Builds

War Hammer Mastery - This is a Strength scaling weapon that focuses on strong-hitting melee damage



Hatchet Builds

Hatchet Mastery - These melee weapons can also be thrown, providing a versatile approach to battle. They scale with Strength primarily and Dexterity secondarily.


Rapier Builds

Rapier Mastery - A primarily Dexterity weapon that also scales with Intelligence, provides a unique thrusting moveset that, if mastered, provides advantages in PvP


Spear Builds

Spear Mastery - This Strength / Dexterity weapon features a thrusting moveset with remarkable reach, making it a great choice for beginners



Musket Builds

Musket Mastery - These Dexterity / Intelligence weapons feature optimal range and devastating single target damage, making them a good option for PvE encounters


Bow Builds

Bow Mastery - This Dexterity based weapon fires Arrows from mid-range, dealing elemental damage based on your chosen projectiles. Relatively fast reloads make it great for PvP & PvE


Fire Staff Builds

Fire Staff Mastery - This Intelligence weapon deals fire damage on light and heavy attacks as well as skills, setting enemies aflame to dominate the battlefield



Ice Gauntlet Builds

Ice Gauntlet Mastery - A short / mid ranged weapon that scales off Intelligence and deals cold and ice damage in AoE effects. Debuffs and Crowd Control builds will enjoy this weapon.


Life Staff Builds

Life Staff Mastery - The only weapon to scale with Focus and provide healing for you and your party. The Life Staff is a good secondary weapon for any build, as it will help you stay alive in battle.


More Builds Coming Soon!

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