Core Attribute

Provides a larger overall Health pool and allows players to sustain more damage before dying.
Doesn't affect Weapon Damage

Constitution is a Core Attribute in New WorldConstitution provides a larger overall Health pool and allows players to sustain more damage before dying.Constitution is vital for tank BuildsCore Attributes have thresholds every 50 points that grant you different bonuses.


Constitution Information

  • Constitution has diminishing returns on the amount of HP granted per level the more points you put into it.
    It starts at 25 HP granted per attribute point, and decreases gradually until you get 21 HP per attribute.
    This decreased the total HP granted from Constitution slightly from 12,175 to 11,325, but increased the amount of HP players get from Constitution at a lower level.
  • Constitution, unlike the other four Core Attributes, doesn't provide a bonus to Weapons, but is tighltly related to all Tank Builds, as more Health means a beefier and harder character to bring down.
  • For tanks it is important to generate threat to keep targets focused on them. This can be fond trough Taunts and by increasing the amount of Threat generated.



All Weapons have their own means to generate threat. By using these Skills, you will cause surrounding Enemies to focus on you.

Sword & Shield

defiant_stance_sword_&_shield_mastery_active_defender_tree_icon_new_world_wiki_guide_125pxDefiant Stance

  • If you have a Carnelian gem in your Sword, this causes a 6 second taunt to all Enemies within 8m.

shield_bash_sword_&_shield_mastery_active_defender_tree_icon_new_world_wiki_guide_125pxShield Bash

  • If you have a Carnelian gem in your Shield, this causes a 6 second taunt to all Enemies hit.


War Hammers


  • If you have a Carnelian gem in your War Hammer, this causes a 6 second taunt when it hits.



  • If you have a Carnelian Gem in your Hatchet, this causes 8 seconds taunt to all Enemies within 8m.




  • If you have a Carnelian gem in your Rapier, this causes a 4 second taunt to all foes within 5m.


vault_kick_spear_mastery_active_abilities_impaler_tree_icon_new_world_wiki_guide_125pxVault Kick

  • If you have a Carnelian gem in your Spear, this causes a 2 second taunt when it hits.


Great Axes


  • If you have a Carnelian gem in your Great Axe, this causes a 4 second taunt when it hits.


Perks that generate Threat

Carnelian Gems can be slotted into Weapons to generate more threat, making Enemies to target you more often than other players. As mentioned before, this is specially useful for Tank Builds.

Taunting I

Taunts are active. You generate +100.0% more Threat.

Taunting II

Taunts are active. You generate +200.0% more Threat.

Taunting III

Taunts are active. You generate +250.0% more Threat.

Taunting IV

Taunts are active. You generate +300.0% more Threat.


Constitution Thresholds

Every 50 Points spent on Constitution, players reach a threshold and two different Bonuses are unlocked. One is Combat-related, while the other one focuses on different Crafting or Gathering skills.


Combat Bonus

Non-Combat Bonus

50 All health consumables +20% stronger +10% Logging speed
100 Increase max health by 10% of physical armor 10% reduction on durability loss for Tools
150  20% reduction to crit damage taken 10% decrease in weight of Logging items
200  +20% increase to Armor +10% Logging speed
250  80% damage reduction when full health +10% yield increase when Logging
300  +30% duration of stun, slow, and root spells 25% chance to chop down a tree in a single swing

Constitution Related Affixes

The following Affixes grant Constitution to Equipment, wether as a Primary bigger bonus or as a secondary smaller one.


Primary Bonus

Secondary Bonus

Of the Barbarian

Strength Constitution

Of the Brigand

Dexterity Constitution

Of the Cleric

Focus Constitution

Of the Druid

Constitution Intelligence

Of the Knight

Constitution Strength

Of the Nomad

Constitution Focus

Of the Occulist

Intelligence Constitution

Of the Sentry

Constitution None

Of the Warden

Constitution Dexterity


Foods that grant Constitution

By consuming the following Foods, players can gain a timed bonus to Constitution. You can use the tab below to perform a quick search.

Quick Search of All Foods 



Primary Bonus

Secondary Bonus

Blackened Ray-Finned Barb

V +24 Constitution +16 Dexterity

Blueberry Glazed Ham Hock with Steamed Vegetables

IV +18 Constitution +12 Dexterity

Coconut Crusted Fish Filet

III +12 Constitution +8 Strength

Game Meat with Citrus Glaze

III +20 Constitution None

Grilled Poultry with Saffron Rice

III +12 Constitution +8 Focus

Grilled Wolf Loin with Seasoned Squash

IV +18 Constitution +12 Strength

Pork Belly Fried Rice

V +24 Constitution +16 Intelligence

Pork Chops with Pan Gravy

III +12 Constitution +8 Intelligence

Ravioli with Brown Butter and Sage

III +12 Constitution +8 Dexterity

Roasted Rabbit with Seasoned Veg

V +40 Constitution None

Smoked Rib Cap with Cabbage

V +24 Constitution +16 Focus

Stuffed Calamari

IV +30 Constitution None

Turkey and Stuffing with Mushroom Gravy

IV +18 Constitution +12 Intelligence

Turkey Thigh with Pan Gravy

V +24 Constitution +16 Strength

Wolf Loin Meat Pies

IV +18 Constitution +12 Focus




Constitution Notes and Tips

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