Trade Skills in New World are a variety of non-combat skills that the player can invest in and master. They are a core component of Character Progression and help drive the player-centric economy of the game. Trade Skills fall into three categories: Crafting, Gathering and Refining, with each having several skills for the player to devote themselves to. Players can invest in any number of Trade Skills and each will be useful in one aspect or another for both the player and other players they may trade with. There are two secret hidden tradeskills that you have to use in order to mine and harvest resources/enemies that disappear in the world. These two tradeskills are called Sneaky Skinning and Mysterious Mining. These two tradeskills are eastereggs that the developers added so that you could continue to mine/harvest enemies and resources that disappear in the world.

Note that you can maximize every single Trade Skill on one character.


New World Trade Skills Overview


Trade Skills belonging to the Crafting category focus on creating a large variety of items, ranging from  Weapons and consumables to ammunition and furniture. Leveling up a Crafting skill unlocks more recipes, as well as more powerful versions of existing recipes. Crafting is composed of the following 7 skills:




Trade Skills in the Gathering category focus on gathering resources used in Crafting and can also be traded with other players. Leveling up a Gathering skill allows the player to gather different, higher-level resources, as well as unlocking the ability to track such items out on the field. As your skill at gathering increases, you also gain the ability to detect nearby valuable resources and find special resources that can modify items when crafting. Gathering is composed of the following 5 Skills:




Trade Skills in the Refining category focus on turning resources collected through a Gathering skill into usable Crafting materials. Leveling up a Refining skill allows the player to refine higher-level resources into higher-level materials. As your Refining Skill increases, it makes you more resource-efficient: higher-level refiners have a chance to gain extra refined resources while they refine. Refining is composed of the following 5 Skills:



New World Trade Skills Comparison Table

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