Character Creation for New World is a mechanic of the game where players are given the freedom to shape and construct their desired character. New World doesn't have a class system and will heavily depend on the build that you create where you specialize your character in a certain skill, attribute, or feat, weapon mastery, and an endless tradeskill progression system that will better fit your playstyle. On this page, relevant information regarding character creation will be featured.


New World Character Creation

The first thing you need to do before create your character is select the server. You can only have 1 character per server. This is important because if you have friends playing in other Server World, you will not be able to play with them. 

  • You can only have 1 Character Per Server
  • You can only be in 1 Faction at a time, and cannot change it for 120 days
  • Only 1 person can have 1 name on ANY server - so names are global
  • Your Company (Guild) choice is tied to your Faction
  • You can re-spec your attributes at any time. You will be able to max all Trade Skills (Crafting) and Weapon Masteries
  • Our Builds page will fill up after launch - there are Launch Changes from beta builds
  • To pick your first Weapon, see our Weapon Guide series videos on the Weapons page.



After selecting your Faction, now is the time to fully customize your Character Appearance, or just choose a random appearance. In New World, you can modify the appearance of your character, from body type to hair color, skin, eyes and much more.

Body Type

You can select two different body types when creating your character, a male one and a female one.

There are no further customizations regarding the body type of your character.



Face Customization

There are 20 different faces available for you to personalize your character in New World



Skin Tone Customization

Once you are done with the Face Customization, you can customize the Skin Tone of your character. There are 10 different Skin tones for the player to choose from.

Skin Tone


Hair Style

There are 39 Hair styles to choose from once you are done with the skin tone of your character. You can also select your hair color among 30 different ones available.



Facial Hair

There are 32 Facial Hair styles to choose from. The player also gets to select the color of the character's facial hair through a pool of 30 colors. You can always to choose to don't sport Facial Hair



Eye Color

In terms of eye color, there are 19 different colors to choose from in order to customize the player character's eyes.




The player can select from up to 6 different features to customize the playable character. There is also the option to not choose to sport any feature.




The player can select 1 of the 10 available Scars to customize the playable character's face. The player can opt to not have any scar on the playable character.




The player can select 1 of the 20 available tatoos to customize the playable character's looks. There are also 15 different colors available to select for the desired tatoo. The player can opt to not have any scar on the playable character.



Name Your Character

After complete the full character customize, now you need to name your character and confirm your creation. Take your time before confirm, after this point you cannot change your name, or appearance. 

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