Fishing Pole

Fishing Pole
Allows for the catching of Fish used a variety of Crafting and Refining skill applications.
Trade Skill Fishing

The Fishing Pole in New World is a type of Gathering Tool. Gathering tools are used to collect resources used in various applications. There are a large amount of resources available on Aeternum and each requires a specific Gathering skill and tool to collect. This page focuses on the Fishing Pole and all related information including the different types of Fishing Poles, how to craft them, as well as any bonuses they confer.


Fishing Pole Information

The Fishing Pole is used along with the Fishing skill to catch a large variety of Fish. Fish is used a variety of Crafting and Refining skill applications such as cooking them into various meals along with other items. Fishing Poles also have a special mechanic that allows for the use of Bait to improve the chance of catching rarer, larger fish.

Just as with any Equipment, Fishing Poles come in Tiers. Using higher-tier Fishing Poles will increase your maximum cast distance as well as your chances of obtaining rare fish. Note that your ability to catch Fish of a higher-tier is tied to your Fishing skill, not the quality of your Fishing Pole. Better Fishing Poles simply provide the bonuses mentioned above but in general, it's always better to equip the best Gathering Tools you have available as they also come with other quality of life features such as better Durability and a higher Gear Score.

Fishing Poles can also have one or more Perks attached to them. Perks on Gathering Tools are specific to the type of tool and are generally beneficial to the associated Gathering Skill. See the Perks page for a full list of Gathering Perks available.


All Fishing Poles in New World

Fishing Poles are primarily obtained through Crafting using the Engineering skill line although certain Fishing Poles may also be obtained from other sources such as rare drops from Enemies or Bosses, or as rewards for completing certain Quests. Players may also obtain Fishing Poles by trading with other players.


Crafted Fishing Poles
Other Sources



The table below offers information on all craftable Fishing Poles as well as the Engineering level required to craft them.

Tier Item Name Max Cast Distance Engineering Level
Tier I Wooden Fishing Pole 12m 0
Tier II Treated Wood Fishing Pole 14m 0
Tier III Aged Wood Fishing Pole 16m 20
Tier IV Wyrdwood Fishing Pole 18m 35
Tier V Ironwood Fishing Pole 20m 50

The table below details Fishing Poles obtained from other sources:

Tier Item Name Max Cast Distance Source
Tier I      
Tier II      
Tier III      
Tier IV      
Tier V Ironwood Fishing Pole 20m Treasures of the Deep



Fishing Pole Notes and Tips

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