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Azoth in New World is a mineral with magical properties that serves as a form of currency. Azoth can be used while crafting to increase the power of any bonuses that might appear on the crafted item, to respec the Mastery Tree of a weapon, or to Fast Travel to certain areas you've visited previously.


Azoth Information

Azoth is a glowing blue substance obtained in a variety of ways. It's essential for New World fast travel. The farther a player travels or the more they are carrying at the time, the more Azoth it will require to teleport to their new location.

That means the finished product is more likely to have additional perk slots, a chance that increases further the more you hone your crafting skills, and it also fetches a good price at the trading post.

Finally if you want to Respec your character in New World you'll need Azoth.



How to Get Azoth & Locations

The easiest way to get Azoth in New World is just by completing main quests. If you need more — and you likely will — Azoth randomly drops from enemies that are level 20 or higher.





Recipes that require Azoth

The following recipes require Azoth as one of the ingredients to be crafted:



Azoth Notes and Tips

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