Affixes are item attributes in New World. Their function is to grant items different bonuses based on their name. In New World, all affixes start with the phrase "of the" then they change the final word. They can be found in different types of Equipment, such as Weapons, Armor, Rings or Amulets.


What are affixes?

Affixes, as mentioned before, are fixed item attributes based on their name. The Affixes' name determines the type of Core Attributes it enhances. For example, if it has the name "Barbarian" it will always add a big bonus to Strength and a smaller bonus to Constitution, regardless of the type of item it has this affix. This rule applies to any type of equipment, be it a Weapons, an Armor, a Ring or an Amulet, if it has the Of the Barbarian affix, it will always add Strength and Constitution.

Can affixes be upgraded or changed?

Once a piece of Equipment, has a certain Affix it can't be changed or upgraded. In order to obtain a better Affix, you will have to craft a new item.

How to add affixes?

Affixes can be manually added while Crafting . By using certain Attribute Items during the creation part of an item, you can determine which Core Attributes you want to improve. Different Attribute Items, enhance different Core Attributes, you can check what they improve while hovering over them during the item creation process.


Affixes in New World

In the table below, you can find all the Affixes' names and what Core Attribute they enhance. You can search by name or, if you prefer, you can search the Core Attribute you want to know more about.

Quick Search of All Affixes




Of the Barbarian

Strength Constitution

Of the Fighter

Strength Dexterity

Of the Monk

Strength Focus

Of the Spellsword

Strength Intelligence

Of the Soldier

Strength None

Of the Ranger

Dexterity None

Of the Brigand

Dexterity Constitution

Of the Cavalier

Dexterity Strength

Of the Assassin

Dexterity Intelligence

Of the Duelist

Dexterity Focus

Of the Sage

Focus None

Of the Cleric

Focus Constitution

Of the Artificer

Focus Dexterity

Of the Priest

Focus Intelligence

Of the Zealot

Focus Strength

Of the Warden

Constitution Dexterity

Of the Sentry

Constitution None

Of the Nomad

Constitution Focus

Of the Knight

Constitution Strength

Of the Druid

Constitution Intelligence

Of the Scholar

Intelligence None

Of the Occulist

Intelligence Constitution

Of the Battlemage

Intelligence Strength

Of the Trickster

Intelligence Dexterity

Of the Mage

Intelligence Focus


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