Restless Shore Information

Restless Shore
Mob level 41-46
Spirit Shrine [12950, 5560]

Restless Shore is a Location in New World, located in east of Aeternum, with mob level 41-46. Each Location has different objectives that you can complete to earn rewards and complete the area.

Locations in New World are the various territories, areas and settlements found in the game. The main location of New World is an island called Aeternum, a supernatural island that holds a resource known as Azoth which draws in explorers from different regions. Aeternum is a land where natural beauty and supernatural impossibilities coexist. This page covers a list of the various Locations that can be discovered in the game.




Named Enemies (bosses)


UNIQUE loot that drops in the area


Materials in Restless Shore

  • Example
  • Example
  • Example
  • Example
  • Example


Regions in the area

  • Restless Shore Settlement
  • Restless Shore Fort
  • Bubbly Bay
  • Shiresad Beach
  • Solitude
  • Sunshade Plains
  • Verdant Ascent


Expeditions in the Restless Shore

  • The Depths Expedition - level 45


Group Areas in the Restless Shore

  • Eridanus - level 46


Enemies / Creatures

  • Example
  • Example
  • Example
  • Example


Houses in the area

  • Example
  • Example
  • Example


Restless Shore Quests


All Restless Shore Points of Interests & Restless Shore Trivia:

  • Accursed Camp
  • Fangsnap's Den
  • Jetsam Isle
  • Seele's Stake
  • Eastshore Pier
  • Neptune's Fury
  • Festering Flotsam
  • Arclight Cavern
  • Cutthroat Cavern
  • Rabbit Island
  • Ravaged Wreck
  • The Golden Princess
  • Solitude Cemetery
  • Minnow's Revenge
  • The Plundering Shark
  • Treetop Terror
  • Channelview Post
  • Oceanview Post
  • Fort Damnation
  • Poseidon's Plunder
  • Boarsholm
  • Pisces
  • Fornax



Restless Shore Galley

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