Greundgul the Regent

Territory Everfall
Location Crypt of the Regent
Event Starstone Barrows Expedition
Level 36
Type Greatsword Warrior
Abilities Leaping Smash
Greundgul's Bone
Rewards coins_gold_new_world_wiki_guide_25px +99.00 Coin
xp_experience_new_world_wiki_guide_25px +1350 XP
+540 Weapon Mastery

Greundgul the Regent is a Boss in New World. Greundgul the Regent can be found at Crypt of the Regent during Starstone Barrows Expedition. Greundgul the Regent is a Level 36 Boss. By defeating Greundgul the Regent you will be instantly rewarded with: coins_gold_new_world_wiki_guide_25px +99.00 Coin, xp_experience_new_world_wiki_guide_25px +1350 XP and +540 Weapon Mastery.


Greundgul the Regent Information

Greundgul the Regent is the final Boss of the Starstone Barrows. Greundgul is found at the end of the way in the middle of a circular arena. You have a safe zone before entering that zone where you can prepare and talk with your teammates about strategies and recover from all the fights in the dungeon. When you enter the you will find some pieces of armour that start to float and move around until they form Greundgul the Regent giving you enough time take position and be ready to fight.

First Phase

Greundgul is a melee warrior that performs heavy attacks. He can knock down many players with a single attack when he is surrounded. When he throws a bone, enemies will start to spawn from there. Don't let this happen for too long or enemies may overwhelm you, destroy the bones before more enemies spawn. Greundgul inflicts a lot of damage, so it's not a good idea to engage in an endurance fight with him, the tank on your team should know when to back off temporarely and recover. Beyond that the fight seems to be pretty simple until you seem to defeat him. But Greundgul is not defeated yet, Greundgul while give you around 10 seconds and will start a second phase.

Second Phase

On the moment that Greundgul recovers, he instantly jumps and falls down over the party. Always be ready to block this attack looking at the direction here he lands or if you time it well enough you can dodge the wave. He will do this repeatedly, and after each of his attacks, he will remain kneeling down holding his sword for a little while, those moments are your chance to attack. It is not recommened to spread out during these attacks, because you won't have time to reach him and attack him until he jumps again. Then he will attack as he did during Phase 1. But every now and then Greundgul will start to jump and attack again a few times again.


Greundgul the Regent Abilities & Effects

Greundgul the Regent can perform the following Abilities during battle and these are the effects:

  • Leaping Smash: Greundgul jumps, shortly floats and jumps down to the party hitting the ground with his greatsword causing area damage.
  • Greundgul's Bone: Greundgul throws a bone somewhere causing Adds to spawn there.


Greundgul the Regent Rewards

These are the rewards for defeating Greundgul the Regent:

  • coins_gold_new_world_wiki_guide_25px +99.00 Coin
  • xp_experience_new_world_wiki_guide_25px +1350 XP
  • +540 Weapon Mastery


Greundgul the Regent Notes and Tips

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      When he does his jump attack after he lands his left eye glows red.
      If you hit him there he becomes staggered.

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