The Blighted Greenskeeper

Territory Edengrove
Location Blighted Heart of Genesis
Event Garden of Genesis Expedition
Level 66
Type __type__
Abilities Slam
Poison Breath
Boulder Drop
Underground Tail Attack
Poison Blast
Rewards coins_gold_new_world_wiki_guide_25px +144.00 Coin
xp_experience_new_world_wiki_guide_25px +??? XP
+900 Weapon Mastery.

The Blighted Greenskeeper is a Boss in New World. The Blighted Greenskeeper can be found at Blighted Heart of Genesis during Garden of Genesis Expedition. The Blighted Greenskeeper is a Level 66 Boss. By defeating The Blighted Greenskeeper you will be instantly rewarded with: coins_gold_new_world_wiki_guide_25px +144.00 Coin, xp_experience_new_world_wiki_guide_25px +??? XP and +900 Weapon Mastery.


The Blighted Greenskeeper Information

The Blighted Greenskeeper is the final Boss of the Garden of Genesis Expedition. The Blighted Greenskeeper cannot be seen before entering the arena, but she will come out from the ground at the center of the arena when you fully enter the arena, be careful not to lock anyone of your party locked outside the arena. 

The Blighted Greenskeeper is connected to the ground making her easy to aim. Beware because she can extend herself to reach further distances. Her normal attack are simply swing blows to anyone melee hitting at here closeby. Blighted Greenskeeper can create 2 green poisonous spheres that will roam slowly around the around for a while. At a certain moment of the battle, The Blighted Greenskeeper will decide to go under the ground and attack you from under the ground with what appears to be her tail, this attack inflicts massive damage. You can predict where the attack will come from be following her health bar. She can make some giant boulders fall from above, you can see some sparks marking where the boulder will fall before it does. She can also poison you with a greenish beam that comes out from her mouth, causing Poison Damage and Disease Effect. After dropping several boulders, The Blighted Greenskeeper will eventually charge an attack making some moves very high up, while some green flashes, while she does that, you must quickly run behind the boulders and take cover, you will make a huge blast that comes out from her, wiping out everyone who's not taking cover. 


The Blighted Greenskeeper Abilities & Effects

The Blighted Greenskeeper can perform the following during Abilities during battle which have their corresponding effects:

  • Slam: The Greenskeeper extends herself and slams her hands to ground. This attack is pretty clumsy and inaccurate, she almost never hits anyone with it, but when she does, it inflicts a lot of daamge.
  • Poison Breath: The Greenskeeper will make a beam that comes out from her mouth on a single player, causing them Poisonous Damage and Disease.
  • Boulder Drop: The Greenskeeper will make a Big Boulder fall from above, you can dodge this attack by coming out from the area marked with sparks before the boulder falls. This attack inflicts massive damage.
  • Underground Tail Attack: The Greenskeeper goes under the ground and is no longer visible, then she will attack from underground with what appears to be her tail, this attack inflicts a lot of damage and she is not vulnerable during this period. Even though she cannot be seen, you can predict where her tail will come out from, by watching where her health bar goes.
  • Poison Blast: The Greenskeeper becomes very tall and starts charging an attack and then perform a blast that comes out from her covering all the arena, you should hide behind the boulders she dropped earlier to survive, otherwise she will kill you instantly.
    Stakes: The Greenskeeper will throw several Stakes at a player if they are not at reach distance.
  • Push: The Greenskeeper extends her arms and screams at a player, pushing the player away telekinetically and possibly throwing them out of the arena with no chance of revival. (This ability effect is currently not very consistant, sometimes it does nothing)


The Blighted Greenskeeper Rewards

These are the rewards for defeating The Blighted Greenskeeper:

  • coins_gold_new_world_wiki_guide_25px +144.00 Coin
  •  xp_experience_new_world_wiki_guide_25px +??? XP
  • +900 Weapon Mastery.


The Blighted Greenskeeper Notes and Tips

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