Ebonscale Reach Information

Ebonscale Reach
Mob level 51-60
Spirit Shrine [6530, 4550]
[7970, 6210]

Ebonscale Reach is a Locations in New World, in west of Aeternum, with mob level 51-60. Each Location has different objectives that you can complete to earn rewards and complete the area.

Locations in New World are the various territories, areas and settlements found in the game. The main location of New World is an island called Aeternum, a supernatural island that holds a resource known as Azoth which draws in explorers from different regions. Aeternum is a land where natural beauty and supernatural impossibilities coexist. This page covers a list of the various Locations that can be discovered in the game.



Named Enemies (bosses)



UNIQUE loot that drops in the area

Materials in Ebonscale Reach

  • Herbs: Ginger, Thyme
  • Example
  • Example
  • Example
  • Example


Regions in the area

  • Crimson Shallows
  • Moss Mire
  • Palewind Terrace
  • Serenity Rise
  • Skysong Lagoon
  • Stormcourt Fields
  • Thunder Cradle


Group Areas in the Ebonscale Reach

  • Imperial Palace - level 62 Empress Fortress

Enemies / Creatures

  • Example
  • Example
  • Example
  • Example


Houses in the area

  • Example
  • Example
  • Example


Ebonscale Reach Quests


All Ebonscale Reach Points of Interests & Ebonscale Reach Trivia:

  • Dryad Ruins
  • Alligator Habitat
  • Dynasty Campsite
  • Water Shrine
  • Earth Shrine
  • South Dynasty Wall
  • Mountain Temple
  • Thunder Harbor
  • Fire Shrine
  • Dynasty Shipwreck
  • Euphorcea
  • Thunderking Grotto
  • Stormcourt Shipment
  • Skysong Crypt
  • Skysong Temple
  • Skysong Shrine
  • Serenity Outpost
  • Serenity Monastery
  • Forbidden Ritual



Ebonscale Reach Galley

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