Consumables in New World are an important part of the game, allowing you to create a wide variety of items that can make your life easier in Aeternum. You can classify Consumables in  Food & Drinks, Potions & Tinctures and finally, Weapon Coatings.

Consumables in New World

Food & Drinks

Food & Drinks items play an important role in the New World. Eating and Drinking provides a slow but steady health regeneration over a period of time. It is advised to wait in a safe place before consuming them in order to make the most out of the Health regeneration buff. 

Note that raw food and fresh water can be used instantly, the way to ensure you are getting the most out of those resources is to cook them at a camp or at a kitchen in a Settlement. If cooked and properly prepared, Food & Drinks can also provide you with longer state of health regeneration as well as additional points to Constitution, the Core Attribute that governs over your base health.

Some prepared Foods can also grant you different buffs, such as enhancing your Stamina recovery, increasing your defense against certain Enemies or even temporarily hone a Crafting Skill.

Potions & Tinctures

Potions & Tinctures are vials of a drinkable substance that grant you bonuses. Potions provide a magical effect that lasts for several minutes. You may drink a Potion to increase the Carry Weight of your inventory or a different one to enhance your defense against an element, such as Fire.

Tinctures, on the other hand, take effect the moment they are consumed and, in most cases, do not linger in their effect. For example, to quickly recover while in combat, you can use a Health or Mana Tincture. 

Tinctures are also used to get rid of dangerous Poisons or to stop a Bleeding.

Weapon Coatings

Weapon Coatings are elemental to gain the upper hand against your foes in Aeternum. They can be crafted at any camp once you reach the required level, or can also find them as loot during your adventures. 

Weapon Coatings apply to a Weapon and grant it a damage bonus against a particular family of creatures. Corruption Coating, for example, will boost your damage against Corrupted Enemies.

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