Marauder Sunderer's Kite Shield

Marauder Sunderer's Kite Shield

Kite Shield
Tier IV Uncoomon
395 Gear Score
  Critical Hit Chance
  Critical Damage Multiplier
  Block Stamina Damage
  Stagger Damage
  Armor Rating - Elemental
  Armor Rating - Physical
 % Blocking Stability
of the Barbarian
of the Barbarian: +2  Constitution +5  Strength

Enchanted: Light and Heavy attacks deal 7.7% more damage.



Scales with Strength 90%, Dexterity 65%
4.8 Weight icon_weight_new_world_wiki_guide
2500 Durability
Requires Level  
Can't be Crafted / Bind on Equip

Marauder Sunderer's Kite Shield is one of the Uncoomon Kite Shields in New World. Kite Shields, alongside Round Shields and Tower Shields, are one of the available types of Shields for players. They are just in the middle in terms of stats, making them a more balanced option for players. Shields have to be worn in the offhand slot. Shields damage scale 90% with Strength and 65% with Dexterity.


A kite shield made for Marauders who have devoted themselves to the cause.


Marauder Sunderer's Kite Shield Related Masteries

Marauder Sunderer's Kite Shield uses the Sword & Shield Mastery, that is divided in two different trees. The Swordmaster, that focuses on boosting the offensive capacities of the player or the Defender, that is oriented towards tanking, reducing incoming damage and boosting the player's defenses.


Where to find Marauder Sunderer's Kite Shield

Marauder Sunderer's Kite Shield can be dropped by:


Marauder Sunderer's Kite Shield can be acquired by completing:



How to Craft Marauder Sunderer's Kite Shield

To craft Marauder Sunderer's Kite Shield you need the following materials:



Marauder Sunderer's Kite Shield Information & Stats

These are the base stats for Marauder Sunderer's Kite Shield

  • 395 Gear Score
  •   Damage
  •   Critical Hit Chance
  •   Critical Damage Multiplier
  •   Block Stamina Damage
  •   Stagger Damage
  •   Armor Rating - Elemental
  •   Armor Rating - Physical
  •  % Blocking Stability
  • Tier IV
  • Scales with Strength 90%Dexterity 65%
  • 4.8 Weight icon_weight_new_world_wiki_guide
  • 2500 Durability
  • Salvageable: Yes
  • Bind on Equip


Marauder Sunderer's Kite Shield Perks

These are the available Perks of Marauder Sunderer's Kite Shield:

of the Barbarianof the Barbarian:


  • Light and Heavy attacks deal 7,7% more damage.



Sword & Shield Video




Marauder Sunderer's Kite Shield Notes and Tips

  • Notes and tips go here.


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