Dynasty Shipyard is one of the Expeditions in New World. Expeditions are instanced group activities which take place in closed-off spaces featuring a large amount of powerful enemies and at least one Boss opponent. These activities are designed to be tackled by a group of 3-5 players and each have their own unique storylines, quests and challenges for players to experience. This page features guided information on tackling the Dynasty Shipyard Expedition, including walkthroughs, boss strategies and tips, as well as information on loot and rewards.


New World Dynasty Shipyard Expedition Overview

dynasty shipyard expeditions new world wiki guide

The Empress of Ebonscale is building a fleet of warships. The fleet and the Empress must be defeated for the safety of Aeternum and the world.


Preparation and Recommendations

Team Compositions:

  • A dedicated Tank to manage enemy threat is recommended.
  • A dedicated Healer or one or more players with a Life Staff will prove invaluable in recovering from damage.
  • One or more players with a ranged weapon loadout.

Items to bring along:

  • 1 Dynasty Tuning Orb (consumed upon entry; only 1 player within a group is required to have a tuning orb in order for the whole group to participate in the expedition)
  • You will need at least 1 Azoth Staff in order to complete the Expedition.

Enemy Overview:

The enemies you will face at the Shipyard will consist of both human swashbucklers and Corrupted creatures. When fighting the Corrupted, it is recommended to utilize weapons and abilities that deal Slashing, Arcane or Nature damage. With the Expedition(and the region in general) being inspired by Chinese culture and martials arts traditions, many enemies at the Shipyard are also especially mobile and perform a lot of tumbles, somersaults and other flashy maneuvers to either get close to players or disengage, so using abilities that can close the distance or root them in place may prove valuable.

  • Shipyard Spearman - Standard trashmob equipped with a spear. This variant prefers to attack from melee range.
  • Shipyard Warrior - A sword & shield tank that leaps towards players, performing a quick spinning slash to close the distance.
  • Shipyard Trainee - Weak mobs equipped with a single short sword. Slow and with no abilities of note.
  • Shipyard Musketeer - Standard ranged fighter. Performs a flashy backflip while shooting at targets. Certain shots of theirs apply a bleed effect. When at low health and alone, they will quickly sprint away in search of team mates. Prioritize them in groups to prevent this, or lock them down with a root effect.
  • Deeppit Abomination - Standard Corrupted mob. Slow and uses simple claw swipes.
  • Summoner Yau - An Elite named Mob that spawns with the Ice Resistant mod. Constantly summons Swarmers and will try to maintain distance. He also uses an AoE staff slam.
  • Corruption Swarmer - As the name suggests, a weak unit when alone but dangerous in a group and you will often find them in groups.
  • Shipyard Hound - Standard hound unit that lunges at players. Nothing special.
  • Shipyard Worker - Just like most worker units, these weak enemies simply walk up to players and perform wild swings with their weapons.
  • Spearman Chiu - Elite Spearman who spawns with the Fire Resistance Mod and uses the same attacks as a regular Spearman, but stronger.
  • Maiden Jingfei - Elite spell caster that uses orbs to attack. Conjures a powerful dragon which performs several different attacks. Spawns with the Arcane Mod.
  • Maiden Lanfen - Identical to Maiden Jingfei, but with the Frozen Mod.
  • Maiden Daiyu - Identical to Maiden Jingfei and Lanfen, but with the Ignited Mod.
  • Commander Chen - Miniboss. A large and imposing warrior carrying a massive greatsword. Mainly uses whirling sword combos and large slashes. Can also knock players away with an underhand strike. Accompanied by Maiden Lanfen and Daiyu.
  • Lieutenant Bolin - An Elite named Warrior. Fundamentally identical to a regular warrior, but stronger and has more health. Watch out for his spinning leap, it deals a lot of damage but is easily dodged or blocked. Spawns with the Hearty Mod.
  • Figgy - An Elite Hound accompanying Bolin. Stronger, with more health but otherwise just a regular Hound.
  • Summoner Guang - An Elite Summoner identical to Yau. Spawns with the Armored Mod and uses a fan of knives move that hits in a cone in front of him.
  • Captain Kaiwei - An Elite warrior who is Captain of the Shipyard.


New World Dynasty Shipyard Expedition Guide

Eastern Pier

Objective: Get past the guards and find your way to the fleet.

Make your way along the pier and look out for the Edict 18 lore note on some crates on the left. When you get to the junction, you'll be met with your first group of enemies consisting of a Spearman, a Warrior, a Musketeer and a couple of Trainees. Despite being extremely agile, these enemies are quite the pushovers. Simply round them up and AoE them down. You may want to prioritize the Musketeer to prevent him from running away. Take the main central path to the next area and look out for the Dragonglory node near the bushes on the left.

Corrupted Cave

New Objective: Clear the cave and destroy the Monolith.

Inside the cave, follow the path leading to the central area and defeat the Deeppit Abomination around the corner. In the middle of the cave, you will come across the first Elite named mob Summoner Yau along with a handful of Corruption Swarmers. This fight is nothing special. The summoner will periodically summon in more Swarmers but they are easy to cleave down. Do watch out for his AoE move where he raises his staff, glowing with corruption before slamming it down and dealing damage in a radius around him. Back away when you see him raise his staff or stagger him out of the move to prevent taking large amounts of damage. Once you clear the enemies, destroy the Monolith in the area with your Azoth Staff to open the northern door leading to the next area and the first Checkpoint Shrine.


Northern Shore

New Objective: Place powder kegs at the ships' sterns and the door.

Outside at the docks, you will see a couple of ships. Check the nearest fence for a Supply Stockpile. There is large group of enemies at the docks including a couple of Hounds. Take on the group around the first ship. Round them up and AoE them down, they don't pose too much of a threat. Place a set of powder kegs by the ship's rear and then head west. You will encounter another set of enemies lead by the Elite Spearman Chiu by the wooden platforms. Chiu spawns with the Fire Resistance mod, but is otherwise  fundamentally identical to a regular Spearman. His spinning strikes will deal a large amount of damage but can be blocked or dodged easily. Once you clear Chiu and his troops, head for the next ship and place the second set of kegs. Between the two ships is a crate with the Edict 32 lore note if you are interested. Continue along west to the gate, clearing any enemy stragglers. Place the final set of powder kegs by the gate and then clear the area. To detonate the explosives, head back to the platform where you saw Spearman Chiu. Set up the rockets on the platform and they will set off the explosives, destroying the ships and the gate leading to the next area and Checkpoint.

New Objective: Continue forward in search of more ships.

As you make your way to the Checkpoint, you will be confronted by the Elite Maiden Jingfei accompanied by a couple of Spearmen and a Warrior. Jingfei is a hybrid spell caster that uses jade orbs to attack from a distance or in melee range. She also casts a powerful spells which conjures a dragon from Corrupted energy. She can send the dragon out in a straight line, dealing damage to any players hit. The dragon will also wrap around her and then breathe in a cone in front of Jingfei, dealing damage and applying a burning effect for a few seconds. The final move has the dragon swirling around her quickly, hitting players several times and inflicting a burning status for a few seconds. This attack will also knock players away. It's best to engage Jingfei from a distance in order to easily avoid or dodge the dragon attacks. Once she's down, continue onward to the large encampment to get to the Marble Courtyard.

Marble Courtyard

After the set of stairs by the entrance, look to the very left for the Edict 35 lore note on top of some crates. Approach the west gate for a miniboss encounter with Commander Chen.


Commander Chen Miniboss Guide

Miniboss Info & Mechanics

  • HP: Info coming soon
  • Whirling Flurry - Chen performs 4 spinning slashes in quick succession. Each subsequent slash employs more force than the last, culminating in a large jumping swing that deals a lot of damage. Easily dodged once he gets going.
  • Ground Stomp - Chen raises his left leg and then slams it down, causing a medium-radius shockwave around him that deals heavy damage.
  • Shockwave Slash - Chen slashes with such force, it sends a beam of energy in a straight line, dealing damage to any players in its path.
  • Underhand Swing - Chen slashes diagonally to the left and up from his right hip. This attack knocks players away.
  • Companions - Chen is accompanied by Maiden Lanfen and Maiden Daiyu. These maidens are identical to Maiden Jingfei, but they spawn with the Frozen and Ignited Mods respectively.

Miniboss Guide

Despite his imposing figure, massive sword and powerful attacks, Commander Chen is not the most dangerous thing about this fight. It's the two maidens and their dragon attacks that will likely give you the most trouble. The easiest way to tackle this fight is to have the tank separate Chen from the maidens and have the DPS burn one maiden down before moving on to the next and finally Chen.

Mechanics-wise, all of Chen's attacks can be blocked or dodged but they do hit very hard. The tank should also face him away from the group to prevent damage form his Shockwave Slash attack. The maidens on the other hand will make full use of their conjured dragons which also hit very hard. Try to engage them at range to eliminate the danger from at least the AoE dragon swirl move.

Once Chen and the maidens are down, the barrier at the western gate will dissipate and you can continue along with the next section of the Expedition. The third Checkpoint can be found at the bottom of the steps here.

Western Piers

At the junction, take a detour north towards one of the ships. You will encounter the Elite Warrior Lieutenant Bolin here, accompanied by his pet hound Figgy who is also an Elite. Defeat Figgy first as Bolin is the tankier of the two. They are more powerful than their regular counterparts but are otherwise identical. Once you clear these two, place a powder keg at the rear of the ship. This time, you will have to defend the keg until it detonates as several waves of mobs spawn from the adjacent walkways. You will want to defend the keg from a distance as the explosion will deal damage to you. Mobs will consist of Spearmen, Warriors, Trainees, Musketeers and Hounds and they will come in large numbers swarming the keg so be vigilant! Enemies will stop spawning once the keg explodes.

Head back to the junction and then take the path south to reach the next pier. There's another Dragonglory node to the right by the shrubbery along the way. At the pier, clear out the initial set of enemies and then place the powder keg by the ship and defend it just like the previous pier. Once the keg blows and the enemies are defeated, the eastern gate will open up leading to the Barracks. There is a Supply Stockpile just before the fourth Checkpoint.


The Barracks

New Objective: Move to the Barracks in search of the Captain.

Before you get to the Barracks proper, you will have your first Boss Encounter with Isabella and her pets Joven and Oro.

Isabella & Her Pets Boss Guide

Joven and Oro obediently wait for Isabella’s command, and their next meal.

Boss Info & Mechanics

  • HP: Info coming soon


  • Summon Corrupted Abominations - Isabella summons a couple of creatures to support her. These don't do much damage nor are they very durable. Keep them near Isabella and cleave them down.
  • Rapier Cleave - Isabella slashes in a wide arc in front of her, dealing heavy damage to any players caught in the attack. This attack will reach anyone standing directly at her sides and her front.
  • Corrupted Blast - Isabella throws some corrupted energy out in a cone in front of her, hitting any players in the area.
  • Pistol Shot - Isabella rears back and fires her pistol at her current target. Deals heavy damage.
  • Blink Strike - Isabella teleports behind a random player and stabs them in the back. Very powerful but can be dodged with proper timing.
  • Cannon Support - Isabella commands cannoneers in the distance to provide support fire in the form of 3 cannon balls. Easily avoided due to the obvious telegraph from Isabella and the bright cannon balls flying in the distance. These cannon balls will leave a damaging field in their point of impact for a few seconds.

Joven & Oro

  • Claw Swipes - Standard Hound swipes that deal moderate damage.
  • Lunge - Standard Hound distance closer.
  • Corrupted Breath - Large breath attack that travels in a straight line in front of the hounds. Very powerful if it connects.

Boss Guide

The fight will begin with Isabella herself while her Hounds remain caged in the sides of the arena. There is not much in the way of mechanics for this fight but beware of Isabella's powerful attacks. She is equipped with a Rapier imbued with Corruption and a pistol which she fires off from time to time. Isabella will begin the fight by summoning a couple of Corrupted Abominations. These are weaklings that don't pose much threat. Simply gather them up around Isabella and cleave them down with AoEs.

The tank should try to face Isabella away from the group to prevent cleave and cone damage. Moreover, no one should be standing at her sides but instead position themselves behind her or at a distance. She will periodically teleport to a random player at range and stab them in the back. Ranged players should be ready to dodge at all times.

At around 75% Health, she will teleport next to one of the cages and begin calling for Cannon Support and you will see 3 cannon balls flying towards you in the distance. Simply get out of the impact zone and this mechanic will prove completely inconsequential. She will repeat this move during combos, so watch out for her telegraphs. At the same time, Musketeers from the ship next to the Barracks will begin firing at your team from a distance. If you are sufficiently leveled, you can simply ignore them. Otherwise, have a ranged player take them out. There is also the option of outranging them. These Musketeers will continually spawn for the rest of the encounter so you may want to take the third option.

Once her health reaches 50%, Isabella will become immune and decide that you are not worthy of dying by her hands. So she will open up the cages in the area, releasing Joven and Oro to finish you off while she teleports away. You will now be fighting her Hounds simultaneously. Again, have the tank face them away to prevent unnecessary group damage from their breath attacks. While the Hounds hit quite hard, there really isn't much to this phase of the fight either. Simply tank and spank the enemies, focusing one down before moving onto the next and they should go down in no time.

Boss Rewards

Joven and Oro will each reward the following upon defeat:

  • coins gold new world wiki guide 25px +??? Coin
  • xp experience new world wiki guide 25px +256 XP
  • +256 Weapon Mastery


New Objective: Defeat the Shipyard's Captain for gate keys.

After defeating the Hounds, head north through the large gates and fight through the trash along the way. You may want to take out the enemies inside the buildings and on the bridges above to prevent accidentally aggroing them when engaging other enemies. Near the center of the area is an Elite named Summoner Guang. He is identical to Summoner Yau but is tankier due to the Armored Mod. He will periodically summon Swarmers to harass you and will also use a Fan of Knives attack that throws several projectiles in a cone in front of him.

Keep heading north and when you reach the last set of staircase, you can check to the left for a Scorchstone node if your mining is high enough. Up the staircase is a gate guarded by the Shipyard's Captain Kaiwei. Kaiwei will be accompanied by several mobs including Trainees, Spearmen and Musketeers. Kaiwei is another beefed up Warrior who uses identical moves. Once the mobs are down, collect the keys from Kaiwei's corpse and open the gate which will lead you back into the Marble Courtyard. You can now open up the east gate which leads up to the final Checkpoint and the Imperial Palace where you will face off against the Empress Zhou Taiying herself.

Zhou Taiying Boss Guide

Elegant, graceful, and brimming with rage, this Empress in exile commands an army loyal beyond death and wields immense corruption energies to exact her vengeance.

Boss Info & Mechanics

  • HP:
  • Jade Orb - The Empress can use her Orb to both attack from melee and from a distance. She uses a thin corrupted beam for her ranged attacks and smashes the Orb at players in melee range.
  • Conjure Dragon - The Empress conjures Corrupted dragon spirits which work exactly the same as the Maidens' but are much larger in scale and their effects cover a larger distance as well. The dragons are used for three different attacks:
    • Dragon Trail - The Empress sends her dragon spirit out in a straight line towards a player, dealing damage to anything in its path.
    • Dragon Breath - The dragon wraps itself around the Empress and breathes Corrupted flames in a very large cone in front of itself. The cone will deal heavy damage, knock players back and apply a burn effect that lasts a short duration.
    • Dragon Swirl - The dragon swirls around the Empress for a few seconds, dealing damage to any players it hits and knocks them away. There is a safe zone directly between the dragon and the Empress. However, you will need to be right up against her to make use of it.
  • Corrupted Nova - The Empress levitates momentarily and then slams down, sending a nova bursting outwards in pulse and dealing damage to any players in its path. Can be avoided with proper dodging towards the Empress.
  • Adds & Pearl Pedestal - After she's taken down to about 60% HP, the Empress will float high above the arena and become untargetable. She will then summon a great number of adds consisting of Corrupted versions of all the trash mobs you've faced in the Expedition. She will also summon a couple of Pearl Pedestals through which she can channel her dragon spirit. 

Boss Guide

Empress Zhou Taiying is essentially the boss version of the Maidens you've faced previously in the Expedition. They share the same fundamental attacks including the Jade Orbs and Dragon Spirit. However, her dragons are much larger and cover more area with their attacks. As such, you can treat this much like those fights but be careful not to get unnecessary splash damage on your team mates. For the Dragon swirl, it's possible for melee players to avoid damage by standing right against the Empress as there is a safe zone between her and the dragon while it's swirling around her. 

Once her health is down to about 60%, she will become untargetable and float high above the arena. She will then summon Corrupted variants of the Expedition's trash mobs. These enemies are nothing special as long as you can group them up and AoE them down. However, you will need to watch out for the 4 Pearl Pedestals she places around the arena. She can channel her Dragon spirit through these Pedestals, with each active Pedestal allowing her to conjure a separate Dragon. This means if there are 4 active Pedestals in the arena, her Dragon Breath attack will extend do the Pedestals and create 4 dragons breathing fire simultaneously, which can be quite devastating. The team should move to one side of the map with less Pedestals. Any awkwardly positioned Pedestals should be destroyed, such as in the center and on the chosen side.

After clearing 2 waves of adds, the Empress will return to the ground and continue the fight as before. She will summon a new Pedestal for each Pedestal destroyed. There will be a maximum of four Pedestals. The team should stay on the chosen side, as this will give everyone more time to react. The melees should stay in one corner with the Empress while the rest of the team stays in another, to draw the Dragon Trail attack away from the melees. The rest of the encounter is all about dealing damage to the Empress while dodging Dragon attacks. Once she's down, the Expedition is complete!


Boss Rewards

  • coins gold new world wiki guide 25px +127.50
  • xp experience new world wiki guide 25px +1920 XP
  • +768 Weapon Mastery


Closing Notes, Rewards and other info

Closing Notes


The following can be earned by defeating enemies and bosses in the Expedition:

Other Info




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