The Lazarus Instrumentality is one of the Expeditions in New World. Expeditions are instanced group activities which take place in closed-off spaces featuring a large amount of powerful enemies and at least one Boss opponent. These activities are designed to be tackled by a group of 3-5 players and each have their own unique storylines, quests and challenges for players to experience. This page features guided information on tackling the Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition, including walkthroughs, boss strategies and tips, as well as information on loot and rewards.



Location: Reekwater

Recommended Level: 60


Expedition Location Map

Lazarus Instrumentality



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Equipment Sets

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New World Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition Overview


Legatus Fulvius in Reekwater wants to see a local threat neutralized. Adventure into the Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition and combat the behemoth Chardis! Players must venture into this secret site that may hold the key to the origins of the Ancient Guardians to vanquish this monstrous threat.


Preparation and Recommendations

Team Compositions:

  • A dedicated Tank to manage enemy threat is recommended.
  • A dedicated Healer or one or more players with a Life Staff will prove invaluable in recovering from damage.
  • One or more players with a ranged weapon loadout.

Items to bring along:

  • 1 Lazarus Tuning Orb (consumed upon entry; only 1 player within a group is required to have a tuning orb in order for the whole group to participate in the expedition)
  • You will need at least 1 Azoth Staff in order to complete the Expedition.

 Enemy Overview:

As a magical Ancient facility, the majority of enemies you will face in the Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition will consist of  the skeletal Ancient Race:

  • Lazarus Avenger - Standard Ancient melee unit equipped with a one-handed sword. Performs basic attacks and wild swings.
  • Damysys - An Elite mob that spawns with the Ignited Mod. Equipped with a Spear and Shield, he is quite tanky but is otherwise unremarkable.
  • Lazarus Defender - Legless prowlers that are quite fast and leap at players from a distance, swiping at them. They do not have much health but can be encountered in great numbers in some areas.
  • Lazarus Archer - Basic ranged unit. Does not appear to have any special moves or behaviors. Prioritize them as you would any ranged unit.
  • Lazarus Taskmaster - An Ancient Sword and Shield unit. Tanky and likes to get right into the fray.
  • Lazarus Javelineer - A Spearman who can attack from both melee and at range. Quite mobile and will sometimes leap from a distance at a player, knocking them back and dealing moderate damage.
  • Lazarus Ravager - A fast melee unit equipped with two scimitars. Performs quick combo moves up close and can hit multiple players as well.
  • Dolos - An Elite Ravager. Fundamentally identical but exceedingly tanky. Spawns with the Fire Resistant Mod.
  • Alcyon - An Elite Spellcaster. Teleports away as soon as you get near him for some reason.
  • Palas - An Elite Javelineer that spawns with the Shattering Mod. Nothing too special, performs all the same moves but is tankier and stronger.

New World Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition Guide


Objective: Uncover the secrets of the ancient magical site.

You begin the Expedition in a long hallway. Head straight down the path and you will immediately be faced with the first Elite mob Damysys who is accompanied with a couple of Avengers. These opponents are nothing special but Damysys is equipped with a Spear and Shield so he will be quite tanky. As you approach the steps, you will be ambushed by a group of Defenders and an Archer.

Up the steps, you will see some glyphs in a circular formation on the ground and your objective will update. A group of enemies will rush at you from the portal in the back of the room. This group consists of the tanky Taskmaster, a Javelineer, an Avenger and an Archer. After taking them out, examine the Glyph on top of the portal and step on the corresponding glyph on the floor until the rings of light fill up. You will need to repeat this several times and each time will require a different number and different type of glyphs to be pressed, indicated at the top of the portal. For multiple glyphs, have the corresponding number of players step on the glyphs until they activate. Once the north portal is closed, the western portal will open and you will need to seal it with the same process while fighting off waves of enemies consisting of the ones you've faced so far, as well as the Ravager. Each wave contains around half a dozen enemies or more so stay on your toes and try to group the weaker ones up while keeping watch of the ranged units. Once the two portals are closed, the door to the east will open. Take the corridor to the next room, take out the Taskmaster, Defenders and Avengers and then take the next corrider to the first Checkpoint and pick up the Expedition Coffer just next to it.

Eternal Pool

New Objective: Defeat the guardians blocking the path.

Head down the path to the west and engage the Elite Ravager named Dolos. Be careful as he's quite tanky and very agile. Next, head through the doorway after defeating a a couple of Taskmasters and a Javelineer. Kill the Archer inside and the next door should open.


New Objective: Proceed into the Tributatrium.

Activate the Checkpoint in the corner and then head south, fighting off the Archers and Ravager. At the end of this path, you will see a gorgon-like NPC named Cilla. Speak to her and she will ask you to cleanse yourself before proceeding. Pick the first option then head back to the entrance of this area. A new set of mobs will spawn on the way back. Fight through them and engage the Elite spellcaster Alcyon who is guarding the door to the Bathe Chambers along with a large group of trash mobs. Take out his companions and then get close to him. He will teleport away as you do so. Ignore it for now and head through the doorway to the Bathe Chambers.

Bathe Chambers

New Objective: Cleanse yourselves in the Azoth Imbued Water.

At the bath house, clear the room of enemies and then examine the structure in the middle. There are four Purify Azoth Pool stone glyphs around the structure. Activate each and an Elite Javelineer named Palas will spawn along with a Ravager. Defeat them and step in the pools to cleanse yourselves. Now, make your way back to Cilla. Speak to her and pick the first option and she will engage you in combat as the first Boss encounter.


Cilla Boss Guide

A creature utilizing both lethal weaponry and destructive magics. Her dual nature will test the worth of those seeking to learn the Ancients’ secrets.

Boss Info & Mechanics

  • HP: Info coming soon
  • Javelin - Cilla tosses her weapon at a player from a distance. There are two versions of this. One where tosses her weapon and then quickly conjures up a new one and one where she twirls the staff before throwing it and then dashes forward to pick it up. Regardless of which she uses, the attack deals very high damage and knocks players back but it can be dodged with good timing.
  • Arcane Barrage - Cilla picks a random target and fires off a barrage of arcane bolts at them in quick succession. Each bolt deals moderate damage and the move is highly telegraphed and easy enough to dodge.
  • Arcane Wave - Cilla releases a very wide energy wave that travels the entire length of the arena. Very hard to avoid and deals heavy damage.
  • Arcane Nova - Cilla raises her staff overhead, preparing to release a deadly attack. Huge circles will telegraph the area of effect and players must run out into a safe zone or suffer immense damage. This ability can one-shot underleveled or undergeared players. Cilla's ability to use this move depends on a charging mechanic. See the boss guide below for details.


Boss Guide

Cilla is an extremely tanky boss with a ton of health so expect a very long, drawn-out fight. She attacks with her weapon which is a staff/spear hybrid. Her standard attacks involve sweeping strikes. She also has a rapid multi-hit stab attack. Cilla will often throw her staff like a javelin at players. There are two versions of the throw, one where she tosses the javelin and conjures up a new one and one where she twirls the staff, tosses it and then moves towards it quickly to pick it up. The latter deals very heavy damage if it connects. Always be aware of her throws regardless of which she uses. Cilla will periodically pick a random target and fire off a barrage of arcane bolts at them. The bolts are quite fast but avoidable if you look out for the telegraph. She will also release an arcane wave attack that has a very wide beam and travels the entire distance of the arena. This attack deals very heavy damage and can be hard to avoid. 

All around the arena are several panels on the ground glowing with runes. These panels are conduits which charge up Cilla's ultimate Nova ability. The Nova will cover a large portion of the room, with only small pockets of safe spaces at the very edges. It deals immense damage and is likely to wipe an underleveled or undergeared group. Cilla will periodically attempt to charge up using one of these panels, gaining small amounts of energy. However, the panels will also eject an orb conduit from which Cilla can gain large amounts of energy, allowing her to perform her Nova sooner. Players will need to run to these orbs when they spawn and activate them before Cilla rushes to them herself. The orbs imbue players with a charged effect for 5 minutes. Players who pick up an orb must stay away from Cilla as she will be able to siphon off energy from them. A good way to tackle this is to have one player, preferably ranged, handle all orb collection. This player must maintain medium distance from Cilla and continually deal damage to her along with the group. However, Cilla may still be able to collect enough energy to fire off a Nova and each orb collected by a player will add an AoE circle to the attack, potentially leaving the group with even less space to run to so positioning is key. The orb gatherer should position themselves in such a way as to minimize the area of effect, while being able to run out of it themselves. A player using the Ice Gauntlet with the Ice Tomb ability is ideal for orb collection as they can simply entomb themselves once the Nova is initiated, preventing damage entirely.

The majority of the fight revolves around managing these conduit orbs and dealing consistent damage to the very tanky boss. If your DPS is strong enough, it is possible to skip the Nova mechanic entirely by consistently collecting orbs and not letting Cilla charge the ability. Other than that, the encounter simply repeats the same mechanics over.

Boss Rewards

  • coins_gold_new_world_wiki_guide_25px +144.00 Coin
  • xp_experience_new_world_wiki_guide_25px +??? XP
  • +??? Weapon Mastery



The Last Walk

New Objective: Proceed to The Last Walk and begin the next trial.

After defeating Cilla, check near the central altar for an Expedition Coffer and then head for the teleporter pad in the west to the next Checkpoint. This next part is a survival challenge. Past the checkpoint, you will see a long hallway divided into chambers by gates.

There are three pressure plates, one of which is behind the first gate. Your team must divide themselves into 2 groups to tackle waves of enemies in two chambers. Team composition isn't too important. Just make sure you have enough damage between the two chambers. Step on the first pressure plate to unlock the gate to the second chamber and let one group through. The remaining group, including the person who stepped on the first plate should make sure they are inside the first chamber. Once both groups are settled, step on the second and third pressure plates to begin the trial.

The trial is pretty straightforward. Both teams have to survive for 2 minutes while fighting off waves of enemies in each chamber. While killing the enemies is not strictly required, there's not much else to do while the timer is up. You will be faced with standard trash mobs you've encountered throughout the expedition. Once the timer hits zero, the gates are removed and your team can regroup and finish off any remaining mobs.

Once the trial is complete, proceed to the end of the hall for an Expedition Coffer. There is also a Lifejewel node to the left. The corridor to the right leads back into the Bathe Chambers where you will need to unlock the Azoth Sealed door. There will be a new set of mobs here along with the Elite Spearman Asterus and Archer Tolos. Once you clear these guys, head up the steps to the Azoth door on the back and unseal it with your Azoth Staff.

Eternal Falls

New Objective: Navigate towards The Heart of the Lazarus Instrumentality.

Through the door, defeat the group of Defenders and you will be back at the Eternal Pools, albeit at the previously inaccessible side. Defeat the group of Avengers and Javelineer guarding the path to the next area called the Eternal Falls. Fight your way through to the next hallway where the Elite Javelineer named Demos awaits along with an Archer and a Reaver. As you fight them, several more enemies will join the fray. After killing everything, the door will open leading to the final Checkpoint of the Expedition.

Through the next corridor, you will come across the final Elite Khamruset Arcanist. The Arcanist is a heavily armored summoner type who will call forth several minions to aid him every few seconds. He also performs a staff slam move which deals heavy damage in a small radius around him so watch out. Once you take out the Arcanist, pick up the Ancient Guardian Heart from the pedestal he was guarding and then pick up the Expedition Coffer to the right of the now open gates. Head through the gates and into the teleporter pad. You now approach the final Boss Chardis. Prepare yourselves and then place the Heart in the pedestal to begin the encounter.

Chardis Boss Guide

This colossal Ancient construct stands watch over the Lazarus Well, granting eternal power or swift destruction to those who awaken him.

Boss Info & Mechanics

  • HP:
  • Single Slap - Chardis slaps the ground with an open palm, dealing heavy damage in the area of impact. This attack always hits near the center of the arena.
  • Double Slap - Chardis slaps the outer edge either on the left or right of the arena, then follows up with a slap in the center.
  • Triple Slap - Chardis slaps the outer edge either on the left or right of the arena. He then slaps the other side and finally slaps down the center.
  • Full Sweep - Chardis takes his arm and slowly sweeps it across from one side of the arena to the other. Avoiding this attack depends on which arm he's using. If he uses his left arm, there is a gap in his wrist where players will not be hit. If he uses his right arm, there are gaps in his wrist, as well as his elbow.
  • Thundering Clap - Chardis rears back with both arms raised to his sides and claps down the middle dealing massive damage to any players hit. There are gaps in his wrists during this attack.
  • Double Punch - Chardis punches forward with both hands, dealing immense damage. There is a narrow gap between his arms where players can stand and avoid the attack completely.
  • Rolling Hands - Chardis' wrists glow with intense light as he brings them up to his face. He then tosses them to his side, detaching both his hands which roll around the arena for a duration, dealing heavy damage to any players they run over. The hands make two laps around the arena before returning to Chardis. Note that they can still deal damage as they return to Chardis' arms.
  • Optic Beam - Chardis channels a laser beam towards his target which continually deals damage to them and overcharges them. Aside from the damage component of the attack, the beam is an opportunity to knock Chardis out and make him vulnerable for a few seconds. See the guide below for details on the mechanics.
  • Optic Beam (Area) - A version of the Optic Beam that Chardis fires to either side of the arena instead of at a player. This beam will overcharge a portion of the side of the arena, destroying any Lazarus Barrier or Conduit Orb.
  • Optic Beam (Last Stand) - The final version of the Optic Beam. Chardis uses this during his last stretch of health at around 15%. He will continually fire a beam at the tank, only taking short breaks for a couple of seconds. This is easily overpowered with good healing.

Boss Guide

Chardis is the large mechanical construct that looks vaguely humanoid, sleeping in the center of the Heart of the Lazarus Instrumentality. Upon placing the Heart on the pedestal, Chardis will activate and rise above the platform, towering over the arena. Chardis does not move around and will instead use his arms to attack players. Chardis is a very large target and can be attacked on any of his parts but to make it easier and consistent for melee players, they should aim for his torso unless he is downed. Ranged players should focus on headshots to maximize damage.

Chardis uses a large variety of powerful arm attacks that attempt to overpower and knock players down. While most his attacks deal very heavy damage, he is rather slow and has obvious telegraphs and it's easy enough to learn his patterns through repeated encounters. His Slap attack is used the most often and has three versions: A single slap down the middle, a double slap starting from either the left or right edge of the arena followed by a slap down the center and a triple slap going from the left edge, to the right edge(or vice versa) then down the center. The next attack he commonly uses is the Full Sweep which sees Chardis drag one arm from one side of the arena to the other. Avoiding this attack involves standing between gaps in his arms, which depends on which arm he uses. His left arm has a gap in the wrist while his right arm has a gaps in the wrist and elbow. Alternatively, players who are right up against Chardis can simply hug the side of his chest opposite the sweeping arm. For example, if he uses the right arm to sweep, players can move to the very left of his chest and avoid the attack.

Chardis will also periodically detach both hands and send them rolling around the arena, dealing heavy damage to any players they run over. After two laps, Chardis will rapidly recall the hands back to his wrists. Note that the recall animation can also hit players and deal heavy damage. Less commonly, Chardis will use the Thundering Clap for which players can stand in the gap between his wrists to stay safe or the Double Punch where players can stand right down the middle.

Throughout the fight, there will be an Orb-like structure called a Lazarus Barrier on each side of Chardis. These orbs have health bars and can be attacked. Players should destroy these orbs and pick up the Arcane Attunement left behind. There are two panels in the ground, similar to the conduits in the Cilla fight. Players should bring the arcane attunement to these panels to summon a Conduit Orb. These are used to counter his Optic Beam mechanic. Periodically, Chardis will channel a beam from his eye to the tank, dealing moderate damage several times each second and overcharging the tank. The tank should then head for one of the Conduit Orbs which will cause a short circuit, knocking Chardis down and making him vulnerable for several seconds. It is at this time that players should burst him down as his head is easily reachable for all.

Once he gets back up, the mechanics will repeat but Chardis will also add a new mechanic in which he fires his Optic Beam to one side of the arena. Unless players are in those areas at the time, they should not get hit at all. However, the beam will overcharge a portion of the area and destroy any active Lazarus Barriers or Conduit Orbs on that side. It may be possible to save an orb by destroying the Lazarus Barrier and collecting the attunement but not placing it in the panel until Chardis uses the beam move but there is a time limit to how long you can hold an attunement before it dissipates so timing would be quite strict and may not be worth it.

When Chardis' health is down to around 15%, he will take a final stand, stopping all his attacks and focusing on channeling an Optic Beam to kill the tank. He will continually channel the beam, dealing damage to the tank in quick ticks and only taking short breaks of a couple of seconds. At this point, players must rush him down before he succeeds in killing the tank. A good healer will render this portion of the fight trivial. If you are having trouble, you can also opt to take a slower burn approach with two healers working on the tank as you take Chardis down.

Once Chardis is destroyed, the Expedition is complete.

Boss Rewards

  • coins_gold_new_world_wiki_guide_25px +144.00 Coin
  • xp_experience_new_world_wiki_guide_25px +??? XP
  • +??? Weapon Mastery


Closing Notes, Rewards and other info

Closing Notes


The following can be earned by defeating enemies and bosses in the Expedition:

Other Info




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