Amrine Excavation is one of the Expeditions in New World. Expeditions are instanced group activities which take place in closed-off spaces featuring a large amount of powerful enemies and at least one Boss opponent. These activities are designed to be tackled by a group of 3-5 players and each have their own unique storylines, quests and challenges for players to experience. This page features guided information on tackling the Amrine Excavation Expedition, including walkthroughs, boss strategies and tips, as well as information on loot and rewards.


New World Amrine Excavation Expedition Overview


The Amrine Excavation is a dig site just west of Amrine Temple, where famed archeologist Simon Grey and his team have been missing for some time. It’s up to players to venture into the depths of this troubled dig site to uncover their fate and discover what happened with the Ancient technology they unearthed. With a level 25 requirement, the Amrine Excavation is meant to be an introductory experience to Expeditions. Players will find that the mechanics of the puzzles difficulty and AI are scaled accordingly.


How to Unlock the Amrine Excavation Expedition

  • Players will naturally come across the Amrine Excavation and its associated quest Destiny Unearthed by following the main story questline. The lead up to the expedition begins with the quest Forge Your Azoth Staff.


Preparation and Recommendations

Team Compositions:

  • The team should have a dedicated Tank to group enemies up and generate large amounts of threat to prevent mobs from running all over the place. This is especially important during the boss fights.
  • At least one other player with a Taunt-enabled skill is recommended, to pull enemies away from the Tank during specific encounters.
  • At least one player with a Life Staff for dedicated healing is recommended. Alternatively, adequate self-healing abilities are viable as well.

Items to bring along:

Enemy Overview:

In the early half of the Expedition, you will be faced predominantly with zombie-like creatures and ghosts, some of which can pose a threat:

  • Star Excavation Punisher - The most numerous enemy type, these zombies are aggressive and will charge towards players at random and perform fast, two-handed swipes. Make use of Taunt-enabled skills if you have them to group these up. They don't have too much health but a swarm of them can quickly take out players. 
  • Star Excavation Retcher - Often accompanying Punishers, the Retcher is a ranged opponent that vomits noxious projectiles at players from a distance. When its health gets low, a Retcher will make a quick dash away, putting some distance between itself and the players. If there are other enemies in the area, they will tend to dash toward them.
  • Star Excavation Plaguegeist (Gold) & Star Excavation Faminegeist (Blue) - Extremely aggressive ghosts with very fast claw swipe combos. Of the two, the golden Plaguegeist is more tanky.
  • Star Excavation Withered Nest - These nests are stationary living structures that continually spawn Punishers. When there is a nest in an area, focus all your attention on it before taking on other enemies, lest you be swarmed.
  • Star Excavation Scavenger - These zombies are slightly slower versions of the Punisher. While the Punisher is often seen in groups, the Scavenger is usually found alone or in single numbers amongst other enemies.
  • Star Excavation Abomination - These large, grounded bat-like creatures deal heavy damage with their claw swipes. Periodically, they will leap into the air and perform a burst sonar attack that knocks down players in a radius around the monster.
  • Star Excavation Ravager - Ravagers are large brutes that charge players and suppress them with heavy, powerful slams that can knock players down. Ravagers can be difficult to take down due to their strong defenses and constant, disruptive attacks but players can employ the same tactics against them. Charged heavy attacks can be used to stagger Ravagers and deplete their stamina, forcing them into a vulnerable state for a period of time. Beware of their vomit attack, which leaves a DoT effect on the ground in a small radius for a while.



New World Amrine Excavation Expedition Guide

First Segment Walkthrough

Objective: Use the Azoth Staff to undo the Azoth Seal and unlock the gate.

You enter the Expedition through a mine shaft. Make your way along the linear path until you encounter your first Plaguegeist enemy accompanied by a Scavenger. These first two mobs should go down without much of a fight. Head down the wooden walkway, turning right where the Plaguegeist was and defeat the Punisher and Retcher duo. At the fork in the shaft, take either path. They both lead to the same destination. Look out for all the zombies along the way.

When you arrive in the large room with two statues holding round objects, you need to make your way down to the main floor by dropping off the ledges of the wooden walkway. There are a few zombies in this room, as well as an Abomination. Watch out as enemies become more numerous from this point on. In the dark corner behind the Abomination, there is a Withered Nest which will continually spawn Punishers until destroyed. Focus this down to prevent the group from taking on more waves than necessary. Tip: The nest can easily be destroyed by one person with a heavy weapon while the rest take on the Punishers already in the vicinity.

Head back to the statues and prepare for a large wave of enemies. There is a door in the back of this room. This is your goal. The fight to the door will face you off with a large amount of Punishers, Retchers and a Plaguegeist and Faminegeist duo all at once. There is also a lone Abomination to the left that can be skipped or saved for after the main group of enemies are dealt with. The amount of enemies can be overwhelming for inexperienced players so take it slow and prioritize the geists as they deal the most damage. Designated tanks with a taunt-enabled skill, healers and AoE abilities will greatly cut down the time required to deal with these foes. Once you're done with the battle, head for the door and unseal it using the Corruption's Bane Azoth Staff.

New Objective: Find Simon Grey's investigation of the Ancient's Technology.

Once through, head down the hallway and to the left to defeat the Plaguegeist. Further down the steps is a fight with your first Ravager brute. Pull the Punisher and Scavenger due first so you can focus the Ravager down. Beware of its charge attacks and treat it to some of your own. Keep healing up on the group in case it locks one of you down in a combo. Take note of the illuminated device in the area. This is locked for now, but you will come back to it later. Head back up the stairs and onto the wooden platform and examine the 'Breakthrough' notes on the crate for a new objective.

New Objective: Use the Azoth Staff to translate the Azoth Scripts in the Excavated Caverns. Hidden within the Azoth Scripts is a clue to unlocking the Bridge Mechana.

Go back down the ramp and go around the wooden structure through a hallway of sorts. At the end of this hallway is another Ravager, a Faminegeist and a Retcher. From the hallway, you can pull the Ravager first without gaining aggro on the other two for an easier fight. There is another illuminated device here, ignore it for now and head through the doorway. In the next area, there is a Faminegeist and a Punisher. Once you've cleared them, you can mine the Soulspire in the corner for some resources. Continue along and up the path and you will find a stone monolith with a glowing rune on it. This is the Azoth Script you are looking for. However, you will have to first clear the mobs and the Nest just behind it. Once clear, translate the script for another objective update.

New ObjectiveFind the Broken Vestibule. The Azoth Script indicates a power source is located in the chamber.

Continue along the path and in the next room, you will find a Plaguegeist on the left and another Nest with Punishers on the right. You can pull them separately or together, depending on your comfort but make sure to take out the Nest first. Continue on through the doorway on the right and you will end up in a large room with some illuminated pillars.

New Objective: Activate the Vestibule seal to restore the Bridge Mechana.

There is a Faminegeist on the left and a Nest further down. But first make your way to the central platform and activate the device using the Azoth Staff. You will be attacked by enemies from all around the chamber. Make your way to that Faminegeist and Nest from the beginning and fight off the monsters along the way. There is yet another Nest on the opposite end from the first one. Once you've cleared all the enemies, continue along the outer edge of the room and you will see a door in the middle. This door would have been closed unless you activated the central mechanism. In the small hallway is a Checkpoint Shrine and further ahead leads back to the large room with those illuminated platforms, this one being the final one with a few mobs surrounding it.

New Objective: Activate the Bridge Mechana.

Across the illuminated platform is a broken bridge. If you step on the platform, you will notice it is now active and illuminates when stepped on. Have two players of your group backtrack to the platforms you found earlier, they can be found by simply following the wooden walkway to the left. Once all three are activated, a magical bridge will form at the top allowing you to cross. Note that a Plaguegeist and a Ravager will spawn on either of the two earlier platforms and the players should quickly regroup and defeat them.

New Objective: Defeat the Abomination and find the Hallowed Candle.

Once clear, head back to the bridge which you can now cross to find another Ravager and an Abomination with a few zombies. Pull the Abomination and Zombies first then you can focus down the Ravager alone. Once he's dead, the door in the back will open, leading to the Shrine Area, but before that, inspect the Foreman Nakashima's Toolbox on the left to find the Hallowed Candle as well as the Foreman's Ledger to complete the Foreman's Ledger (Expedition) quest.

New ObjectivePlace the Hallowed Candle on the Spectral Shrine.

This next room has several enemies patrolling. Pull the group of zombies to the left but watch out for the Retcher as it'll run away at low health, potentially pulling other enemies towards you before you're ready. Take them out first if you can. To the right is an Abomination and down the middle of the room is a Plaguegeist and a Ravager. It's likely best to pull them one by one. Head up the steps to the left of the room and around the corner for a couple of zombies and an Elite Supply Chest for some resources and loot. Head back to the main hall and prepare for the first boss (or miniboss) encounter of the Expedition. Place the candle in the Shrine in the middle to summon Foreman Nakashima.

Foreman Nakashima Boss Guide

This boss is the spectral form of the deceased Foreman of the excavation team. He looks similar in appearance to the Plaguegeists and Faminegeists but has a purple hue. The Foreman uses highly aggressive claw swipes and also traps players in a magical field while summoning several spectres to attack them.

Boss Info & Mechanics

  • HP: Info coming soon
  • Spectral Walls - Nakashima conjures up a wall made up of a varying amount of Spectres from 3 to 6. These walls will quickly swoop forward, dealing damage to anything they hit. The walls are conjured up with differing patterns but there will always be at least 1 gap between Spectres that is safe for players to be in. A couple of example patterns are as follows:
    • 4 Spectres, a gap and then another Spectre or;
    • 4 Spectres spaced evenly with gaps in between.
  • Magical Trap - Nakashima conjures a small radial trap around a player which slows their movement speed while inside. Touching the swirling edges of the trap will stun the player for a brief moment. Follows up with 2-4 Spectral Wall attacks.
  • Spectral Scream - Nakashima looks up and charges up an attack. Once complete, he sends several waves of Spectres out in diagonal patterns.

Boss Guide

Nakashima is a pretty difficult and highly mobile encounter due to the seemingly random waves of Spectral Walls he summons. These walls will come one after another in very quick succession and with varying patterns. It is advised that players stay outside the walls' outer range unless they can get a good read on the patterns. Nakashima will also randomly target a player with the Magical Trap attack, slowing their movement speed and then following up with 2-4 Spectral Wall attacks. The movement reduction will make it difficult to reposition, but the spacing between Spectres is more generous than normal. Players can attempt to hop over the edge of the trap but this is generally not recommended as it's very easy to get stunned by the proximity effect. Note that while Nakashima can follow-up his traps with up to 4 Spectral Walls, the trap will only persist for about 2 walls' worth, allowing the player to get away from the area and completely avoid the remaining waves. 

The final ability in Nakashima's arsenal is the Spectral Scream which summons waves of Spectres flying outwards in a diagonal pattern. This is easy enough to avoid but it can overlap with the Spectral Walls so be careful. Aside from his special attacks, Nakashima will employ very powerful, very aggressive claw swipes at his target. It is highly recommended to have an AoE healing ability and any abilities that can deal damage while the player is on the move such as bleed effects or the Ice Gauntlet's Pylon ability. Eventually you'll be able to whittle him down and defeat him for good. Once Nakashima is down, look for a chest that opens up to the left for some extra loot on top of the loot bag he drops.

Boss Rewards

  • coins_gold_new_world_wiki_guide_25px +84.00 Coin
  • xp_experience_new_world_wiki_guide_25px +2100 XP
  • +210 Weapon Mastery


Second Segment Walkthrough

Objective: Find what remains of Simon Grey.

After dealing with Nakashima, head for the right side of the shrine. There are a couple of zombies here unless you cleared them beforehand, and defeating Nakashima should have unlocked he door. Inside is a Ravager waiting for you. Pull him out of the hallway and defeat him. In the next room is another set of mobs consisting of a Faminegeist on the left and a Nest with Punishers on the right. Just as before, take out the Nest first and then deal with the remaining enemies. Head down the hallway opposite the Nest and deal with the Plaguegeist and zombies to open the large door.

This is the final area of the Expedition and down the middle of the room encased in an energy bubble of sorts is Simon Grey, transformed into a Ravager. He is the final boss of the expedition. Before engaging him, it is important to get rid of the zombies along the outer edges of the room. Use ranged attacks to pull them away from Simon's range. You do not want to engage the boss while these mobs are still active.

Simon Grey Boss Guide

Simon Grey appears to have succumbed to the Corruption and had transformed into a hulking abomination. Simon is a massive Ravager, standing several times taller than the average adventurer. Similar to Ravagers, he charges players and performs large, heavy attacks that can knockdown or stun targets. He will also constantly summon the remains of his deceased workers, empowering them with his vile corruption.

Boss Info & Mechanics

  • HP: Info coming soon
  • Charge - Similar to the standard Ravager charge, Simon dashes towards a player and deals damage to everything along his path. Block or dodge at the last second to mitigate or avoid damage completely.
  • Bash - Simon rears up and smashes both hands in front of him. If unblocked, this ability will stun the target for a few seconds while dealing very heavy damage.
  • Summon Workers - Summons 2-3 Star Excavation Workers to aid him in battle. These appear to function similarly to Punishers, using quick, aggressive claw swipes. They can become empowered by consuming the corrupted sludge that Simon vomits on the ground.
  • Corrupted Sludge - Simon Vomits on a target player, dealing damage and applying a poison debuff with a long duration, dealing damage over time. This ability leaves a pool of corruption on the ground that persists for a while, dealing damage and applying the poison debuff to any players that walk on it. Additionally, active Workers nearby will dash over to the pool and consume it, empowering them with increased damage for several seconds. This is signified by a bright red glow around the Workers' bodies.
  • Empower - Simon's Empower works two-fold. After vomiting his corrupted sludge, any Workers that consume it will become empowered for a few seconds. Simon will then rush over to any nearby workers on the brink of death and consume them, empowering himself. An empowered Simon deals significantly more damage for a few seconds.

Boss Guide

This fight will challenge players' abilities to manage multiple targets and separating them from each other. Simon should be picked up by the tank immediately and faced away from the group as his standard attacks have a wide arc that can hit multiple targets in front of him, while his Bash deals AoE damage in a radius around the impact point. A decent tank should be able to mitigate or dodge much of Simon's damage while keeping him away from the rest of the group. More importantly, you want to keep Simon away from his summoned Workers.

Over the course of the fight, Simon will periodically summon 2-3 Workers that will then proceed to attack players. These Workers can rack up in numbers fairly quickly as Simon calls on them so be sure to prioritize them before going back to damaging the boss. The most dangerous mechanic of this fight is the Empowerment that Simon can grant these Workers by vomiting on the ground and having the Workers consume the sludge. Simon will subsequently consume a Worker, damaging them significantly or killing them outright and becoming Empowered himself. An empowered Simon can be extremely dangerous even for your tank so you will need to separate the boss and the adds. This can be accomplished by having at least 1 other player aside from the tank with a Taunt-enabled skill or by simply having the tank forgo any AoE abilities while the Workers are near the boss in order to prevent generating Threat on them. Once separated, it's important for the damage dealers to focus down the Workers before Simon has a chance to empower them or himself.

Your healer will need to be extra careful in the case of a successful Empower either on the Workers or Simon himself. They should also be ready to cleanse poison off any players affected by Simon's Corrupted Sludge ability. Any time there aren't any Workers alive, the damage dealers should switch back to Simon and deal as much damage as they can. This encounter is all about add management and will follow the same flow the entire time. Players should take their time with Simon and ensure the adds are being dispatched as soon as possible. Once Simon goes down, the Expedition is complete and you can collect your loot, including the Antiquarian's Eyepiece to complete the quest Seeing Clearly (Expedition). Be sure to check the back of the room for the Heartgem to complete the Destiny Unearthed Quest. Your objective will update and ask that you return to the surface to pursue the truth about Simon's research. 

Boss Rewards

  • coins_gold_new_world_wiki_guide_25px +84.00 Coin
  • xp_experience_new_world_wiki_guide_25px +2100 XP
  • +210 Weapon Mastery


Closing Notes, Rewards and other info

Closing Notes

Quick Quest Checklist:

  • Collect Foreman's Ledger from Foreman Nakashima's Toolbox in the small hallway leading up to the Nakashima Boss Room.
  • Collect Antiquarian's Eyepiece from Simon's corpse.
  • Collect Heartgem from the back of the Simon Grey boss room.


The following can be obtained by defeating enemies and bosses in the Expedition:

Other Info




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