The Garden of Genesis is one of the Expeditions in New World. Expeditions are instanced group activities which take place in closed-off spaces featuring a large amount of powerful enemies and at least one Boss opponent. These activities are designed to be tackled by a group of 3-5 players and each have their own unique storylines, quests and challenges for players to experience. This page features guided information on tackling the Garden of Genesis Expedition, including walkthroughs, boss strategies and tips, as well as information on loot and rewards.



Location: Edengrove

Recommended Level: 60


Expedition Location Map

Garden of Genesis



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New World Garden of Genesis Expedition Overview


In Edengrove, Survivalist Ellwood has discovered a garden where the Angry Earth are born. Like the rest of Edengrove, the garden has been infected with a mysterious Blight. If allowed to spread, the Blight will continue leech out of the Garden and threaten the inhabitants of Aeternum. Players must face the Garden’s protectors in order to penetrate to the nursery’s primordial heart, purge the Blight, and begin the Garden’s restoration. As an end-game Expedition intended for level 60 players, the Garden of Genesis will serve as a more challenging experience. With these higher level Expeditions, players can expect to solve different types of puzzles, fight varying AI, and more.


Preparation and Recommendations

Team Compositions:

  • A dedicated Tank to manage enemy threat is recommended.
  • A dedicated Healer or one or more players with a Life Staff will prove invaluable in recovering from damage.
  • One or more players with a ranged weapon loadout.

Items to bring along:

  • 1 Genesis Tuning Orb (consumed upon entry; only 1 player within a group is required to have a tuning orb in order for the whole group to participate in the expedition)
  • To complete this Expedition, you will need the following items: At least 1 Azoth Staff, 1 Mining Pickaxe, 1 Harvesting Sickle
  • Blight Tincture - You will need these to remove the Blight affliction. Higher tiers of the tincture will also grant you resistance or immunity for a duration.

Enemy Overview:

Players should be aware of a special mechanic unique to this Expedition. Most enemies you will encounter will apply a Blighted debuff on you when they attack. This status effect reduces healing received by a very large amount. Standing in Blighted water will inflict the status effect as well. Blighted lasts for approximately 2 minutes.

  • Genesis Fiend - Standard trash mobs for this Expedition. Weak and easy to kill but can be dangerous in numbers. They continually spawn from Genesis Hives until the Hives are destroyed.
  • Genesis Hive - A nest structure that will continually spawn in Fiends. Prioritize these whenever you come across them. Watch out for the explosion when they are destroyed.
  • Forcos - An Elite Archer that spawns with the Brutal mod. Not very dangerous but does have an AoE attack where he shoots a volley of arrows dealing damage in a medium radius where they land.
  • Genesis Soldier - Standard melee unit equipped with a two-handed crystal mace. Uses a whirlwind attack that hits pretty hard all around the Soldier.
  • Genesis Archer - Standard ranged unit. Light and easy to kill. Uses the same AoE volley attack as the Elite version.
  • Genesis Shaman - A spellcaster that conceals itself and obstructs player view with thick clouds of smoke. Casts various spells, including an AoE attack where he slams his staff on the ground, dealing heavy damage around him. Also summons several Muddy Minions.
  • Muddy Minion - Staff-wielding creatures that shoot blighted projectiles at players from a distance. Summoned by the Shaman.
  • Gorgyri - An Elite version of the Shaman that spawns with the Fire Resistant Mod. 
  • Genesis Prowler - An extremely agile hatchet-wielding creature. Performs quick melee combos and dodges player attacks. From range, they attack with rapid axe throws in quick succession.
  • Tax'i - Elite mob fundamentally identical to the Taxodius mini boss. Spawns with the Ignited Mod.
  • Circe - An Elite Fiend. 
  • Kotemos - An Elite Prowler. Spawns with the Abyssal Mod.
  • O'Dus - Another Elite Swamp Beast like Taxodius. Spawns with the Electrified Mod.
  • Fulg'da - An Elite Archer, performs backflips and attempts to maintain distance.
  • Barder - An Elite Soldier. Spawns with the Shattering Mod. 

New World Garden of Genesis Expedition Guide

The Arboretum

Objective: Find the source of the Blight, and learn how to cleanse it.

Proceed down the entry hallway and check the pile of rubble to the left for The Party Advances lore note. In the next hall, you will come across a group of Fiends next to a Hive. The Hive will continually spawn more Fiends so prioritize it. Your objective will update shortly requiring you to collect a sample of Concentrated Blight. Further along is an archer patrolling the area. This is an Elite named Forcos. He's simple enough to defeat but watch out for the move where he fires a volley of arrows dealing damage in an area. There is also a Soldier to the right which is your standard melee two-hander that performs a whirlwind attack. 

Head down the stairs on the right to reach an overgrown area of the ruins. There is a Hive just at the base of the stairs surrounded by several Fiends, Soldiers and a Shaman. The Shaman is a spellcaster that likes to conceal himself in thick black smoke, obstructing player view. The Shaman will also summon plenty of Muddy Minions. These Minions stay at range and shoot projectiles from their weapons at players. Once the mobs and the Hive are disposed of, continue along towards the east where you will encounter some Blighted growth on the wall. Have your Harvester collect a sample and then head back up the stairs you came down from. The northern door leading to the Nursery should be open now. In there you will be faced with a quick Mini Boss encounter against Taxodius.


The Nursery

New ObjectiveDefeat Taxodius, guardian of the nursery.


Taxodius Mini Boss Guide

Taxodius is a large Swamp Dryad Beast. He has a large mushroom growing out of his head. 

Boss Info & Mechanics

  • HP: Info coming soon
  • Blighted Tendril - Taxodius shoots a shadowy tendril at a player, pulling them in towards him.
  • Tail Swipe - Taxodius sweeps his tail behind him, knocking any players hit away.
  • Unstable Swamp Fiend - Taxodius plunges his hand into the ground and pulls out an Unstable Swamp Fiend add which explodes shortly after, dealing AoE damage. These can easily be killed before they blow up.
  • Ground Spike - Taxodius stomps the ground, causing a spike to jut out which he then proceeds to pick up.

Mini Boss Guide

Taxodius doesn't have much in the way of mechanics and he is very easily staggered and stunned out of most, if not all of his attacks. When stunned, he will kneel down for approximately 3 seconds, leaving him vulnerable to attack. Throughout the fight, he will attempt to pull exploding swamp fiends out of the ground but these adds are easily destroyed before they even blow up. Just make sure you stay on top of them and watch out for his telegraphs. At times, Taxodius will shoot out a shadowy tendril at a player, pulling them close towards him. 

Overall, the fight against Taxodius is largely a tank and spank affair and shouldn't take much effort to overcome. Once he is down, continue on north and pick up the Expedition Chest on the left before heading to the first Checkpoint.

Mini Boss Rewards

  • Info coming soon


Blighted Hallow

New Objective: Seek an Imbued Shrne to cleanse the Concentrated Blight.

In the next room, take out the Hive and the Fiends and Archers protecting it. After clearing them, head north and head left where the path splits. There will be a large group along the way, lead by an Elite Shaman named Gorgyri. He functions much the same way as a regular Shaman and the encounter may have you dealing with a lot of enemies as he summons plenty of minions. Once you've cleared all the mobs, head for the shrine in the back and place your Concentrated Blight sample to cleanse it. You will receive an Azoth Seed as a result and will need to take it to an Imbued Font.

Head back to the fork and take the other path, leading to a large area with a giant statue. Defeat the lone Soldier and then look to the center for a circular indentation in the ground. Place the seed in there and get ready to defend it from waves of enemies. You will be faced with plenty of Fiends, Soldiers and Archers. There will also be a couple of Prowlers. Watch out for these as they are extremely aggressive and mobile, performing swift combos and multiple axe throws in quick succession. The melee enemies will attempt to beeline right for the sapling so players should taunt or generate threat on them immediately. Once the sapling sprouts, the waves will stop and your objective will update. Examine the tree and collect a branch from it. Head to the very left and collect the Expedition Chest next to the pillar.

New Objective: Search for the Purifying Flame to clear the walls of Concentrated Blight.

Head east past the font and down the stairs. Clear the Hive and the fiends surrounding it. Continue along the path and you will come across Tax'i, an Elite non-mini boss version of Taxodius. He has all the same moves but is much weaker. Simply tank and spank. Further along is a lone Shaman. Take the left doorway at the end of the path to reach the next area. After a few more mobs, you will reach the second Checkpoint at the top of some stairs. Prepare for the first boss fight against The Caretaker.

Blighted Sanctum

New Objective: The Caretaker has lost his way. Defeat him and seek a Purifying Flame.

Aluvium Marl The Caretaker Boss Guide

Boss Info & Mechanics

  • HP: Info coming soon
  • Claw Shot - The Caretaker extends and shoots his arm out instantly, dealing heavy damage and knocking his target down.
  • Blighted Projection - The Caretaker conjures a blighted projection which looks like a skull clawing out directly in front of it. The projection travels the entire length of the direction the Caretaker conjures it in, diving into the ground and out again intermittently. This attack deals massive damage.
  • Overgrowth - The Caretaker creates an impassable barrier made of vines, surrounding the center of the arena. Any players left outside cannot go in and any players stuck inside cannot go out until the barrier expires.
  • Genesis Cap - A ghostly-looking mushroom will spawn somewhere inside the Overgrowth barrier. This mushroom must be destroyed, otherwise it will explode and wipe the entire group.
  • Adds - Plenty of trash mobs will spawn outside of the barrier while it is up and will join the fight once the barrier expires.
  • Submerge - The Caretaker will dive into the swampy water, swimming around the area before pouncing at a random player, dealing moderate damage. He will repeat this several times. As he moves through the water, he will leave blight where he travels. The blight persists for a short while and will reduce a player's healing received by a great amount for 2 minutes.


Boss Guide

When engaging the Caretaker, he will be invulnerable for a few seconds until he screams. Players should wait until after he screams and not use abilities prematurely to avoid wasting cooldowns. Aside from some particularly damaging attacks, the first half of the fight against the Caretaker is pretty straightforward. Keep him centered in the arena and prepare to dodge or block his extended Claw Shot attack which he will use quite frequently. Note that despite the attack having separate animations for extension and retraction, the attack only hits once. It will knock players down, however, and any follow-up attacks while a player is recovering will deal increased damage. The other dangerous attack in the Caretaker's arsenal is the Blighted Projection, which sends a ghoul-like projection traveling the entire length of the arena in the direction the Caretaker casts it. This projection deals immense damage and is especially dangerous if he uses it after a Claw Shot. The attack is quite wide and may be difficult to dodge so be vigilant and watch out for the telegraph. Whenever he is about to use this attack, he will bend down and roar.

Once his health is down to about 60%, he will move to the very center of the arena and plunge his hands into the ground, creating a barrier of plant Overgrowth. Players want to be on the inside of this barrier with the boss so stay centered. Otherwise, you will get locked outside the barrier and will be unable to damage the boss until the barrier expires. Moreover, many adds will spawn on the outside of the barrier which you will have to deal with if you are stuck outside. The barrier will persist for quite some time. When the barrier appears the boss will now gain a stamina bar, failing to deplete said stamina bar will result in a wipe. Heavy attacks are recommended to deplete the stamina bar quicker. If your party has enough DPS you can leave one person outside the barrier to deal with the additional mobs that spawn, specifically the shaman to assist in not getting swamped by mobs when the barrier goes down.

While the barrier is up, the Caretaker will continue to use his Claw Shot and Blighted Projection moves. Be extra careful with the latter as you now have a much more limited space in which to dodge the attack. The Caretaker will also begin using the Submerge attack where he dives into the swampy water, becoming untargetable and intermittently pouncing at a random player. He will pounce several times and leave a field of blight as he moves along the water. This blight works the same way all blight effects work in the Expedition. Affected players will have their healing reduced by a great amount, with the debuff persisting for about 2 minutes. Be sure to use Blighted Tinctures to remove the effect and make things easier for your healer.

After the barrier expires, the adds outside will pour in and join the fight but they should not pose too much of a threat. Simply AoE them down around the boss. A second barrier will be put up shortly after the first and the mechanics will repeat from here.

Boss Rewards

  • coins_gold_new_world_wiki_guide_25px +144.00 Coin
  • xp_experience_new_world_wiki_guide_25px +??? XP
  • +900 Weapon Mastery


New Objective: Carry the Purifying Flame to the Conservatory. Defend the Flame Bearer.

After killing the Caretaker, head south into a small room with a brazier and light it up using the sapling you collected.  There is an Expedition Chest to the right of the entrance to this room. After lighting the brazier, one player will have to use their Azoth Staff to carry the Purifying Flame to burn away Concentrated Blight. This player will be unable to perform any other actions while carrying the flame so the party must protect them. Burn away the blighted wall in the back of the room. You can defeat the enemies inside the next hallway if you like, but you won't be able to proceed here for now. There is a Hive with several Fiends and an Elite Fiend named Circes in this hallway. Once you clear them, head back out to where you fought The Caretaker for another Elite fight with Kotemos, a Prowler. He will be accompanied by a Shaman and its Minions.

Now head to the west and clear the Blighted wall and it will lead you back to the Arboretum where you first collected the sample. The mobs here will have respawned. Instead of heading back up the stairs, keep heading west while killing mobs until you reach the Elite O'Dus who is yet again identical to Taxodius. Clear the wall behind him after you dispose of him and have your Flame Bearer light the Brazier at the end of the hallway.

The Conservatory

New Objective: Defeat the Archer Fulg'da

 Pick up the Expedition Chest left of the brazier and then head down the corridor and staircase either to the left or right. Both lead to the same location. Take out the Hive and Fiends along the way. In the area below, you will find Fulg'da, a named Archer. There is also an Elite Soldier named Barder nearby. Both are very straightforward with no notable attacks or mechanics. Collect the chest behind Barder and then go through the door in front of the left staircase which should be open now. Inside is a small hallway leading to the next Checkpoint. From here, take the staircase leading south into the Heart of Genesis and the final boss fight against The Blighted Greenskeeper.

The Blighted Greenskeeper Boss Guide

Boss Info & Mechanics

  • HP: Info coming soon
  • Blighted Breath - The Greenskeeper spews black clouds of poison from her mouth, dealing damage in a cone in front of her.
  • Claw Slam - The Greenskeeper reaches forward and slams her claws on the ground, dealing massive damage to players caught. Easily avoided as the hitbox is very generous.
  • Poison Blobs - The Greenskeeper summons two poisonous blobs that roam around the arena, dealing damage and applying a poison effect to anyone they come in contact with.
  • Death Spell - The Greenskeeper extends both arms in front of her while targeting a player. She casts a spell that inflicts a Poison and Disease debuff on the target. This move is unavoidable as the Greenskeeper tracks her target.
  • Impale - After her health drops down to around 60%, she will periodically disappear into the ground and impale a player with her tail. She will repeat this a few times before resurfacing.
  • Boulder Drop - The Greenskeeper drops a large boulder on a player. The boulder persists on the ground until the next mechanic. This ability targets the furthest player from the boss.
  • Poison Nova - The Greenskeeper extends her arms upwards and begins channeling a deadly spell. At the end of the channeling, she releases a nova that covers the entire arena and kills any player hit unless they are behind a boulder.

Boss Guide

The Blighted Greenskeeper is part humanoid, part plant and is rooted in the center of her arena. She will remain stationary until her health is lowered sufficiently. Standard attacks consist of quick claw swipes which she will often follow-up with a Claw Slam attack. The hitbox for the Claw Slam is quite deceptive and it will often miss players entirely. Still, try to avoid the general area in front of her if you're not a tank. 

Periodically, the Greenskeeper will summon a couple of blobs which will wander around the arena. These aren't much of a concern but keep an eye on their path and avoid them to prevent an extra damage source from their poison. The Greenskeeper's most dangerous attack is her Blighted Breath which deals heavy damage and knocks players down, inflicting Blight on them which reduces their healing received. She will also target a random player and cast a spell on them which inflicts Poison and Disease and seemingly cannot be avoided or dodged.

Once her health is brought down to around 60%, she will dig into the ground and become untargetable. Two Soldiers will also spawn but they are not a big issue. Players should then watch out for her Impale move which will deal very heavy damage to any players hit. An easy way to tell where her tail will burst out from is to follow her health bar. She will impale players several times before resurfacing. After the impale mechanic, she will paint a target on the furthest player from her and will shortly drop a large boulder on them. This player should dodge out of the circle telegraphs immediately as the boulder will deal massive damage on hit. She will drop 3 boulders before moving onto her next mechanic. Once three boulders are in the arena, players will have a few seconds to deal damage before needing to run behind a boulder for cover. She will stop attacking, extend her arms up high and begin channeling her Poison Nova attack which will kill any players hit immediately. Once she begins the channeling, everyone should make a run for the nearest boulder and remain there until she casts the nova, breaking the boulders in the process.

From here, the mechanics will repeat until the Greenskeeper is dead and the Expedition is complete.


Boss Rewards

  • coins_gold_new_world_wiki_guide_25px +144.00 Coin
  • xp_experience_new_world_wiki_guide_25px +??? XP
  • +900 Weapon Mastery


Closing Notes, Rewards and other info

Closing Notes


The following can be earned by defeating enemies and bosses in the Expedition:

Other Info




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