The Depths is one of the Expeditions in New World. Expeditions are instanced group activities which take place in closed-off spaces featuring a large amount of powerful enemies and at least one Boss opponent. These activities are designed to be tackled by a group of 3-5 players and each have their own unique storylines, quests and challenges for players to experience. This page features guided information on tackling the The Depths Expedition, including walkthroughs, boss strategies and tips, as well as information on loot and rewards.


New World The Depths Expedition Overview


Commander Thorpe returns! His Corrupted army has made the ancient ruins below a storm tower on the peninsula of the Restless Shores their base of operation. He now styles himself the Master of the Tempest, the King of Corruption. From this base, he terrorizes the countryside. Can you thwart his plans?


Preparation and Recommendations

Team Compositions:

  • A dedicated Tank to manage enemy threat is recommended.
  • A dedicated Healer or one or more players with a Life Staff will prove invaluable in recovering from damage.
  • One or more players with a ranged weapon loadout.

Items to bring along:

  • 1 Depths Tuning Orb (consumed upon entry; only 1 player within a group is required to have a tuning orb in order for the whole group to participate in the expedition)
  • You will need at least 3 players each with an Azoth Staff in order to complete the Expedition.

Enemy Overview:

The enemies you face throughout the Expedition will be composed of Captain Thorpe's Corrupted Skerryshiv crew:

  • Skerryshiv Axeman - As the name suggests, this is an enemy unit equipped with a hatchet. The Axeman uses melee attacks exclusively and doesn't pose much of a threat. These enemies are easily staggered and interrupted.
  • Skerryshiv Miner - Weak melee units equipped with pickaxes. Possesses low HP and can easily be cleaved down with other mobs.
  • Skerryshiv Hunter - The ranged version of the Axeman, this enemy throws its hatchet from a distance and tends to aim for ranged players in your party. They don't have any special mechanics and will not attempt to maintain distance but instead continually throw their hatchets at players. They can also attack from melee range with wild swings.
  • Skerryshiv Mercenary - The standard tank unit of the Skerryshivs. The Mercenary uses a sword and shield and is a lot tougher than other units. Save them for last if in a group as other units are usually more dangerous damage-wise.
  • Skerryshiv Artisan - Similar to the miner but equipped with a mason's hammer.
  • Skerryshiv Impaler - The Impaler is one of the Skerryshivs that looks a lot less human and a lot more Corrupted. These enemies pull off thorns from their backs and throw them at players from range. They are aggressive and very quick ranged units that should be prioritized when in a group. Be careful of the bleed effects applied by their attacks.
  • Skerryshiv Cultist - A spellcaster that uses corrupted magic and is equipped with a dagger for close combat. They can empower and heal themselves.
  • Skerryshiv Entity - A light melee creature that charges at players and performs quick claw swipes.
  • Skerryshiv Grunt - A bat-like creature that periodically leaps into the air, discharging a sonic attack that can knock players down.
  • Benat - An Elite enemy wielding a spear. Runs very quickly and spawns with an Elite mod (Ignited, Frost Aura, etc.)
  • Skerryshiv Butcher - Identical to the Miner and Artisan, but equipped with a meat cleaver.
  • Skerryshiv Acolyte - Ranged spellcaster equipped with a staff. Utilizes destructive Corrupted magic.
  • Skerryshiv Archer - Standard ranged unit with a bow and arrow. Maintains their distance and takes potshots at your group. 
  • Skerryshiv Swarmer - Similar to the Shamblers from the Starstone Barrows Expedition, these are torso-only crawlers that will swarm players as the name suggests. They are quick and like to charge and leap at players.
  • Skerryshiv Tendril - Identical to Tendrils fought at Corrupted Breaches. These eldritch entities smack players around with powerful, sweeping force. Their close-range attacks cleave in an area. If no players are within melee range, they will toss corrupted projectiles from a distance.
  • Boor - An Elite Brute that spawns with the Shattering mod. Can pull players towards him and devastate them with large, smashing attacks that can knock players down.
  • Skerryshiv Legionaire - Melee unit equipped with a Great Axe and performs large, sweeping strikes and slams.
  • Skerryshiv Heavy - As the name suggests, a heavy corrupted unit wielding a giant greatsword. Performs large cleaving strikes but can easily be interrupted and staggered.
  • Archibald - A Corrupted Bear that guards the entrance to the final area of the expedition. Performs several combo attacks which you can step back from to avoid damage. He will continue the attacks once he starts them, regardless if the target is still in range. Take advantage of this.



New World The Depths Expedition Guide

Before beginning the Expedition, you can speak to the tiny alligator named Nekumanesh just outside the Waterfall entrance. He will assign you the quest Meat for Nekumanesh which tasks you with collecting Hunks of Meat for him from inside the Expedition. Note that this quest requires player Level 43 in order to unlock, even though you can enter and complete the Depths at a lower level.

Corrupted Retreat

Objective: Find the Azoth Seal locking the Ancient Mechana.

As you enter the Depths and move past the narrow pathway, you enter the Corrupted Retreat where you see a large pillar surrounded by Ancient Artifacts. There is an Axeman nearby and upon engaging him, other mobs will begin to spawn and attack. This will be a very light encounter with only very small groups but will introduce you to the Expedition's brand of trashmobs. As with most PvE content, try to maintain the kill priority of Ranged > Melee > Tank unless otherwise specified.

After clearing the mobs, head south towards the large stone door. There are two platforms on either side for a player to stand on which will open the door. Head through and defeat the mobs along the way. Take note of the Impaler which is very quick and aggressive ranged unit that should be prioritized. Once the mobs are cleared, inspect the construct in the middle of the room in the back and have a player unseal it with their Azoth Staff. There is also a lore item concerning alligators in the left of the room. 

You will now need to return to the pillar in the beginning and activate it with 3 Azoth Staves. There will be a new set of enemies waiting for you at the pillar, consisting of a Skerryshiv Cultist, Skerryshiv Grunt and a Skerryshiv Entity. From here on out, enemies will start to look more and more corrupted. After clearing the mobs, have your 3 players each with an Azoth Staff unlock the seals on the pillar.

New Objective: Fight through Commander Thorpe's defenses.

Now head for the western door where you will be met by an Elite named Benat accompanied by an Axeman and a Butcher. Benat is a Spearman and will quickly charge at the player with the highest threat so tanks should be sure to taunt him immediately as he can deal a lot of damage. He spawns with the Ignited Elite mod. Clear all the mobs and examine the lore note marked 'Myrkgard' in the left side of the hallway. Continue along and another group with an Axeman, Hunter and Butcher will come running at you. Further along are a few more mobs. Clear them all and check the corner on the left for a Supply Stockpile chest containing various supplies and random loot. Head up the stairs ahead where yet another group of enemies await. There is a door in the back guarded by a Butcher, Hunter and an Acolyte. The Acolyte is a dangerous spellcaster and should be prioritized. Defeating this group will open the door for you.

Nadir Bridge

New Objective: Restore the Ancient Bridge

Past the door, follow the linear path while clearing the mobs. You will get to a set of stairs leading up to a sealed door. Watch out for the group with the Impaler and clear all the mobs then unseal the door with an Azoth Staff to reach the first Checkpoint Shrine where you can respawn should you fall in combat. Watch out for the Mercenary and Swarmers who will come charging in as soon as you open the door. Past the Checkpoint and up the set of stairs, you will encounter a Skerryshiv Tendril and a Cultist. The tank should taunt the Cultist immediately and while the rest of the group AoEs both down. Behind these mobs is the Nadir Bridge where you will encounter an Elite Brute named Boor. Watch out for his pull-in move and knockdown effects.

You will need to restore the bridge in order to get across. Take the staircase to the right leading down and fight through the enemy forces. At the end of the small hallway is a Corrupted Tendril. In front of the tendril is a pressure plate on the floor. Standing on it will open up the two doors to the left and right of the stairs just ahead. The right door has a Lifejewel node and the left one has a group of enemies inside. The main doorway in this area has a Supply Stockpile to the left. Continue along for another Tendril guarding a teleportation platform. Once you down the Tendril, use the platform to get transported to a new area called the Core.

The Core

Once inside the Core, look behind the pillar to the right for another Supply Stockpile. Head around the gate-like structure using either paths on the left or right, clearing enemies along the way. You will see another Portal at the back. Take it to get to the Ring of Rot. This is a circular chamber surrounded by runes. There are doors on the left and right, and an Azoth-sealed door straight ahead. Players will need to step into the ring and wait for the runes to activate one by one in a clockwise fashion while mobs spawn from the doors. Many of these mobs are ranged so you may need to get up close to take them out. Once all the runes are lit, unseal the door at the back and head through.

You will be back at the Nadir Bridge where the left staircase would have led. There is an Elite named Tendril here called Lasherr. Take it out along with the rest of the trashmobs and continue along to the Azoth seal device at the end of the path. Unseal it and head up the stairs to your right. Before going back to the main Nadir Bridge area, you can check the room on the right for an optional fight with an Elite Heavy named Despar, accompanied by two Corrupted Tendrils. Defeating these enemies will open the doors to the left and right, containing a Lifejewel node and a Supply Stockpile respectively. Back at the main Nadir Bridge area, you can now head across, through the hallway and up the stairs to the second Respawn Checkpoint before the first Boss fight with Archdecon Azamela.

Archdecon Azamela Boss Guide

A servant of Thorpe and leader of his armies, Azamela is a fanatical adherent of the twisted corrupted doctrine and a conduit for its destructive energies.

Boss Info & Mechanics

  • HP: Info coming soon
  • Summon Hounds - Azamela periodically summons two Hounds which leap at players and perform melee attacks.
  • Corrupted Entity - Azamela will cast a spell that summons a large corrupted entity from the ground that deals moderate damage to his target.
  • Corrupted Barrage - Azamela casts three Corrupted bolts at his target in quick succession. The bolts move slowly and can simply be sidestepped.
  • Invulnerable Phase - At around 50% health, Azamela will stand in the center of the room and raise his staff, activating the Monoliths on either platform and continually summoning Apocalypse Mines. If left for too long, Azamela will detonate the mines, causing immense damage which scales the more mines are active in the central arena.


Boss Guide

Take note of the two platforms on either side of the room, each with a Monolith. These will come into play during one of the fight mechanics and it is advised that players with the highest damage capabilities tackle these mechanics.

Upon engaging Azamela, he will summon two Hounds to harass players. These don't do too much damage but Azamela will continuously summon a new set every few seconds so players will need to manage these to avoid getting swarmed. There is no specific tanking strategy required for Azamela as most of his attacks target players randomly but it's best to keep him centered in the arena. The tank can attempt to pull the Hounds towards Azamela so they can be AoE'd down.

Once Azamela reaches 50% health, he will go into an invulnerable state where he raises his staff, connecting a beam towards one of the two Monoliths in the side platforms. One or two players with the highest damage should take the now active teleporter on the edge of the arena to the Monolith. There will be a group of mobs waiting up there which need to be taken out immediately to spawn an Orb at the base of the Monolith. Players will then need to inspect this orb to destroy the Monolith. Once this is done, they will be teleported back to the main arena. Throughout the Monolith phase, Azamela will continuously summon Apocalypse Mines around the Arena. After a short period, he will detonate all mines, dealing massive amounts of damage to any players in the main arena. This damage will scale with how many mines are in the area so in case your Monolith breakers take too long, the players in the center arena should attempt to destroy as many mines as they can to reduce the explosion damage as much as possible.

When the Monolith is down, Azamela will lose his invulnerability and will stop summoning mines. The fight will continue as it did before the Monolith phase. The Monolith phase will repeat a second time, this time with both Monoliths active, so two players or two teams of players will need to take on the Monolith mechanic simultaneously. It is recommended the Healer have a secondary weapon set with ranged capabilities to provide support to the Monolith teams from the central arena. Once both Monoliths are down, Azamela will become vulnerable again and shouldn't take much to kill afterwards.


Boss Rewards

  • coins_gold_new_world_wiki_guide_25px +114.00 Coin
  • xp_experience_new_world_wiki_guide_25px +1650 XP
  • +660 Weapon Mastery


New Objective: Return to Thorpe's Chamber with the key.

Once Azamela is down, head up the stairs in the back and collect your spoils from the two chests, one of which will contain Thorpe's Key. The third Checkpoint will be up here as well. Make your way through the hallway and stairs. Watch out for the Mines along the way, take them out from range. Look out for the Platinum Vein on the left side too if your Mining level is high enough. Take the teleporter at the end of the path and you will be back at the Core. Make your way through the new enemy spawns and the mines to reach the small pedestal labeled 'Corrupted Shrine'. Use the key on the shrine to open up the middle chamber. Pick up the Supply Stockpile in the corner and then destroy the Carapace to reveal a teleporter which will transport you to the Crucible of Corruption, the final area of the Expedition.

The entrance to the Crucible is guarded by an Elite Corrupted Bear named Archibald. This bear performs a series of smash and swipe combos which you can exploit as once he begins a move, he will continue the animation regardless if you move away. Simply bait out his attacks and move away. Once Archibald is down, continue along and defeat the Tendril and remaining enemies. Before destroying the Monolith, check the small room in the corner for another Supply Stockpile. The Monolith requires 3 Azoth Staves to destroy. Once the bar is drained, dodge away as it will deal damage when it crumbles to dust. Head through the door in the back and activate the final Checkpoint before facing off against Commander Thorpe.

Commander Thorpe Boss Guide

Having further embraced corruption, Thorpe’s attacks and abilities have significantly grown, making him a powerful agent of corruption and a deadly threat to Aeternum that must be stopped.

Boss Info & Mechanics

  • HP: Info coming soon
  • Pull - Thorpe raises his sword behind his head and extends his other arm toward a player. After a short delay, he pulls that player towards him and will usually follow up with a combo.
  • Somersault - Thorpe somersaults towards a player, landing with an overhead slash that deals AoE damage in a small radius. This is one of his distance closers.
  • Summon Behemoth - Thorpe floats high in the air and summons forth 2 Corrupted Behemoths. These Behemoths deal a lot of damage and can summon a corrupted boulder that they push towards players, dealing moderate damage.
  • Corrupted Beam - Thorpe extends his left arm and fires a Corrupted beam that extends to the edge of the arena, he will slowly turn the beam around counter clockwise for a few seconds. Any players hit will be dealt massive amounts of damage. Avoid this at all costs.
  • Fire Storm - Thorpe raises his sword and glows orange briefly, he then summons a ring of fire at a player's location. The inside of the ring is safe but getting hit by the ring will inflict a very nasty burn effect that deals massive amounts of damage per tick will most likely kill you over its duration.
  • Corrupted Blast - Thorpe plunges his sword into the ground and releases a blast of Corrupted Energy in a radius around him. Deals massive damage.
  • Shoulder Charge - Thorpe fixates on a player and shoulder charges them, knocking them down. If a player is hit and knocked down by the charge, the follow-up attack will deal massive amounts of damage.

Boss Guide

The fight with Commander Thorpe will take place over two phases, with the second phase beginning when his health drops to around 25%.

Phase 1

This phase is fairly straight forward. Thorpe will mostly perform standard combos and pull players towards him. As long as the tank can maintain aggro and face Thorpe away from the group, this phase should go by very quickly. When he hits 20% health, Thorpe will begin rapidly regenerating back to 100%, signaling the start of Phase 2.

Phase 2

For this Phase, Thorpe will begin using the power of Corruption and will become much more dangerous and difficult. The easiest way to tackle his new mechanics is to listen for his callouts. Each of Thorpe's most dangerous moves will be prefaced by a quote as follows:

  • Summon Behemoths - "This will be the last time we meet". 
  • Corrupted Beam - "Prepare to have your soul crushed"
  • Fire Storm - "I will crush you beneath my heel, ant!"
  • Corrupted Blast - "Time to taste Corrupted steel!"
  • Shoulder Charge - "Ha! Pathetic!"

Listen for his callouts and respond accordingly. For the Behemoths, you will want to pre-emptively place AoE or damage over time abilities in the center of the arena where they will appear in order to deal damage as soon as possible. The Corrupted Beam is a very thin strip that Thorpe will direct counter clockwise, take note of his hand position and stay on either side of the beam. For the Fire Storm, if you are the target, you can stay in the eye of the storm to avoid taking damage. Everyone else should stay away from the ring at all costs. Any contact will apply the burn debuff on you which will most likely kill any player. The Corrupted Blast is less likely to be used by Thorpe but be sure to stay out of melee range when you hear the callout as it deals massive damage. His Shoulder Charge requires good blocking abilities or good dodge timing. If you get hit by the charge and knocked down, you will likely die from the follow-up attacks. Be vigilant with listening to his callouts and try to keep your health bars high throughout. Once Thorpe is down, the Expedition is complete.


Boss Rewards

  • coins_gold_new_world_wiki_guide_25px +114.00 Coin
  • xp_experience_new_world_wiki_guide_25px +1650
  • +330 Weapon Mastery


Closing Notes, Rewards and other info

Closing Notes


The following can be obtained by defeating enemies and bosses in the Expedition:

Other Info




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