Unbreakable Focus

Cooldown cooldown_icon_new_world_wiki_guideN/A 

Receive 20% less damage while aiming.
Skill Tree Hunter
Mastery Bow
Tier Tier II 
Type Passive
Req 1 Tier I Ability 

Unbreakable Focus is a Passive Tier II  Bow Mastery skill in New World. Unbreakable Focus reduces damage received while aiming. Abilities in the Hunter skill tree mainly focus on increasing the amount of damage dealt. Bows benefit only from Dexterity.


Unbreakable Focus Information

  • Unbreakable Focus is part of the Hunter skill tree.
  • Receive 20% less damage while aiming.
  • Tier II 


Unbreakable Focus upgrades

Has no upgrades


Unbreakable Focus Notes and Tips

  • Notes & Tips go here


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