Deadly Ambush

Cooldown cooldown_icon_new_world_wiki_guideN/A 

20% damage against targets with full health.
Skill Tree Impaler
Mastery Spear
Tier Tier II
Type Upgrade
Req Skewer

Deadly Ambush is an Upgrade Tier II Spear Mastery skill in New World. Deadly Ambush increases damage against targts with full health. Abilities in the Impaler skill tree mainly focus on damage and inflicting Bleed and Rend. Spears mainly benefit from Dexterity, but Strength also contributes although on a secondary level.


Deadly Ambush Information

  • Deadly Ambush is part of the Impaler skill tree.
  • 20% damage against targets with full health.
  • Tier II


Deadly Ambush upgrades

Has no upgrades


Deadly Ambush Notes and Tips

  • Notes & Tips go here




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