Territory Standing in New World is one of many progression mechanics and is a measure of your reputation in a given territory. Similar to Weapon Mastery and Trade Skills, Territory Standing is gained in levels. Leveling up in Territory Standing will reward you with a permanent passive buff or bonus effect for that Territory, improving your quality of life in several different areas. This page features a guide on Territory Standing, its rewards and related systems.

Territory Standing Quick Notes:

  • Territory Standing XP is gained by performing any activities within a Territory that grants Character XP.
  • Each Territory has its own individual Standing and rewards are exclusive to the Territory they are earned in.
  • Territory Standing rewards are permanent and cannot be reallocated.
  • There is a level cap of 300 per Territory.

New World Territory Standing Guide

Territory Standing Overview

Territory Standing is presented as reputation meters which can be viewed on the Map screen. Each Territory in Aeternum has its own individual Standing meter and level. Standing experience is exclusive to the Territory it is earned in. Once your Standing XP reaches a certain threshold, you gain a level and can acquire a passive bonus as a reward.

How to Earn Territory Standing XP?

Earning Territory standing is as simple as gaining Player XP while in that territory. This encompasses all forms of XP gain including killing enemies, gathering resources and crafting items. Any activity that provides XP will also grant Standing.

Some great methods for earning XP and Standing XP are as follows:

  • Take on Faction Missions. The first 3 completed per day award double XP. Be sure to pick up and complete the quests that award the highest amount of XP first in order to maximize this bonus.
  • Take on Town Projects. Town boards are rife with objectives to complete that reward a lot of XP and also contribute towards upgrading your settlements.
  • Take on Expeditions and their repeatable quests. Only applies to Territories with expeditions but doing these with a competent group can net you tens of thousands of XP in a short time.
  • Close Corrupted Breaches. Find a good group and take on these world events for a good amount of XP and some valuable loot.
  • Flag yourself for PvP for a 5% bonus to all XP gains. If you can hold your own in PvP combat, this is a viable method to gain experience more quickly. Note that the XP bonus is not exclusive to PvP activities. You will gain more experience from all activities in exchange for being vulnerable to attack at any time.
  • Log out at any Settlement to gain a small boost to XP gain the next time you play.


Territory Standing Rewards

Every time you gain a Standing level, you can choose 1 bonus from a total of 3 or 4 option 'cards' per level. The choices are randomly taken from a pool of 10 possible rewards and each bonus will stack when acquired multiple times. Note that except for a couple of options, each reward card is subject to diminishing returns and will provide less and less of a bonus the more times it is acquired.

While there is a level cap of 300 per Territory and you have plenty of opportunities to earn Standing Rewards, you should still take careful consideration of which reward cards you pick first as some are more valuable than others and rewards cannot be reallocated. Continue reading below for a guide on the best Territory Standing rewards to acquire.


The following table lists all Territory Standing rewards available:

Reward Card Base Effects
Faction Tokens Earn 5% more Faction Tokens in a given territory
Gather Increase Gathering speed by 5% in a given territory
Housing Items Increase the number of Housing items you can place by 5 in a given territory
House Ownership You can own a house in a given territory
Property Tax Decrease Property Tax by 5% for owned property in a given territory
Standing Gain Earn 5% more Territory Standing while in a given territory
Station Fee Decreases Crafting fee by 5% while in a given territory
Storage Increases Storage by 25
Trading Tax Decreases the Trading tax rate by 5% while in a given territory
XP Gain Earn 3% more XP while in a given territory


Picking Territory Standing Rewards

While each of the Territory Standing rewards provide some benefit, not all of them are created equal. And with a level cap of 300, maxing out Territory Standing per territory will take a massive amount of time, likely somewhere around a few months. So which rewards should you pick first in order to benefit the most from this system? It will depend on how you want to spend your time in each region. 

  • Storage - This one is a non-negotiable. Always pick this reward whenever it comes up. With an extremely robust Crafting and Gathering system and thousands upon thousands of resources, storage space is an incredibly precious commodity and this becomes more evident the more invested you become in the crafting system. Even outside of crafting, items will always take up space and more storage will always put you at an advantage. Moreover, Storage is the only Standing reward that is not affected by diminishing returns. You will always get +25 to storage space whenever picking this card. Storage space acquired this way maxes out at +1,600 or a total of picking this card 64 times.
  • Gather - An increase in gathering speed is always a welcome bonus, especially in the early levels. This bonus becomes less valuable once you gain access to Tier III Gathering Tools which already offer a very big boost to gathering speed. Invest a few points, but don't be in a hurry to max this out. There are far better options.
  • Station Fee, Trading Tax & Property Tax - These tax-related rewards are a great investment in Territories where you are looking to do most of your crafting. Since territorial control is ever-changing, you can often end up at the mercy of another Company or Faction and the changing of tax rates at their whim. Property Tax is included here because you will likely want to craft in a settlement in which you have purchased a House due to the convenience of having more storage space (see the Housing guide for details). Investing in these rewards is a great long-term move and is sure to save you a large amount of coin in the course of your adventure on Aeternum.
  • Standing Gain - This reward card is useful to get a few levels in early on. Remember that it only affects your Standing gain for the particular territory it is acquired in. Between diminishing returns and a Standing cap which you will eventually reach, this becomes less valuable the higher your Standing for that territory becomes.
  • Faction Tokens - This card can be valuable for players who wish to play the economy and make money off of the Trading Post. An increase in Faction Token gain can net you valuable Faction-exclusive items early such as the Runes of Holding used in crafting bags. Don't expect a massive gain. Other than the diminishing returns, Faction Token gain is already quite generous just from doing the various Faction Missions available.
  • House Ownership - This is a mandatory pick at level 10 so there are no real choices to make. Owning a House is incredibly useful but note that you can only have a maximum of 3 Houses at any one time, regardless of unlocking this reward in every territory. See the Housing guide for details.
  • Housing Items - This card is quite a niche pick. If you enjoy decorating your House and want to be able to place more items then this card is for you. Note that this does not increase your Trophy cap.
  • XP Gain - This card is generally not worth picking due to the fact that you will not spend your entire time leveling in the same territory and by the time you get this into feasible levels, you'd likely have outleveled the territory already. Furthermore, once you hit the Level 60 cap, this stops giving any benefit whatsoever. It is recommended that you pick this card once and only once, as your first reward as it will always appear in the first set of rewards so you can maintain that 3% bonus which is still something. After that, however, avoid this card at all costs. There will always be far better options.


Territory Standing Notes & Tips

  • Notes & Tips go here

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    • Anonymous

      I would say that you should pick those exp cards because they only pop up on the first 10 levels of standing so you can pick it up as a boost (they won't pop up anymore, I leveled Windsward to 60 and also made another char and I never saw them again after lvl 10), in my opinion, there are 2 cards you should be careful with when you get to choose:
      1.- Faction Tokens : Why? Because faction tokens scales up with the level zone so if you choose these on low-level zones you will be losing some from higher lvl zones but on the other hand, if they are easy and you enjoy repeating them just like Windsward Marauders then you can go ahead and pick them.
      2.- Gathering Speed: Why? It is important that you can choose where you will be farming your resources, pick a zone you like to chill and farm but keep in mind the resources that zone provides, for ex: you wont find that much orichalcum on low lvl zones.

      For storage cards you can pick them but not as a priority since you can increase your storage by buying a house, and probably if you have upgraded that city and worked on it it means you spend a lot of time there that's what would lead you to buy a house there and remember to pick Property tax reduction (Companies will be changing the cost over and over again so be careful)

      Relevant cards would be Trading Tax and Station fee these taxes are the ones that take more money from you aside from repairing your gear, and remember if you don't think you'll be farming that much on that zone or city you should probably go for Trading Tax instead of Station fee.

      • Anonymous

        The XP gain effect trading skills too, the standing gain is for territory standing meaning you'll get that sweet storage space even faster.

        So much miss info on this page.

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