Starmetal Corrupted Casing

Attribute Item

Used in Crafting to apply a bonus of Dexterity and Focus to an item.
Class Attribute Item
Rarity Uncommon

Starmetal Corrupted Casing is an Uncommon Attribute Item within Perk Resources in New World. Perk Resources can be used when Crafting to add special capabilities to the created item, be it a Perk or a bonus to certain Core Attributes. Perk Resources can be Attribute Items, Conditional Items, Defensive Items or Offensive Items.


Starmetal Corrupted Casing Information

Used in Crafting to apply a bonus of Dexterity and Focus to an item.

Starmetal Corrupted Casing can be used in recipes for:


Weight: 0.1 icon_weight_new_world_wiki_guide


How to Get Starmetal Corrupted Casing & Locations

Derived from:

Workshop Tier 4


Starmetal Corrupted Casing Map




Recipes that require Starmetal Corrupted Casing

The following recipes require Starmetal Corrupted Casing as one of the ingredients to be crafted:


Starmetal Corrupted Casing Notes and Tips

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