Type Refining Station
Increases woodworking_trade_skill_icon_new_world_wiki_guide_250pxWoodworking

Woodshop is a Refining Station in New World. At the Woodshop, players are able to process Woods into different types of Timber. Refining Stations allow players to turn Raw Materials into Refined Materials. These can then be taken to Crafting Stations in order to create new types of Equipment such as Weapons or Armor. Both Crafting Stations and Refining Stations can be upgraded by completing Town Upgrade Quests that are regularly assigned at the job boards in Settlements.


How to use the Woodshop station

You can use the Woodshop Station by interacting with it in any of the Settlements in the game. When you do, the Woodshop Station menu will appear, and you can see the different recipes available to you.

In order to unlock more recipes, you have to level up your Woodworking skill. You can do this by processing Woods into different types of Timber. Note that alongside the required Materials, you will also have to spend a certain amount of gold in order to create at the Woodshop station.


Woodshop Crafting Recipes


Crafted Item

Recipe Tier

Required Materials

Required Skill Level



Woodshop Notes & Tips

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