Outpost Rush in New World is a combination PvP and PvE Game Mode available to players who have attained max level. It consists of teams of 20 players from two competing Factions, fighting for control of fortifications and resources. Outpost Rush is one of the first Endgame activities available to players. Participating in Outpost Rush matches rewards players with exclusive items and powerful equipment as well as gold. This page covers information on Outpost Rush's mechanics and general gameplay flow.

New World Outpost Rush Overview

Outpost Rush takes place on the mysterious Nauthynos Island, a separate instance off the main Aeternum location. Two teams of 20 players face off against each other for control of the island, its resources and most importantly, its Outposts. Outpost Rush is a race to come out on top by capturing and defending objectives, collecting resources and defeating enemies. As a PvPvE (Player versus Player versus Environment) mode, it combines aspects of the War and Invasion gameplay modes into an exciting competition of skill and coordination to determine who reigns supreme.



New World Outpost Rush Mechanics

Joining an Outpost Rush Match

Outpost Rush is an Endgame activity and in order to join a match, players must first reach Level 60. Players can then queue up at the Outpost Rush representative NPC at any Settlement. Players may queue solo or in a group of up to 5 players. There is a minimum of 32 players required in order to begin an Outpost Rush match. Once matchmaking is complete, players are transported to Nauthynos Island. Players will be placed into either the Blue Team or Red Team. There will be a short preparation time before the match begins and players will be able to check their equipment and coordinate battle strategies.

Victory Conditions and Earning Points

Players will begin the battle in each team's respective Fortress. The main objective in Outpost Rush is to control as many Outposts as possible. There are three Outposts on Nauthynos Island which lie between the two Fortresses designated as the Luna, Sol and Astra Outposts.


Each Outpost can be captured by standing in the capture point in the center. The more players within the capture point, the faster the Outpost is captured for the team. Teams will earn Points at a rate of 1 Point every 3 seconds for each Outpost controlled. Each enemy player killed will also count as 1 Point for that team. The first team to reach 1,000 Points wins. In the event that 1,000 Points is not achieved when the timer reaches zero, the team with the most points wins the match.


Outpost Rush Objectives

While the rules of engagement and win conditions are straightforward, there are several objectives that players can complete around Nauthynos Island in order to give their team an edge in combat.

Resource Collection

Throughout the match, players can veer off from the central battlefield to gather Infused Resources and Azoth Essence which can be used for various Outpost upgrades, repairs and other objectives to turn the tide in your favor:

infused_wood_outpost_rush_new_world_wiki_guide  infused_ore_outpost_rush_new_world_wiki_guide  infused_rawhide_outpost_rush_new_world_wiki_guide


  • Infused Wood - Collected from trees in the Ancient Groves surrounding Nauthynos Island. These trees are protected by aggressive Dryads that need to be killed in order to access the resource.
  • Infused Ore - Obtained from Infused Ore veins which can be found around the island. The highest concentration of these ore veins are found in the Mines, protected by a large amount of Corrupted creatures including the ogres Ug and Dug.
  • Infused Rawhide - Rawhide can be obtained by killing the Corrupted wildlife around the island. The highest concentration can be found in wolf dens outside of the Outposts. These dens can contain several wolves as well as a large Alpha Wolf. Killing the Alpha will grant a large amount of rawhide.
  • Azoth Essence - Azoth Essence can be obtained by killing any non-player enemies. Killing elite enemies such as the ogres Ug and Dug or the Alpha wolf will grant a large amount of Azoth Essence. Azoth Essence can be used in a variety of applications including purchasing supplies at the Armory or given as an offering to the Corrupted Portal.

Baroness Hain


Baroness Hain is a spectral Boss opponent that spawns every 10 minutes throughout the match. Players can attempt to defeat the Baroness whenever she spawns and the team that deals the killing blow will be rewarded a powerful buff that improves their health regeneration and defenses for 3 minutes. For the duration of the Baroness' buff, the opposing team's score will also be frozen, preventing them from earning any Points from holding Outposts or killing players.

Defeating the Baroness can quickly turn the tide of battle and allow a team that's behind in points to catch up or for the winning team to further secure their victory. Players who attempt the to kill the Baroness should be aware of steals from the opposing team, as a well-timed final blow could grant the opposing team the buff instead.

Corrupted Portal


The Corrupted Portal is protected by constantly spawning Corrupted creatures. After cutting through the opponents, players can offer their Azoth Essence to the portal. Once a total of 500 Azoth Essence has been offered, the last player to make a donation will receive a Brute Summoning Stone which can be used to summon an ultra-powerful Brute to lay siege to enemy Outposts.

Summoning Circle


Summoning Circles are placed in strategic locations all over Nauthynos Island. These mysterious structures hold the power to call forth mighty creatures that can aid the team that summons them. Three types of Summoning Stones can be used to summon three different creatures:

  • Ursine Summoning Stone - Can be purchased at the Armory with 125 Azoth Essence. Summons a massive Guardian Bear that will guard a player-controlled Outpost or lay siege to an opposing team's Outpost. Bears are especially effective against Outpost gates.
  • Wraith Summoning Stone - Can be obtained by killing the ogres Ug and Dug at the Mines. Summons a Wraith that focuses down enemy players with quick and powerful swipes.
  • Brute Summoning Stone - Can be obtained by offering up 500 Azoth Essence to the Corrupted Portal. Summons an ultra-powerful Corrupted Brute that can quickly turn the tide of battle for its team. Brutes are elite creatures that have massive health pools and excel in both killing players and destroying enemy structures.


Outpost Rush Structures & Facilities

Once an Outpost has been captured, the controlling team will gain the ability to create, repair and upgrade certain structures that will aid them in maintaining control of the Outpost. These structures can take damage to their integrity and will need to be repaired using gathered resources in order to continue benefiting from their effects. Three Facilities are also available by default that will provide certain benefits for the team, strengthening them and providing an advantage when defending or taking over other Outposts. Both Structures and Facilities require two types of resources to upgrade or repair. Different players from the controlling team can contribute towards the upgrade or repair to reach the threshold and complete the transaction.



Gates serve to protect your Outpost from enemy forces. Players who control the Outpost can freely enter and exit through the Gate by interacting with it while enemy players will need to break the Gate down in order to enter the Outpost. Gates can be upgraded twice to improve their integrity and can be repaired when damaged.

Protection Wards


Protection Wards can be placed in the Capture point in the middle of the Outpost. These will prevent capture of the Outpost by enemy players as long as the Ward stands. Similar to Gates, Protection Wards can sustain damage to their integrity and will need to be destroyed before the Outpost can be contested and captured. Protection Wards will also act as a respawn point for the controlling team, allowing fallen players to choose the Outpost as a respawn location in the death recap screen. Protection Wards can be upgraded twice to improve its integrity.

Weapon Emplacements


Weapon Emplacements can be built along the ramparts of the Luna and Astra Outposts. Once placed, players can use these structures to defend the Outpost from an advantageous location and with superior firepower. Players can build Turrets, Cannons and Burning Oil Vats to defend their Outpost from the enemy. Like Gates and Protection Wards, Weapon Emplacements can be destroyed and players should take note and repair these structures when needed.



The Armory is available by default to the Outpost's controlling team. The Armory provides the Outpost's controlling team with provisions such as food, potions, ammunition and the powerful Ursine Summoning Stone. Each item can be purchased with Azoth Essence. The Armory is available by default to any player in the controlling team.

Command Post

The Command Post is available by default to the Outpost's controlling team. The Command Post is a small shed within the Outpost that provides the controlling team with a buff to damage and defense. The Command Post can be upgraded twice to improve these effects.

Storage Shed

The Storage Shed is available by default to the Outpost's controlling team. Players can store their gathered resources in the Storage Shed in order to share them with other players. Dying in Outpost Rush will cause players to drop any and all resources they have gathered, allowing the opposing team to pick it up for themselves. Keeping your resources in your Storage Shed is an effective way to deny enemies your resources should you fall in battle, in case you don't have enough to build an item.


Outpost Rush Rewards

Whether you win or lose, participating in an Outpost Rush match will reward you with gold, Azoth and an Outpost Rush Cache of varying contents. The cache can contain various items including unique, named Armor and Weapons.

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