Fungal Spores

Alchemy Protective

Fungal Spores 

Class Alchemy Protective
Rarity Uncommon 
How to Get Any Fungi
Tier III 
Weight 0.2 icon_weight_new_world_wiki_guide

Fungal Spores in New World is an Alchemy Protective MaterialFungal Spores can be used in recipes for  . Alchemy Materials are a type of Materials used for Crafting.


Fungal Spores Information

The spores of a mushroom.


How to Get Fungal Spores & Locations

Derived from:

Any Fungi


Fungal Spores Map



Recipes that require Fungal Spores

The following recipes require Fungal Spores as one of the ingredients to be crafted:

 Strong Blight Tincture


Fungal Spores Notes and Tips

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