Unending Winds

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Movement speed during Whirlwind increased by 50%.
Skill Tree Mauler
Mastery Great Axe
Tier Tier IV 
Type Upgrade
Req Gusting Winds

Unending Winds is an Upgrade Tier IV  Great Axe Mastery skill in New World. Unending Winds increases movement speed during Whirwind. Abilities in the Mauler skill tree mainly focus on crowd control and Area of effect abilities. Great Axes benefit from Strength.


Unending Winds Information

  • Unending Winds is part of the Mauler skill tree.
  • Movement speed during Whirlwind increased by 50%.
  • Tier IV 


Unending Winds upgrades

Has no upgrades


Unending Winds Notes and Tips

  • Notes & Tips go here


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