Tracking & Skinning

Tracking & Skinning
Allows for the gathering of Animal Hides used in a variety of Crafting and Refining skills.
Tracking & Skinning also allows the player to track animals throughout the wilderness
Trade Skill Tree Gathering
Tools Type Tracking & Skinning Animal Hides

Tracking & Skinning is a Gathering Trade Skill in New World. Tracking & Skinning allows for the gathering of Animal Hides used in a variety of Crafting and Refining skills. Tracking & Skinning also allows the player to track animals throughout the wilderness. Trade Skills are a variety of non-combat skills that the player can invest in and master. Trade Skills belonging to the Crafting category focus on creating a large variety of items ranging from Weapons and Consumables to ammunition and furniture. 


New World Tracking & Skinning Guide

Tracking & Skinning is the Gathering skill used to obtain Animal Hides used as materials for several Crafting and Refining recipes. Tracking & Skinning can be performed after killing wild animals such as boars, elk and wolves and Tracking & Skinning the carcass. Higher level skinners also develop a keen sense that allows them to track such animals throughout the wilderness.

Leveling up in Tracking & Skinning is accomplished by continually using the skill and will allow a player to skin the hides of tougher animals which can be used in higher-tier Crafting and Refining applications.


New World Tracking & Skinning Leveling up

  • Leveling up in Tracking & Skinning allows for the tracking of rarer, higher-level animals.
  • As with all Trade Skills, leveling up Gathering skills is done by continuously using the skill.
  • Leveling up in a Gathering skill unlocks the ability to gather a wider variety of resources including higher-level ones.
  • Additionally, unlocks the ability to detect nearby resources, as well as special resources used to modify items created by Crafting skills.

Tracking & Skinning Tools

Tracking & Skinning requires the use of a Tracking & Skinning Knife which can be crafted via Engineering. There are several tiers of Tracking & Skinning Knives available, each with an Engineering level requirement and a Forge tier requirement corresponding to the Knife's tier in order to craft. Utilizing higher-tier knives will speed up the Tracking & Skinning process but is not necessary for gathering the higher-tier, tougher variety of Animal Hides. When crafting Tracking & Skinning Knives, a Skinner's Charm can be included in the crafting process for a chance to imbue the tool with the Skinner's Luck Perk which provides a small boost to the chance of obtaining Rare Resources when Tracking & Skinning. Tracking & Skinning Knives must be in the player's inventory in order to perform the Tracking & Skinning skill.

Tier Item Name Engineering Level Equip Lvl. Req
Tier I Flint Skinning Knife 0 1
Tier II Iron Skinning Knife 0 5
Tier III Steel Skinning Knife 50 20
Tier IV Starmetal Skinning Knife 100 35
Tier V Orichalcum Skinning Knife 150 50




Tracking & Skinning Animal Hides

The table below details each type of Animal Hide that can be obtained. Note that Red Meat can frequently be obtained through Tracking & Skinning as well and is useful in a variety of Cooking recipes.

Resources Gathered Source Animal Rare Resources Tracking & Skinning Level Locations Found
Rawhide Any - ? Location coming soon
Thick Hide BoarWolfBear, Elk, Alligator - 85 Great CleaveMourningdale, Weaver's Fen
Iron Hide BisonBear - ? Location coming soon


Tracking & Skinning Notes and Tips

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