Targeted Impact

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Rend increased to 15% if further than 8 meters from target
Skill Tree Throwing
Mastery Hatchet
Tier Tier II
Type Upgrade
Req Rending Throw

Targeted Impact is an Upgrade Tier II Hatchet Mastery skill in New World. Targeted Impact increases Rend to 15% if further than 8 meters from target. Abilities in the Throwing skill tree mainly focus on ranged combat, improving its damage output and inducing different status effects. Hatchets mainly benefit from Strength, but Dexterity also contributes although on a secondary level.


Targeted Impact Information

  • Targeted Impact is part of the Throwing skill tree.
  • Rend increased to 15% if further than 8 meters from target
  • Tier II


Targeted Impact upgrades

Has no upgrades


Targeted Impact Notes and Tips

  • Notes & Tips go here


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