Steel Skinning Knife

Tier III Skinning Knife


Base Gear Score 300
Base Gathering Speed 250%
Base Durabliity 1250
Trade Skill Line Tracking & Skinning
Level Requirement Lvl. 20

Steel Skinning Knife in New World is a Gathering Tool belonging to the Skinning Knife category. Gathering Tools are special Equipment used along with Gathering Trade Skills in order to collect valuable resources which are used in a wide variety of applications and are central to the Crafting system. 


A Skinning Knife made of Steel. Used to field dress most animals.


Steel Skinning Knife Information & Stats

These are the base stats for Steel Skinning Knife

  • 300 Base Gear Score
  • 250% Base Gathering Speed
  • 1250 Base Durability
  • Tier III
  • 2.0kg Weight icon_weight_new_world_wiki_guide


Steel Skinning Knife Related Trade Skills

  • Steel Skinning Knife is used along with the Tracking & Skinning trade skill to gather resources such as Animal Hides and Meat. See the Tracking & Skinning page for details.
  • Steel Skinning Knife can be crafted using the Engineering trade skill.


Where to find Steel Skinning Knife

Steel Skinning Knife can be obtained as a random drop from enemies and bosses, loot in chests or as a quest reward as follows:

  • N/A


How to Craft Steel Skinning Knife

Steel Skinning Knife can be crafted using the Engineering trade skill. Note that crafted Equipment can have better stats depending on your skill in the associated Crafting line.

You also need to have the following:

  • workshop_icons_new_world_wiki_guide Workshop Tier 3 or higher
  • engineering_trade_skill_icon_new_world_wiki_guide_250pxEngineering skill Lv. 50 or higher


Steel Skinning Knife Notes and Tips

  • Notes and Tips go here



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