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Snowcapped Boar Sculpture

Tier III Rare

A boorish boar balancing a bounding bearing upon a bright base.


0.9 Weight icon weight new world wiki guide
Max Stack: 2
Bind on Pickup

Snowcapped Boar Sculpture is a Housing Item in New World. Housing Items are various types of furniture and decorations that can be placed inside player Housing for cosmetic purposes. Housing Items also grant Housing Points which improve the player's ranking within the settlement. Players who have the top spot in Housing rank have the privilege of having their house displayed to the public. Housing Items are mainly obtained through the Furnishing skill while some can be obtained as rewards from Quests and other activities or purchased from certain shops.


A boorish boar balancing a bounding bearing upon a bright base.


Snowcapped Boar Sculpture Information

Snowcapped Boar Sculpture is a Tier III Rare Decoration type of Housing Item.


How to Get Snowcapped Boar Sculpture

Snowcapped Boar Sculpture can be purchased at:

  • The Convergence Shop
  • Purchase requires Joybringer rank with the Winter Wanderer
  • Costs premium winter token currency event new world wiki guidePremium Winter Token x 10

Snowcapped Boar Sculpture Notes and Tips




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