Raw Foods

Cooking Material

Raw Foods

Class Various
Trade Skill Cooking

Raw Foods in New World is subcategory of Cooking ingredients. Raw Foods comprises a large variety of resources used in plenty of recipes to create Food consumables that grant players improved recovery or powerful buffs and bonuses.



Raw Foods Information

Raw Foods consist of Raw Meat, Poultry, Fish, Vegetables, Fruits and Grains that can be gathered from many different sources. Raw Food materials are divided into Tiers and while certain recipes may call for a particular tier(i.e., Energizing Travel Ration which requires Tier 2 Raw Foods), for any recipes that simply indicate "Raw Foods", any material from this subcategory can be used.


The following table lists all ingredients that fall under the Raw Foods subcategory: 



How to Get Raw Foods & Locations

See each ingredient's individual page for information on how to obtain them.


Recipes that require Raw Foods

See the Cooking or Cooking Recipes pages for recipes that use Raw Foods as ingredients.


Raw Foods Notes and Tips

Notes & Tips go here


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