Radiant Efficiency

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Mana costs are reduced by 25.0% while above 50.0% Mana.
Skill Tree Decay
Mastery Void Gauntlet
Tier Tier II
Type Passive
Requirements Unlock 1 Tier I Decay Ability

Radiant Efficiency is a Tier II Void Gauntlet Mastery Passive skill in New World. Radiant Efficiency is a Passive skill in the Decay skill tree. The Decay skill tree serves a support role that can also hold its own in combat with sustained Disintegrate damage and the ability to strip away enemy offensive and defensive capabilities while protecting allies.

Void Gauntlets scale off of the Intelligence stat as a primary source of damage while also benefiting from Focus as a secondary damage stat and a modifier for healing abilities.


Radiant Efficiency Information

  • Radiant Efficiency is part of the Decay skill tree.
  • Effects: Mana costs are reduced by 25.0% while above 50.0% Mana.
  • Tier II


Radiant Efficiency upgrades

  • None


Radiant Efficiency Notes and Tips

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