Pillar Of Fire

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Cooldown cooldown icon new world wiki guide10 Seconds 

A targeted spell that deals 170% weapon damage.
Skill Tree Fire Mage
Mastery Fire Staff
Tier Tier I
Type Active
Req N/A

Pillar Of Fire is an Active Tier I Fire Staff Mastery skill in New World. Pillar Of Fire is a targeted spell that deals 134% weapon damage. Abilities in the Fire Mage skill tree mainly focus on inflicting massive damage through the power of Fire. Fire Staves benefit from Intelligence.


Pillar Of Fire Information

  • Pillar Of Fire is part of the Fire Mage skill tree.
  • A targeted spell that deals 170% weapon damage.
  • Tier I


Pillar Of Fire upgrades


Pillar Of Fire Notes and Tips

  • Notes & Tips go here


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