Orichalcum Inquisitor Helm

Orichalcum Inquisitor Helm

Tier V Common
500-600 Gear Score
269.6 Elemental Armor Rating
269.6 Physical Armor Rating




Weight icon_weight_new_world_wiki_guide
750 Durability
Requires Level  
Can't be Crafted / Bind on Equip

Orichalcum Inquisitor Helm is one of the Common Heavy Head Armor in New World. Head Armor are pieces of protective gear equipped on the Head Slot that offer defensive properties and also change the appearance of the player character. Head Armor consist of Hats, Helmets and other headpieces.. Head Armor can be acquired by Crafting, found as random loot in chests and containers, dropped by Enemies and Bosses or obtained as a reward for completing Quests


Orichalcum Heavy Sorcerer Hunter armor, made for those who seek out the most vile of heretics.


Orichalcum Inquisitor Helm Information & Stats

Orichalcum Inquisitor Helm is a Heavy Head Armor that feratures the following base stats:

  • 500-600 Gear Score
  • 269.6 Elemental Armor Rating
  • 269.6 Physical Armor Rating
  • Tier V
  • 8 Weight icon_weight_new_world_wiki_guide
  • 750 Durability
  • Salvageable: Yes
  • Bind on Equip


Orichalcum Inquisitor Helm Perks

These are the available Perks of Orichalcum Inquisitor Helm:



Where to find Orichalcum Inquisitor Helm

Orichalcum Inquisitor Helm can be dropped by:


Orichalcum Inquisitor Helm can be acquired by completing:



How to Craft Orichalcum Inquisitor Helm

To craft Orichalcum Inquisitor Helm you need the following Materials:



Orichalcum Inquisitor Helm Notes and Tips

  • This is the maximum roll this item can have
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