Marauder Sunderer's Life Staff

Marauder Sunderer's Life Staff

Tier IV Epic
470 Gear Score
56 Damage
2% Critical Hit Chance
1.2 Critical Damage Multiplier
29 Block Stamina Damage
20% Blocking Stability
Nature Damage?? Nature Damage
Of the Sage
Of the Sage: +16 Focus

Empty Gem Socket: An empty socket for a gem.

Refreshing Ward
Refreshing Ward: Reduces active cooldowns by 1.5% after being hit 5 times. Does not trigger off persistent damage or DoT effects.

Lifestealing: You gain 1.2% of your damage as health. Does not trigger off persistent damage or DoT effects.

Scales with Focus 100%
4.2 Weight icon_weight_new_world_wiki_guide
2500 Durability
Requires Level  
Can't be Crafted / Bind on Equip

Marauder Sunderer's Life Staff is one of the Epic Life Staves in New World. Life Staves are one of the 11 Weapon types available in New World for the players to choose from. They are magic Weapons that have support abilities. Life Staves damage scale with FocusWeapons in New World are the main means to deal damage.


A Life Staff reserved for Marauders who have reached the rank of Sunderer.


Marauder Sunderer's Life Staff Related Masteries

Marauder Sunderer's Life Staff uses the Life Staff Mastery, that is divided in two different trees. The Healing tree, that focuses on healing both the player and allies or the Protector Tree, that is all about granting buffs to allies and debuffs to Enemies.


Where to find Marauder Sunderer's Life Staff

Marauder Sunderer's Life Staff can be dropped by:


Marauder Sunderer's Life Staff can be acquired by completing:



How to Craft Marauder Sunderer's Life Staff

To craft Marauder Sunderer's Life Staff you need the following materials:



Marauder Sunderer's Life Staff Information & Stats

These are the base stats for Marauder Sunderer's Life Staff

  • 470 Gear Score
  • 56 Damage
  • 2% Critical Hit Chance
  • 1.2 Critical Damage Multiplier
  • 29 Block Stamina Damage
  • 20% Blocking Stability
  • Tier IV
  • Scales with Focus 100%
  • 4.2 Weight icon_weight_new_world_wiki_guide
  • 2500 Durability
  • Salvageable: Yes
  • Bind on Equip


Marauder Sunderer's Life Staff Perks

These are the available Perks of Marauder Sunderer's Life Staff:

Of the SageOf the Sage:

empty_gem_socket_icon_1_new_world_wiki_guide_35pxEmpty Gem Slot:

  • An empty socket for a gem

Refreshing WardRefreshing Ward:

  • Reduces active cooldowns by 1.5% after being hit 5 times. Does not trigger off persistent damage or DoT effects.


  • You gain 1.2% of your damage as health. Does not trigger off persistent damage or DoT effects.



Life Staff Build Videos

Tips and tricks on how to play with a Life Staff, plus our suggested Healer Build: the Absolver



Marauder Sunderer's Life Staff Notes and Tips

  • Notes and tips go here



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