Gather Time 20 Seconds
Respawn Time 630 - 900 Seconds
Trade Skill Harvesting Lvl 30
Experience 20
Tradeskill Exp 90 Harvesting XP

Lifebloom is a Plant in New WorldLifebloom requires Harvesting in order to be harvested. Harvesting Sources will yield different Materials, as well as experience to the related Trade Skill


Lifebloom Information

  • Gather time: 20 Seconds
  • Respawn Time: 630 - 900 Seconds
  • Trade Skill: Harvesting
  • Experience: 20
  • Trades Skill Experience: 90 Harvesting XP
  • In order to gather Lifebloom you need harvesting_yield_perk_icon_new_world_wiki_guide_65pxHarvesting Sickle 


Lifebloom Map



Lifebloom Contains

The following Materials can be obtained by harvesting Lifebloom. Note that drops may be affected on Skill Level, Luck Bonus and Location;


Lifebloom Notes and Tips

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