Leeching Agony

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On Critical Hit, gain health equal to 15.0% of damage done.
Skill Tree Annihilation
Mastery Void Gauntlet
Tier Tier IV
Type Passive
Requirements Unlock 1 Tier III Annihilation Ability

Leeching Agony is a Tier IV Void Gauntlet Mastery Passive skill in New World. Leeching Agony is a Passive skill in the Annihilation skill tree. The Annihilation skill tree employs a melee-centric combat style that relies on stacking its Disintegrate effect to deal sustained damage over a short period. The Annihilation tree also excels in debuffing and locking enemies down while bolstering allies.

Void Gauntlets scale off of the Intelligence stat as a primary source of damage while also benefiting from Focus as a secondary damage stat and a modifier for healing abilities.


Leeching Agony Information

  • Leeching Agony is part of the Annihilation skill tree.
  • Effects: On Critical Hit, gain health equal to 15.0% of damage done.
  • Tier IV


Leeching Agony upgrades

  • None


Leeching Agony Notes and Tips

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