Keen Edge

Cooldown cooldown_icon_new_world_wiki_guideN/A 

Critical damage increased by 10%
Skill Tree Reaper
Mastery Great Axe
Tier Tier IV
Type Passive
Req 1 Tier III Ability 

Keen Edge is a Passive Tier IV Great Axe Mastery skill in New World. Keen Edge increases Critical Damage by10%. Abilities in the Reaper skill tree mainly focus on single-target damage, increasing movement speed and improving survivability. Great Axes mainly benefit from Strength.


Keen Edge Information

  • Keen Edge is part of the Reaper skill tree.
  • Critical damage increased by 10%
  • Tier IV


Keen Edge upgrades

Has no upgrades


Keen Edge Notes and Tips

  • Notes & Tips go here


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